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Mar 23, 2019 21:35:57   #
KateLyn11 wrote:
Because it is up the the individual agent to determine the level of risk. I only take short, fixed, blunt bamboo needles in my carry on. I only need them to get me (and my small project) through to my destination (flying anxiety). I send any “dangerous” looking needles in my checked luggage. I have had no difficulty and I fly a multi leg route annually. But because it is technically possible that any needle can be confiscated, I only carry my cheapest bamboo needles and a project (dishcloth) that I won’t mind redoing.
Because it is up the the individual agent to deter... (show quote)

I'm sorry but individual agents don't determine risk. Threat levels are determined by our intelligence agencies and passed on to TSA. Events around the world determine threat levels.

Also, to another poster who mentioned individual airlines..those airlines are bound to the current TSA policy or the policy of the country they are flying out of. You'll NOT be able to fly out of Mexico with knitting needles carried onto the aircraft even if it is an American owned airline.
Mar 23, 2019 21:28:53   #
Please seek professional medical advice. I suffer from ulnar nerve impingement in my left arm and knitting for long periods of time will aggravate it. Without proper treatment, conditions like these can cause permanent damage. Your symptoms sound very similar to mine, please seek a professional for a proper evaluation.
Mar 23, 2019 21:24:39   #
When you log into your account you can look in your "messages" folder to see if the person responded to you. If you still have the same email address as when you created your Ravelry account and you set your account up so that you would receive notifications if someone messaged you, you will also receive an email notification.
Mar 23, 2019 20:55:08   #
knovice knitter wrote:
I know I am going to regret this, but I'm going to answer you. My most important answer is to your question, "So what?" Are you crazy? A child is fighting for her life because some fool decided to shoot in a residential area? And you say, so what? I can't get over your callousness.

I never said all gun owners do is haphazardly shoot wherever they want. I said think about your hobby and safety.

I don't know where you live, but each state has their own regulations. Gun shows are places to purchase guns without licenses or certified training. A person can purchase a gun on line and not have to prove a thing. And again, ad nauseum, cars and knives (motor homes, trucks and buses too) have a primary purpose other than to send a projectile into someone's vital organs, so I don't know where you say "according to my way of thinking, I want to do away with them. They have other reasons to be. A gun does not. What on earth did I say ten thousands times that gave you the idea I wanted to ban vehicles and kitchen cutlery?
I know I am going to regret this, but I'm going to... (show quote)

It's not just gun shows where people can purchase firearms without licenses or training. Most states only require a back ground check for handgun purchases as mandated by the Brady Act...licenses are not required in all states. Long gun purchases don't even require a back ground check and no safety training is required for any firearm purchases in this country.

Back ground checks are only preformed on the person purchasing the handgun but not on everyone in the home who may have access to that firearm. It's perfectly legal for someone who lives with a previously convicted felon to purchase a firearm!!!

Our system is so full of holes it isn't even funny.
Mar 23, 2019 20:30:23   #
knovice knitter wrote:
It is a statistical fact that only 18%of shots fired by law enforcement have hit their target. Would you want to be in a situation, with odds like that, and some well meaning good guys whip out their pieces and try to hit a shooter who is shooting back at them? How many innocent by-standers would recognize the extra shooters as good guys? How many shooters would recognize the other good guys as good guys? Seems to me even more innocent people would be killed in the cross-fire. We have a population of over 300,000,000 and there are enough guns for every man, woman, and child. You'd think, with those numbers, this would be the safest nation on the globe. So your theory doesn't hold water. Here's some statistics for you. Sorry, it's from CNN, but it was the most recent information I could find. Everything else seemed to be from 2011 and before.
It is a statistical fact that only 18%of shots fir... (show quote)

We had the exact situation you described. A couple of years ago a man walked into a local Walmart and started shooting. Other shoppers, who have concealed carry permits drew their weapons and by the time police arrived the gunman had fled but the police were left sorting out the mess of armed shoppers!!! The gunman then had the opportunity to be on the run for over 12 hours before he was apprehended.
Mar 23, 2019 20:18:55   #
klrober wrote:
She wasn't nasty at all but just pointed out a few facts for you....when you start a topic you need to search for it so you can find the helpful info people are trying to give you....

Thank you.
Mar 23, 2019 19:23:38   #
Augustgran wrote:
What has my grands got to do with you passing on info that was given to you in confidence???
Love how you glossed over that.
If I posted all of your pms in question it would be crystal clear to anyone reading ,what your intentions were.
You are correct I did not post info you sent me, I wasn't going to play into your games.
When a person tells you in confidence about medical/mental health issues they have you are supposed to keep your big mouth shut.
What excuse do you have for doing that?
Bye the way for readers , the person she blabbed personal Info to me about is no longer a member.
What has my grands got to do with you passing on i... (show quote)

No one shared personal medical information with me about a member. Not sure what makes you think that was the case. It certainly wasn't. Anything I spoke to you of in private conversations I expected you to keep confidential, so no I didn't expect you to share that information. I believe you have me confused with a certain former member's sister.
Mar 23, 2019 19:18:14   #
You do realize that shipping charges pay the salaries of USPS, UPS and FedEx employees? Plus postal workers in other countries if applicable? These are living wage paying jobs that cannot be shipped offshore.

Handling fees include the packaging and cost of paying someone to "handle" an order, no one works for free.

The convenience of on line shopping means we save on the cost of transportation to run around to several stores for the items we want to purchase and saves us time. The nearest "real" yarn shop to me is half hour drive west, so an hour round trip, plus gas and the cost of maintaining my vehicle, though I may NOT find exactly what I'm looking for. I consider shipping and handling fees a bargain over the alternative.
Mar 23, 2019 19:08:31   #
Artbarn wrote:
And you joined in agreeing that what JJ did was wrong. OK, you didn't mention her name at first, but it was clear who you meant.

