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Jan 22, 2019 09:16:01   # paid pattern
not many projects in the 8+ years it's been available.... have you checked for project notes?
Can't look at the pattern without buying it.... here's what I would do
60 stitches ... k2tog around, reduces to 30 stitches
30 stitches ... CDD... centered double decrease around would make it 10 stitches
10 stitches .... k2tog around reduces to 5 stitches.
Then do a 5 stitch i-cord for 3 inches and tie a knot.
Jan 22, 2019 08:52:15   #
I do kfb, slip marker, then do kbf.... that makes the little purl bumps abut each other. so it looks like k1, p2, k1
I've also done kbf, slip marker, kfb.... that makes it look like p1, k2, p1
If you decide to do this just be consistent in the order of the stitches.
Jan 22, 2019 08:44:31   #
It seems to me it is very similar (if not the same) as the German twisted cast on
if you google that you will get a number of video and photo tutorials
Jan 21, 2019 22:01:23   #
Dimples16 wrote:
Is just me ore is anyone else having trouble getting on I have tried to get on today with no success. I have lots of patterns knit and crochet saved on there.
I just clicked on the link and went right in....
Jan 21, 2019 21:27:23   #
Aggie May wrote:
If you start with 36 and want to add 4 evenly across the row you will K4, KFB in next stitch (Knit Front and Back) *K8, KFB in next stitch* repeat to last 4 stitches, K4. (40 Stitches)
This means you are increasing in every 9th stitch...
Have fun.

Jan 21, 2019 19:14:55   #
dunnville89 wrote:
The pattern is Studies in Ice Knitting Pattern by Beatrice Perron Dahlen. It is a Nordic sweater with a patterned yoke. I purchased it through Ravelry.
Drive by link:
this person made some notes about what she did with the short rows:
Jan 21, 2019 19:07:30   #
That's a good start.... the largest one shown is 60 by 60.... the mattress size for a queen bed is 60 by 80.... and that would just cover the top of the bed flat.
That is 1/3rd larger.. AND stitch patterns,etc (like cables, etc) will take more than plain ....

You might want to look for blankets and get some ideas to compare that to and get more ... you can always make pillow covers from any left over.
Jan 21, 2019 17:37:20   #
This is what the email said:
Juniper Moon Patagonia: 3 Skeins Ship Free & 70% Off All Patterns!
the 70% off is the patterns not the yarn.....

I did find it for as much as $3 less per skein.... but I would guess that shipping would even that out.
Jan 21, 2019 16:10:31   #
From Wikipedia:
PragerU, originally Prager University, is an American non-profit organization that creates videos on various political, economic and philosophical topics from a conservative or right-wing perspective. The videos are posted on YouTube and usually feature a speaker who lectures for about five minutes.
Jan 21, 2019 16:01:50   #
hayleycreates wrote:
That's so disappointing to hear. I was just about to start one. What was most confusing about it?

They are creative and attractive. I think the issue is that they are not originally written in English and the format and sometimes terminology is different than what English speakers are familiar with. Of course, nothing wrong with that... as we have seen, many cultures do stunning creations.

When I really wanted to do one, I copied it into a text editing application and reformatted and highlighted anything that seemed confusing.
Sometimes I would rewrite the instructions in a more familiar manner. I would research the things I highlighted until I understood.
For me, they are not patterns that I can pick up and just start working from... they take a good bit of preparation.
It can take a lot of time & effort to do that but then when I get started I don't have to 2nd guess myself.
Jan 21, 2019 12:55:31   #
jmcret05 wrote:
If the OP had given a source of the pattern, it would help clarify what it is supposed to look like.

True... and we constantly ask for that. Some get it and understand..... some don't.
Jan 21, 2019 10:37:32   #
knit4ES wrote:
tsop elbuod

for some reason, when I go in to edit a double post and delete the text, the typing letters go backwards... it amuses me and I leave it.
Jan 21, 2019 10:34:02   #
I believe the "yfwd" is a yarn over.... an increase that balances the decrease of skpo (slip a stitch, knit a stitch, pass the slipped stitch over)
This way, the stitch count remains the same.
Jan 21, 2019 10:19:41   #
I found a couple of examples online.... the Rose Leaf pattern has 4 stitches at the beginning as a separator/border and 17 stitches for the actual leaves... 21 stitches total.
To balance the pattern you do 21 + 21 + 21 + 4.... where the last 4 stitches are the separator/border that matches the beginning.
If you could give us a link to the pattern (I couldn't find one by the name you mentioned) we could look at it.... that helps us give you more informed suggestions.
Jan 21, 2019 10:09:18   #
tsop elbuod
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