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Aug 22, 2019 19:17:08   #
caligrandma5 wrote:
Hello to all,
I went to my local Joann's for "No Sew" fleece blankets. From the moment I got out of my car, there were bins of sale yarn in front of the entrance. I wandered around looking for the fleece blanket kits and there were bins of sale yarn everywhere. I was told they had rearranged the yarn department and that was why there were so many bins. I think it might have something to do with Spring/Summer colors/yarns being sold at discount to make room for Fall/Winter yarns and colors. I don't know if this happens everywhere but it is happening in Orange County, California, USA. I promised myself I wouldn't buy yarn but the temptation was just too great. Hope your stores have SALE yarn too.
Hello to all, br I went to my local Joann's for &q... (show quote)

Time to hit the sales at Joann's in Irvine!
Aug 22, 2019 17:57:07   #
Lisa BB wrote:
Hi all

The shelter where I got my new calico kitten (DC Kitty) wants her spayed by 4 months and gave me a date it needs to be done by. She is 8-10 weeks now and veterinarian hubby thinks 4 months is to soon. They told me she was 10-12 weeks but when hubby checked her teeth she is only 8-10 weeks.

The 4 months can be extended by veterinarian hubby informing them that he does not do it before 6 months. I am all for getting her spayed, but not at such a young age.

In my opinion, and in the best interest of the animal, they should not be spayed/neutered before they're at least 2 years old. Their bones are not done developing and dogs especially can develop health problems. Plus, having them fixed does not improve their disposition as some people think. I have a 12 year old Yorkie/Chihuahua mix and she's never been spayed, nor has she ever had puppies. I make sure that she's not around intact males when she goes into heat, and she wears diapers in the house during this time. She's NEVER outside alone either as we have issues with hawks and coyotes.
Jul 3, 2019 14:57:12   #
MzBarnz I sure hope Sparkle will be okay. It's so scary to see them go through something like that, and they can't tell you what's wrong.

I had a little dog that would have seizures if I sprayed anything aerosol, like deodorant, hairspray, air freshener.... I no longer use any sprays like that, and I don't use anything but vinegar to clean with. All other cleaning products are toxic to our pets. I also no longer get any vaccinations for my pets, except for rabies, and that's even questionable. My Mini has not had a seizure since I stopped using all those toxic products and getting vaccinations.
Jul 3, 2019 14:35:09   #
I wish KP would adopt the same policy as Ravelry. There would be a lot less nastiness on this site too.
Jun 26, 2019 19:28:48   #
Hey, where did everyone go? I thought we were playing Twister!
Jun 25, 2019 13:59:27   #
Could you imagine if all the knitters on here went to a political forum and started talking about their patterns and projects? I think it would be hilarious! BUT, this is exactly what those political discussions are doing to our knitting forum, and it doesn't belong HERE, anymore than our knitting discussions belong on a political forum!

And 3.... 2.... 1.... GO! I'm sure some of you will try to rip me a new one, but I'm not going to follow this topic, so I really don't care!!!!!
Jun 10, 2019 19:39:20   #
He looks so happy in the after picture!
May 28, 2019 19:35:58   #
budasha wrote:
It's something the Kardashians would wear.

They would need a heck of a lot more yarn to cover those butts and boobs! They all think they look good in ANYTHING!!!
May 19, 2019 01:26:23   #
Tim Conway was one of the best comedians of all time. He was so funny without being vulgar, he could ad-lib and surprise his costars, and he was just a very classy guy. This man will be missed so very much by those who grew up with his comedy. I loved watching him, Carol Burnett, Harvey Corman, Lyle Wagoner and Vickie Lawrence on the Carol Burnett Show as well as when he was on McKale's Navy. And don't forget his Dorf videos where he played golf! OMG he was hilarious!!!!

I cannot say the generations coming up will have anything even remotely as funny as Tim was, and that's so sad.
May 1, 2019 20:21:14   #
Now that's funny right there!!!!
May 1, 2019 20:18:22   #
Bedo wrote:
Who cares. We don’t care what you eat or see. Get a life old lady

I think you're the one who needs to get a life! Guess you don't have anything better to do than stalk Ann.

In case you didn't notice from the comments, we all like to hear of Bundyanne's outings. If you don't, then don't look! She always puts her name in the title. Bedo you are the rudest person!!!!!

Anne, you just keep on keeping on and post your outing just like always. We all like to hear what you're doing and how much you're enjoying life!
May 1, 2019 20:12:40   #
It turned out really cute. Such a happy little top that made me smile!
May 1, 2019 20:10:27   #
Very cute pants and I love that button of baby feet!
May 1, 2019 20:07:46   #
It's adorable!
May 1, 2019 20:06:48   #
What a cute little set. Thanks for sharing the pattern!
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