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Sep 19, 2019 16:22:19   #
Hi there, all!

Here's the latest entry in my cowl obsession. I believe that I may have developed a new design? I've never seen a pattern shaped like mine.

In any case here's a couple of pics. (the one of me wearing it is most accurate, colorwise)

I think it looks a little bit like a fun interpretation of a snake ...

Sep 14, 2019 14:33:03   #
Love the colors and just shouts "spring" to me in color and design.
Sep 14, 2019 14:29:53   #
As I see it, I don't think that you're doing anything wrong. It looks to me as though the cabling (which pulls the stitches together, especially at the center where the cable crosses) is pulling at the row of stitches.

The way I see it, there is a slight wave in the row of stitches nearest the cable as well, which follows the curve of the cables.

I hope this is helpful.
Sep 13, 2019 15:23:12   #
Lots of good suggestions here. Roll them and tie washcloths with ribbon or string.

Upright in a basket is pretty, or on a plate, arranged in a circle, or in a box, or several boxes.

Folding into a fun shape is a great idea, but the cloths that I make are too small and balky to be folded to any degree.

I really like the idea of hanging the clothes on a line with clothespins.
Sep 11, 2019 11:58:52   #
It depends on the guy ... I agree that most men wouldn't wear something quite so wide and out there ... it's a very big and bold design.

It might be perfect for the guy you're making it for, though.

Since it's charted, I think you could play with the chart and take out several rows inside the staves, changing the proportions of the notes slightly and reducing the width of the border on the one side, while still keeping the integrity of the basic design, if you chose.

Anyway, hope you find a solution you like.
Sep 11, 2019 11:23:35   #
Hi there all!

It's interesting to read about all the strong and differing opinions.

I usually turn out to be the odder choice ... I wear all kinds of bits of fabric, around my neck and around my hips (with a skirt). I enjoy triangles and love center spine knit shawls (well cowls, since I usually use cowls to experiment with and so use a shawl pattern, but make it a mini). I like having the point of the triangle to the front, great for adding pins to (and I've used a pair of lever back earrings to weight the long ends of a triangle so that the ends hang down in front).

Anyway, fun for me.
Sep 11, 2019 10:18:43   #
You explained it better than I could ... thanks ...
Sep 10, 2019 12:40:30   #
Sorry, I too find them equally attractive. If I had to pick only one, I'd end up going "eeny, meeny, minie, mo ..."
Sep 7, 2019 18:36:14   #
Love the color and texture combination.
Sep 7, 2019 12:43:44   #
KateWood wrote:
It's very nice, what gauge of yarn did you use?

The yarn was 2nd time cotton : 75% cotton / 25% acrylic, worsted weight, I believe.

I really enjoyed working with it.
Sep 6, 2019 22:50:09   #
I designed this sweater, combining the patterns from several different sweaters.

I was having trouble figuring out how to divide the neck and got some great help from the Forum.

Finished it and I'm really pleased with the way it turned out.

The pictures don't show the moss stitch heart on the front very well.

Hope you enjoy seeing the results, and thank-you y'all for sharing your wealth of knowledge.

Sep 3, 2019 16:54:56   #
I am left handed. I hold my yarn on my right forefinger and use it to wrap the yarn ... I understand that that this is referred to as "flicking".

I crochet left handed. I knit in a way that looks "right handed", but do all the work of the stitch with the needle I'm holding in my left hand. I believe that I find "flicking" more comfortable (I've tried picking/continental, and can do it, but don't find it specially helpful) because it leaves my left hand fingers free to guide the needle tip.

I didn't know until I joined this forum (and explored YouTube) just how many different ways there are to knit and purl ...

Makes things interesting.
Aug 29, 2019 15:12:19   #
MaggieBelize wrote:
bwahaha, isn't that the truth?

I think your Reyna is beautiful, and I'll bet it will look just great when you wear it - the "scoliosis" only shows on the blocking board!
Aug 27, 2019 18:14:33   #
If you're okay with charts, it can make it easier to experiment with placing beads on a charted design.

I found a method of placing beads individually using a needle and yarn (where all the beads don't have to be strung in advance and the beads are placed similarly to how they are placed in the crochet hook method) :

I've done a couple of projects involving adding lots of bead to my knitting, and found the above method to be the easiest, least fiddly (on the whole) and most forgiving about the size of the hole in the bead.

Anyway, hope this helps.
Aug 27, 2019 17:11:11   #
Clever design ...
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