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Oct 7, 2019 15:45:05   #
kvb wrote:
A few weeks ago I had a bad fall resulting in numerous injuries most of which are slowly resolving themselves apart from a damaged sciatic nerve. The back pain is tolerable but the leg pain is unbearable when I get up in the morning & most days reduces me to tears . I set the alarm early so I can take painkillers & give them time to kick in before trying to get up which helps a little but not much. I'm told medically there's nothing to be done but time & to try "alternatives". This is soul destroying & I was hoping one of you lovely people might have a suggestion or 2.
My apologies to those who think I shouldn't be posting this here but frankly I could cope with their wrath for a little ease.
Thanks for reading.
A few weeks ago I had a bad fall resulting in nume... (show quote)

You have my sincere sympathy! I have been slowly working myself out of that same problem for over a year, and the most successful help I have found is a CBD cream, which I can buy at CVS. I also used a lot of heat; my doctor said heat or cold, and the idea of an icebag gave me the shivers, so I concluded heat was called for (a heating pad). I've had a lot of physical therapy and it was helpful in the long run. Neither the shots nor acupuncture made any improvement, and I didn't try chiropractic. I recently had a relapse when I sat in a hard, uncushioned wooden straight chair for a two-hour concert, but after about three weeks of agony, the problem has resolved. I think the one thing that saved my sanity was knowing that the pain, though monumental, wasn't going to kill me--even though at times I wished it would! As others have said, inactivity makes the problem worse, so drag yourself up and about when you can. Use whatever helps you can find, and hang in there (even through the whimpers), because it will eventually pass.
Sep 24, 2019 15:38:28   #
From me too! Birthday wishes to Sam, that is...
Sep 21, 2019 14:17:45   #
Carole, glad to see you are reaching out to find a replacement for Yarn Babes in your new life. If you remember, that's just how Yarn Babes came into being: by searching for KP members in the towns around me. I have moved to Pasadena now, but I still make most of the YB gatherings. Happy landings! Flo
Jul 14, 2019 22:44:06   #
Of course, as soon as I posted my previous message, one came in from Susanne. She is fine, holed up in her hotel across the Mississippi from Natchez, but she will have to stay until Tuesday. Luckily her rental car is a Jeep, able to get through high water, so though the direct road to the court where she must file papers is closed, she expects to be able to get through on an alternate route. If she fails to file the papers by the deadline, the case is thrown out, which would leave her client powerless to avoid deportation and certain death at the hands of the police or the cartels. (And no, he is not a criminal--far from it.)
Jul 14, 2019 22:29:33   #
Just so you won't think I forgot you and your requests to be updated, I still haven't heard from my daughter in Louisiana (lives in Massachusetts, in LA on business). I'm sure you all are right about power being out, and she would have used all the power she had available for work. (She is representing two asylum seekers who are in detention in Louisiana.) I would probably have worried less had she not told us that her hotel was right on the river. She is very competent under all circumstances so will probably be annoyed at me for worrying, and I shall tell her that's what mothers do!

It's true you haven't heard much from me for the last three months; I moved from my four-bedroom, spacious house to a two-bedroom apartment in a senior community in Pasadena, about 35 miles away, in mid-May. I moved far more stuff than would fit, and even though that was deliberate--I wanted to be able to see what was most suitable here before I got rid of things--it's a downer to live with boxes and piles of things I need to find a home for. I'm 88 and knew this would be my last-ever move, but it was exhausting even with all the help from others. However, I know it was a good choice and eventually I will be very happy here. My youngest daughter lives and works nearby, which was part of the reason for my choice, but it's also a very friendly, welcoming place with more activities available than I could ever manage! Next comes a spruce-up and then sale of the house. I am very fortunate that I could move without having to be concerned with a sale at the same time. I don't think I could have managed both together. As long as I drive, I can continue to go to the same church I did before and to my social groups, including the knitting one, so I haven't left my old friends behind. And though I wasn't free to go to the initial meeting, there is a knitting group in formation here, and I hope they'll choose a time when I am free to join in.

Thanks for missing me and for the prayers for Susanne. I'll let you know when there is anything to say!
Jul 13, 2019 19:20:48   #
My daughter from Massachusetts, an attorney, is in Louisiana to file court papers for two Guatemalans who are seeking asylum. I have not heard from her since yesterday morning and am worried about her safety. She was supposed to leave this morning but her airline had already told her to be prepared to stay until Monday. Her hotel was a long way up-river from New Orleans, but it was a riverfront one; she said she figured if there was enough danger, the hotel would evacuate its residents. Somehow that didn't make me feel better! She loves an adventure, so she is probably treating it as an adventure and time to spend on her cases. Prayers for her safety appreciated!
Jul 11, 2019 00:45:38   #
Swedenme wrote:
Its beautiful , lovely colours , I've really enjoyed seeing all the onesies and pinafores that have been made from the knitalongs 😊

I'm with you!
Jul 6, 2019 13:04:10   #
This is a perfect pattern to send to my grandchildren who are expecting babies this fall (great-granddaughter #1 and great-grandson #2). Thank you!
Jul 1, 2019 13:26:01   #
Suzie1 wrote:
All my life I never minded ironing. It was the dishwashing I hated. So, I do iron when needed.