Selective memory.

I said that what was done was wrong, back in 2015 and I've mentioned it several times here that it was wrong, without ever mentioning a name. This has been discussed on KFC many times, with many excuses given. I've never changed my stance on this issue, it has always remained the same. I will NOT take the blame for what someone else did!! Would you? Every one of you at KCF knew who posted that information but you all sat back and said nothing as others were blamed. Even Katsch was blamed at one one said a word. Only those who knew who posted the information would know who I meant.
Mar 23, 2019 18:59:45   #
Augustgran wrote:
You went into detail about what this member had told you about their medical issues.
She told to you these things in confidence, but you had no problems telling me all about it.
So you cannot be trusted!
You gave me all of this info in hopes I would post it.
Your intent is quite clear in the pms.
So stop trying to play miss goody goody.
Anyone reading this should be careful to NEVER give YOU any personal Info.
You won't post it yourself, oh no that would make YOU look bad, but you will gleefully pass that I go on for others to post.
You are a "twist"
You cannot be trusted!
You went into detail about what this member had to... (show quote)

Did I ever suggest you post that information? You posted information that I certainly never discussed with you. Did you enjoy having photos of your grandchildren posted, the homes you owned or any of your personal information? I'm guessing that you didn't. fortunate1 only posted the truth about how this whole thing got started because it is completely out of hand now.

For some people, it seems that the truth hurts and all I see are excuses being made.
Mar 23, 2019 18:39:19   #
Augustgran wrote:
Then explain why YOU sent me a member's full address? Along with school they attended, plus quasi mental health history?
I still have the pms

What is discussed in PMs is a whole different story than what is posted in public. As I recall we were having conversations and no I wouldn't know someone's medical history.
Mar 23, 2019 18:26:52   #
kponsw wrote:
I don’t know what discussion prompted this topic and I’m not going to bother finding out. However, considering the current conversation, I think I have to disagree with this.

Under the circumstances that were in play at the time, I think that particular person should have expected someone to post her address. As mentioned earlier by Bobglory, numerous attempts were made to find out if she was in need of help and there was plenty of discussion asking if anyone knew where she was located (i.e., her address). She had multiple opportunities to speak up, but chose instead to continue her ‘meltdown marathon’. It’s not like she was unaware of the discussions taking place; for 18 hours, she posted on that topic an average of every 10 minutes. Unfortunately, her posts consisted only of pictures of herself, pictures of her family, and pictures of people she hated. For 18 hours! Without a single word of text! What would any normal person think who was a witness that? To this day, that remains the absolute craziest thing I have ever seen on the internet.

She had more than enough opportunities to stop her address from being posted, but she chose not to do that. People were begging her to tell them what she wanted. She could have spoken up to let people witnessing that nightmare know she wasn’t in need of help, she could have sent someone on that topic a PM (since that was long before the ‘ignore’ feature was in place), she could have behaved like a rational person, but she chose not to do any of that.

I was one of the many people who thought she was in danger at that time. I posted the phone number for a mental health hotline and encouraged her to call it. I wasn’t so concerned about her harming herself, but because of her previous posts, I knew she had teenage children at home and I was concerned about what she might do to them (they were included in many of the photos she posted, and they would have been within her reach). That’s how crazy her behavior was. She was definitely not being ‘argumentative’; to be argumentative, she would have had to post something other than photos, some sort of ‘words’, but that didn’t happen. Every 10 minutes for 18 hours, and Not.A.Single.Word.

That her address was posted for a short period of time on an obscure topic of a knitting forum is no one’s fault but her own. As to how that address was obtained, I don’t see how it matters. Whether it came from a piece of mail or from a google search resulting from the personal information she posted is irrelevant. Under the circumstances that were in play at the time, other people did what they thought they had to do, based on witnessing her incredibly irrational behavior. I have no sympathy for the raving lunatic.
I don’t know what discussion prompted this topic a... (show quote)

So you're saying that you were able to make a mental health assessment on someone based on posts on a knitting forum? Her address was posted for more than just minutes but there was no need to post it. IF someone was that concerned a simple call to the local police would have been sufficient. Obviously the individual did not harm their children. Meanwhile, many have suffered the fallout from that action and you have not been one of them. I stand behind my words then and will echo them again, this was not appropriate then and it isn't appropriate now.
Mar 23, 2019 17:49:38   #
suef3711 wrote:
If I saw the reply I would not have done it again. I did not see it. You don't have to get nasty

I didn't get nasty, all you had to do was go back into your topics and you would have seen all of the advice you were given and the questions that were asked of you.
Mar 23, 2019 17:23:55   #
What is permitted by TSA today can change tomorrow. TSA has no authority anywhere but in the United States. When push comes to shove the crew of the aircraft actually have final say on what will and will not be permitted on any flight. Threat levels change and we can't expect that there won't be changes.

A few years ago I was on a flight and knitting. One of the flight attendants who also was an avid knitter stopped to admire my work and ask what I was knitting. Later another flight attendant came along and asked me to put my knitting away because a passenger complained about my "very sharp" knitting needles which were making them nervous. I opted to simply put my knitting away for the remainder of the flight.

My primary purpose of flying is for transportation, not knitting. I've come to realize that knitting needles may not seem like such benign instruments to others.
Mar 23, 2019 17:12:05   #
This is the second topic you have created regarding the same sweater and your issue with gauge.

Several of us tried to help you and we asked questions but you never replied to those questions. Starting a new topic isn't going to do you any good if you aren't willing to provide further information.
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