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Apr 30, 2019 17:53:54   #
Hope I'm putting this in the right place!


"The advantage of being armed, which the Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation ... forms a barrier against the enterprises of ambition, more insurmountable than any which a simple government of any form can admit of." —James Madison (1788)

The Revolutionary War was begun because Britain wanted to confiscate the guns of the people to keep them from protesting all the taxes and other indignities they were perpetrating on them. Hence the Second Amendment. It is to keep the government from running roughshod over the people even today. I would think that even the liberals (only the regular people not the leaders) would like that idea considering how they feel about Trump!
Nov 13, 2018 11:47:13   #
Thanks for posting Pokie. I saw that other post and wanted so bad to comment. I usually just read not post. Here is a link that I thought you all might be interested in. Hope it works. 😊
Oct 29, 2018 08:18:59   #
Maybe you should post this in Chit Chat since Marilynknits just posted the opposite view there!
Dec 4, 2017 08:04:59   #
I love Icelandic bind off!!!!
Nov 10, 2017 08:44:31   #
6grands wrote:
Beautiful work. May I ask? What is the Iceland bind off? Please? /bind-offs/icelandic-bind-off

This is where I learned it. I was looking for a bind off that didn't make the edge too tight for garter stitch. I think the url needs an https and www in front of it. 😊 Sorry, not very good at this.
Nov 9, 2017 10:25:19   #
Thanks. I made that one up. I did find some patterns for some of the notes, but had to make up the treble clef. She plays the oboe and I didn't want to make her a sports pillow because she wasn't in to it like my GS. 😊
Nov 9, 2017 10:21:00   #

I believe this is the site. There is a big selection of sports to choose from. My memory is horrible, but I keep thinking there was something I had to do with the pattern to make it work. I think I had to reverse every other row or something because she made it for Tunisian (?). Sorry, hope you can figure it out. Feel free to contact me, but like I said, my memory is bad. I blame it on chemo brain! 😊
Nov 8, 2017 17:53:52   #
Thanks to everyone. The blanket looks a lot better than it does in the picture. She wanted a kind of light "army" green and very light weight so I used Premier cotton yarn in the color Sage.
Nov 8, 2017 09:42:36   #
Thank you for your kind words.
Nov 8, 2017 09:18:19   #
I just finished this garter stitch blanket for my GD. Has stockinette strip on either side for accent. Took me a year and 4 months! I used the Icelandic bind off. I really like that method! I have also attached a couple of crochet projects I did for my GD and GS last year. They're pillows in case it is not obvious. LOL The blanket started out for a queen size bed but she changed her mind for a full size so it's not as long as the queen would have been.

Jan 22, 2017 16:35:55   #
DGreen wrote:
You and I will never agree because your agenda is to dictate to other women on what happens to their bodies. This is none of your business.

You are not detecting hate, but rage, at the tactics, lies and misinformation disseminated by many "pro-life" groups. If you don't believe in abortion, then don't have an abortion. You have no right to enforce your personal religious- or any other beliefs - on the rest of us through legislation.

You are spreading misinformation and lies when you say aborted fetus parts are sold. They are not. Never have been.

Stop lying, keep your nose out of my uterus, and I won't have a reason to be angry.
You and I will never agree because your agenda is ... (show quote)

And to all the others who chimed in: Wow! You know me so well! I just sit here in my ivory tower wrapped in my self righteousness just waiting to judge someone - NOT! (Although, for the last couple of years I HAVE tended to stay home a lot more because chemo has a tendency to drain the energy right out of you). Can't get Medicare to pay for all my childhood vaccinations that I had to get all over again after my stem cell transplant when the chemo wiped out my immune system, but they'll pay for birth control and kids glasses! Thanks Obama for that little addition from Obamacare! There's $1000 out of my pocket which is not easy when my dh and I get SS and small pensions as income. You want to get an abortion? Fine, it's still legal. However, don't expect me to be silent about it when for years, my tax dollars have been used to fund something I am morally opposed to and against my religious beliefs. Before I was forced to retire, I donated quite a bit of my income to charities for children like Feed the Children, World Vision, etc. I donated to the Food Pantry at church (still do) which feeds many poor families in the neighborhood throughout the year. Jesus said to take care of the poor and that's what I have always tried to do. I worked in a hospital as a Registered Nurse taking care of patients. Held their hands and cried and laughed and, yes, prayed with them. Some of my patients were paralyzed and I cleaned up their messes when necessary and considered it a privelege. I don't need to look for stories about people who have had abortions. I have friends who have had abortions. My best friend (we were a lot younger then) had one and I know the agony she went through to make that decision and the lasting effects since then. We're still best friends - I didn't abandon her just because I am against abortion. I know there are many reasons women think about getting an abortion. Don't think I am unsympathetic to that. Unfortunately, there are way too many who use it as a form of birth control. Especially now when there is more than surgical choices. I really object to being forced to fund someone's lifestyle just because they want to have unprotected sex. Stories about pro-life people kidnapping a pregnant woman sounds like so much baloney. Speaking of baloney, that link to an article about the PP videos got my BS radar blinking. That site is pretty lame even for a liberal one. At least some of the more prominent liberal ones try to sound legit, but this one! Whoo! For one thing, that guy did NOT admit fraud to CNN (biggest fake news promoter around.) I watched the video in question and you can hear those women brag about selling parts and one saying she wants to get a Lamborghini. This article also throws the word fraud around pretty freely. I'd say they're opening themselves up for potential lawsuits. It's called investigative reporting. Back in the day when shows like 60 Minutes and others did it they were applauded and given awards. Now that conservatives are doing it it's horrible. Oh well, if you libs want to believe all the propaganda thrown your way without checking out what the other side has to say go ahead. I also object to being accused of lying. Liberals have a tendency to call names and try to intimidate when they really don't have anything of substance to say. Or can't have an adult discussion. Well, kiddies, you'll be happy to know that I am pretty much done with this whole subject and won't be following this posting anymore so you can say whatever you want about me (not that you don't anyway). Try not to stay so angry all the time. It will eat you from the inside out and make you miserable. I will leave you with a link to an article that shows you where Planned Parenthood's real motives are. I would rather they give my tax dollars to other women's health clinics that actually provide Healthcare and not abortions. There are many out there who actually need the money.
Jan 21, 2017 14:34:00   #
DGreen wrote:
You deserve to be ignored. You are in the minority and represent nothing but fanatic religious extremism.

