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Sep 19, 2019 08:45:54   #
I crocheted our pastor a long stole when she retired. My mistake was that I measured it on myself (5'7") and it was too long for her (4'11"). Drug on the ground. The next time I saw her she was wearing it, but she had made pockets out of each end by sewing about 10" of each end up the side. Lol. It's the perfect length for her.

She is making me a scarf now. It is in a lovely shade of green that she just hates. She's almost completely blind, so her knitting has tiny holes all over, but it kinda looks like lace. Can't wait to wear it! She was nearly finished a month ago, so I'm sure it's done by now.

The point is, some people appreciate, some people don't. Me, I don't let myself get all wound up emotionally in any project. Gift, then walk away. It will make you happier.
Sep 18, 2019 09:16:51   #
Nope. It would take my entire back yard, and I don't want my yarn touching the sticker burrs.
Sep 16, 2019 11:00:38   #
theatermarye wrote:
Thank God for compression bags. Mid summer I traveled to England 6 hr plane flight. I was there to babysit an infant not to sightsee so there was going to be a lot of down time during naps. Gone for a week with a carry on only, which along with my clothes contained and enough yarn to start and complete and adult sz Afghan that I needed for a college graduation party gift on my return. Could not have done it without the compression bags.

And that. LOVES me some compression bags! Had a heck of a time getting the scissors through customs, though. And the green chile.
Sep 16, 2019 00:05:04   #
Jessica-Jean wrote:
Pajamas and nightgowns are only used sometimes, but not usually while sleeping - not in this household anyway.

I was trying to be delicate. :)
Sep 15, 2019 22:25:15   #
Y’all don’t understand. If you sleep in your clothes and take just your pills and a change of the “necessities” then you have room for more WIPs. I’m packin’ IN my knitting bag so I don’t resemble a bag lady. :P
Sep 15, 2019 00:46:45   #
Jessica-Jean wrote:
I don't know about "two most interesting WIPs", but it's a rare occurrence that I leave the house with as few as two WIPs. For an overnight trip ... I've no clue; I haven't done such a short trip since I was a pre-teen. For a two night trip by car, there are bound to be at least four WIPs packed, and yes, I have knitting bags that can hold those WIPs and three complete changes of clothes, necessary meds, etc.

Sep 14, 2019 21:24:16   #
You can pack for an overnight trip in your knitting bag along with your two most interesting WIPs.

Sep 10, 2019 18:38:55   #
bakrmom wrote:
It's not always about not appreciating or valuing the work. Everyone has a price point regarding what they will pay for an item. While I can recognize the work and skill that goes into making a hat, I would not pay $30-40 for one. I quilt. I see quilts being sold near me for $1200,1500 and up. Many are truly a work of art, but I would not spend that much for something to cover my bed. Not that they aren't worth it, but I wouldn't spend that.

Then walk on by is what I say. I know what my art is worth.
Sep 10, 2019 10:45:57   #
Last winter I had baby goats born the end of January. The weather was brutal. My daughter had made me an alpaca cowl that I use in winter to keep from freezing to death while milking. My only gripe about it is that it is too narrow at 7" and the wind blows down my neck sometimes. If it were a scarf it would be too long for my purposes, at around 60", as it would tangle in my equipment. Fringe, of course, is out of the question.

The answer to your question is SO governed by the personal-opinion of the wearer and the intended use of the scarf.
Sep 10, 2019 10:27:32   #
I just had this conversation with a lady who had priced (but not sold) hand-painted tiles for $5.00/set of 4. When we figured up her cost she was losing $3.00/set. She was stunned. Then we added in her time and guessed overhead. That put us at $20/set. She was not comfortable at that rate, but agreed to give it a try. The next person who came along was quoted the $20 price and bought five sets. It was the first time she had sold at this particular market in three years of trying.

Sometimes if you underprice an item the customer thinks they would be buying trash, so they don't buy. It's a balancing act, for sure. I have had people buy my washcloths at $5.00 when they would not buy them at $3. Interesting the way people think.

ETA: When someone acts as if my prices are too high, I allow that person to walk on by. I know the worth of my items. If that person does not then he or she does not deserve what I create. This is entirely different from someone who loves the item, genuinely can't afford the price and says so. I give away a lot of stuff to those people. Lol.
Sep 1, 2019 09:19:42   #
I crocheted a king size cotton bedspread for my daughter. It is VERY heavy. They use it in winter months only. I didn't find it hard to work on at all.
Aug 28, 2019 18:56:14   #
She loves it. :)
Aug 24, 2019 09:40:05   #
Going forward, may I suggest:

I bought one of these after my living room flooded last year. Keeps out water, kittens, and would likely work for daddy's red wine. :)
Aug 22, 2019 10:53:55   #
hazelroselooms wrote:
I didn't see any insulators on your fence. Hope your pretty fence does not catch fire! That would not be good for fox or ducks!

They are there. It's the yellow accents about halfway down.
Aug 22, 2019 10:20:51   #
Dsynr wrote:
Won't the fox simply dig under the fence, crawl in, and get the fowl?

I don't know. She hasn't so far. This may be the first battle of a longer war.
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