I'm just like you! I love seeing things smooth out and become silky. I just moved to a senior community, and everyone told me I wouldn't need an ironing board. Well, I brought it anyhow and spent most of Saturday catching up with the things I'd left unironed during the chaos that moving entails. It was like finding an old friend! It was such a feeling of accomplishment to transfer the pile of t-shirts to the drawer where they "live."
Apr 24, 2019 22:30:40   #
thewren wrote:
why do they always start with the ears? lol --- sam

I don't have an answer for you, but I agree that they do. I bought chocolate ears (only) for my friends, in both milk and dark. There were some extras but I've managed to stay away from them so far.

I visited my new apartment yesterday and had a little accident there... I pulled several sheets of wallboard away from the bedroom wall to see if there was a phone jack there (Yes). I didn't realize the wallboard was flexible so I thought I could just push it back. Wrong! It flexed itself from my knee to my foot, scraping and bruising all the way, and landed with a crash. The nurse arrived quickly and took care of it, and it didn't hurt so much that I couldn't walk. I haven't yet removed the bandages so I don't know how it looks; I'll save that for tomorrow. But it doesn't hurt badly, though my foot is quite swollen. And at least I found out that they really meant it when they said they'd be renovating it completely! I now know that I need to buy a chandelier and a rug for the living room, as well as a replacement for my king-sized bed in extra-long twin (half of a king). Don't at all like being a widow, but no sense in being an uncomfortable one!

Getting ready to move is my definition of Hell, so don't ask me how I'm doing. But less than two weeks and I'll be over that mountain!
Apr 4, 2019 00:51:22   #
Bonnie7591 wrote:
I’m glad you got a place, I think you’ve been wanting to move for a while, right?
Have you sold your house?
I hope you manage to get through all the stuff & will love your new place.

Thanks for the good wishes; I feel I'll need all the help I can get. I was on the waiting list for the type of apartment I wanted for just under a year, and at that, I should have put in my application sooner than I did. What can I say? I'm old! I am not holding a garage sale or putting my house up for sale until after I move. One thing at a time (and a very complicated thing) is all I can handle. At the present time I'm working with professionals to identify what's going with me or to storage, what's to be donated (to a variety of people/organizations), and what's headed for the trash. So far the trash is a lot of old papers that have nothing to do with my life today, so even though they may be happy memories... And if I don't know the people in my late husband's photos, or where the scenery is, why give them house room? But it's a tough process and I wish I'd made more progress earlier. As I probably said earlier, it's a mountain to get over, but I know things will be great on the other side! You folks are my lifeline so I know I won't come completely unraveled...
Apr 4, 2019 00:27:00   #
Well, I turned 88 on March 24, so we're in the same race. I'm just sick of cleaning and cooking, so I quit! I'll let others take care of me for a while, and I'll have energy left over for my knitting, driving, and church activities. More power to you, and keep up the good work...
Apr 3, 2019 02:12:49   #
thewren wrote:
hey Flo - how you doin'? what knitting project are you doing now? --- sam

No knitting at all, Sam, except for the prayer shawl I reflexively pick up for my Yarn Babes meetings. I'm getting set to move--five weeks to go--and there's an overwhelming amount of stuff I don't want to take with me just because I didn't get around to thinking about it. But how do I know what to do with my late DH's collection of free flashlights, or the postcards sent from all over the world but written in Czech, which I don't speak? From a four-bedroom house with double garage and tool shed to a two-bedroom apartment in a senior community? I don't even know how they celebrate Christmas, or whether they I'm unable to judge what I'll need! And I've no idea whether their wonderful chef will cause me to gain back the 45 lb. I lost over the last few years, so how do I know which set of clothing to preserve? In other words, my many blessings are driving me crazy! I will get over this mountain, but I may be a helpless idiot for a few months...
Apr 2, 2019 23:58:46   #
Gweniepooh wrote:
Opinion please.....which buttons? This is for a baby girl (cardigan, 5 buttons) I'm leaning toward the top button. Don't want to go buy more buttons.

I'm with you--the top one!
Mar 27, 2019 16:46:53   #
I'm Florence but not Nightingale!
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