DGreen, I have noticed that your answers are always so hateful. Where does all that hate come from? You know, there are plenty of nonreligious prolife people out there, some are even in the Democrat party (although they tend to be ignored). What's fanatic about wanting to give babies a chance at life? They never asked to be conceived. Do you also approve of cutting up aborted babies and selling them for parts? I'd call that a little fanatically extreme. But that's just me. I'm so sorry that you carry all that hate around in you. It's very destructive, you know.
Jan 21, 2017 13:08:48   #
knittingthyme wrote:
Remember this, everyone. Soak this in. Today the media has discovered an intense interest in political demonstrations. As thousands of women descend upon DC to whine about the legitimate results of a legal election, incoherently demand “rights” they already possess and have possessed for almost a century, insist on more free birth control, and call for the continued mass slaughter of infants, the media is in a state of utter elation.

I turned on CNN for a few minutes and they had dozens of reporters staged all throughout the march, as well as a team of reporters stationed at the “sister marches” across the globe. I’ve heard over and over again that this march is “historic” and among the biggest ever. They’ve never seen anything like this. What a beautiful spectacle. What an inspiration. Blah blah etc and so forth.

But, as I peer into the future, I can see a really bizarre phenomenon. Mysteriously, out of nowhere, the media’s obsession with covering political marches will completely dissipate. This will happen in precisely 6 days. Strangely, it will coincide with the exact moment when hundreds of thousands of pro-life women and men come to DC to protest abortion. The March For Life will be significantly larger than the “Women’s March.” I know this for a fact because the March For Life is always the largest political demonstration in America. No left wing protest has ever come close or will ever come close. Yet the media will ignore it. I know this because the media always ignores it.

Looked at objectively, the March For Life is quite a bit more newsworthy than the temper tantrum happening today. For one thing, there are more people. For another, the people are actually protesting something real. For still another, the March For Life represents 40 years of sustained pro-life activism, as opposed to this momentary blip on the radar screen.

If you want to understand why people utterly detest the media and everything your rally represents, just turn on the TV today. And then turn it on next Friday. That will tell you everything you need to know. Truly despicable.

Remember this, everyone. Soak this in. Today the m... (show quote)

Jan 20, 2017 12:43:07   #
Lecsew wrote:
When did I call you a name? I just asked you a couple of questions. If you don't want to continue, that's fine but please don't accuse he of attacking you. I don't see where anyone else attacked you either.

I don't believe I accused you of calling me names. Did you read my post? However, if you want to own that, be my guest! Aren't you guys supposed to be marching today or something? Or is that tomorrow? After the fact! That's kind of funny if you think about it!
Jan 19, 2017 21:43:56   #
Mwende wrote:
I am a liberal person and an agnostic. You and I disagree on many points -- we are in complete agreement on wanting people to stay safe -- but I welcome your kind thoughts and appreciate that you're taking time to pray for me and my ilk. This is not sarcasm. This is my attempt to elevate the level of respect in this thread and to thank you sincerely for your kind thoughts and respect. (I am a liberal, I welcome your prayers and I would never call you names.)

Reasonable people can differ and still be reasonable.

I am a liberal person and an agnostic. You and I ... (show quote)

Kate, I appreciate your thoughts. It makes me sad that we (not you and me ☺) can't seem to be able to have our opinions without nastiness creeping in. If we lived close you and I might even possibly be friends in spite of being at total opposite ends of the political spectrum. Before he passed, my brother was a total liberal and, of course, I am a conservative. We had some very lively conversations, but we always remained respectful of each others views (well mostly ha ha). Again, I appreciate what you said and I agree that reasonable people can differ and still be reasonable. Stay safe.
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