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Feb 1, 2019 19:39:09   #
Dear Amyah,

May God bless you with graces and strength. You are in good company with so many who either had this surgery or know of those who had and had positive outcomes. We will say our rosary for you tonight. Blessings. Stay strong!
Aug 27, 2018 21:20:34   #
What is your problem ladies? I put up with 8 years of President Obama and I never would have said the things you gals are saying. Lighten up a little. Sadly you will get your chance again to push us further into socialism. Let me enjoy a little bit of loving America again!
Jul 15, 2018 20:36:14   #
I remember prince Charles wanted to be a tampon when he spoke to Camilla. Real classy😝
Jun 23, 2018 20:20:25   #
“God help us all and forgive us for not caring about others!”? Oh I guess like unborn babies, right! Yes you sure do care about others😢😢
Apr 26, 2018 21:57:31   #
Mar 8, 2018 20:14:47   #
Feb 1, 2018 18:58:04   #
We will keep Joe Dunagan in our Rosary tonight and daily. Stay strong!
Nov 7, 2017 06:44:55   #
A Christmas Carol - Alastair Sims version
Nov 6, 2017 19:41:34   #
Phantom of the Opera
Nov 6, 2017 19:25:10   #
I fear from time to time. Especially if my 9 grandchildren are in my care. Heard a nun who was dying of cancer say “there are no mistakes in God’s plans”. Wish I had her faith. Maybe someday.
Sep 23, 2017 15:15:54   #
Yes, of course talk it over with your doctor. Actually, you cannot change it at the pharmacy without your doctor doing it. My doctor said to try the time release if the price isn’t too much more. Well the time release was $68. for a 90 day supply as opposed to $10 for a 90 day supply of the non time release. The difference is you have to take 2 of the metoprolol if non time release, so they give you 180 pills as opposed to 90 pills. Sometimes doctors aren’t aware of the vast difference in price. Mine wasn’t. Just trying to help this person out.
Sep 22, 2017 20:16:30   #
Regarding the metoprolol, you are probably taking the time release metoprolol (very expensive). Ask for generic non time release. Same price ($10 for 90 day supply) but you have to take 2 per day, so they give you 180 pills for 50 mg.
Sep 21, 2017 19:38:20   #
I wonder if you take atenolol. I have taken it for 25 years and suddenly it is in short supply nationwide I was told! Fortunately I have a new doctor, as my primary doctor retired. My new doctor switched me to metoprolol for now but I have to take 2/day. I hear the atenolol will be available again the end of the month. Scary to not get needed meds.
Sep 11, 2017 19:59:57   #
"Jeep" we took him in during a hurricane and he stayed for 13 years!
Jan 27, 2017 10:52:14   #
Remorse! You can't be serious. Only remorse was that he got caught. Lib women always give guys a pass who let them have their abortion rights.
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