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Jan 9, 2019 14:24:11   #
First background- just moved to TN from FLA. House next to DD's on property owned by DD and SIL so my address is the some as theirs. DD arranged for electric and is in her name as they own the property. They pay for joint internet I pay for TV but directly out of credit card so I don't have a paper bill. Got local bank account but they insisted on using FLA driver's license for address. Went to get TN driver's license and took DD. They asked for local bill for proof i live in TN, I gave them Verizon bill. Asked if cell phone. Yes, so they said it doesn't count. I said I live with daughter, not actual lie as address is the same. They asked if i could prove I was her mother. I asked how. They said her birth certificate would have parents names. Amazingly she actually had her birth certificate with her. But the only name on it was hers. Was about to ask if we needed a DNA test. They said to have a statement that I am her mother and have it signed and notarized. I wonder if TN wants me .
Nov 2, 2018 10:31:14   #
Thanks for the suggestions; I will try Hughesnet. Direct TV is AT&T, and they promised internet at first then siad not yet maybe next year.
Nov 2, 2018 09:36:31   #
Just packed my 28th box for move from SW Florida to Tennessee; doing it myself so taking time. Moving has pros and cons, will miss warm weather, no coats or boots and I like temps in 80's and 90's. Here i'm 10 min. from all stores, even yarn, library, post office, bank, doctor, dentist and eye doctor. But getting a bit lonely, DH died 3 yrs ago, BF moved north last year and all other friends either passed on or moved to be near family. In TN I shall be next door to DD, SIL, and 4 grandkids. Lovely scenery and shall see seasons change, but will need coat. Don't like driving there, one lane roads, no shoulders, sometimes steep dropoffs on side, hills and sharp curves. No stores near and local library has about 1/100th of books as in the one in FL. And worst I may not be able to get KP any longer. Current FLA TV and internet provider not available where I will live. Direct TV said they do, I signed up and satellite dish was installed. DD said TV works fine but then I was told they couldn't provide internet access after all. US Cellular claims to provide internet everywhere but I've been playing phone tag with them for a week. My grandkids go to the library once a week to get online but of course its not secure so not appropriate for many things. Perhaps someone in rural area has suggestions.
Oct 10, 2018 08:08:25   #
Many years ago my MIL made y daughter a poncho in maroon and pink stripes. She always used acrylic so i had no qualms about just throwing in the laundry but apparently she used maroon acrylic and pink wool. Looked strange and not wearable but didn't tell my MIL and luckily she didn't live close so she never realized the poncho wasn't worn any more.
Oct 3, 2018 08:39:50   #
My mom used to render chicken fat and included a cut-up onion. After pouring off the liquid fat, the crusty bits and golden onions left behind were wonderful on her home-made bread.
Sep 23, 2018 15:17:46   #
Tombstone pepperoni when Publix has buy 1 get 1 free; then I saute lots of onions and green peppers adding some crushed red pepper to put on before I cook it.
Sep 22, 2018 10:02:27   #
Last night I told DD my permanent move from beautiful, warm SW Florida to equally beautiful but not so warm Tennessee where I would be living right next to her was Nov. 13. She quickly said "You'll be here for your 60th anniversary." I waited a minute and said and for your 57th birthday a few days later. My 50th was lovely, a medium-size party and DH's Alzheimer's not yet evident to others. By our 55th he didn't understand what anniversaries were. He died 3 years ago and since then anniversaries have been poignant and not days to be celebrated. So how do I react if DD decides to have a celebration?
Sep 13, 2018 08:08:47   #
If an ad annoys me I try to make sure I don't buy or use that product. Ads for prescription drugs bother me; if i don't trust my doctor to prescribe the best drug for me I'd change doctors. If a political ad tells me what he or she plans if elected I'll listen, if the only thing is tearing down their opponent I'll immediately change the station
Sep 12, 2018 07:53:54   #
I'm 86; when pregnant with my daughter (now 60) of course I didn't know the sex so the first thing I knitted for her was bright red. After her birth I made the usual pink sweater, then one white with pale green cables down the front. Never did care for the pink but loved seeing her in the other two. Guess I was ahead of the times.
Sep 6, 2018 09:06:50   #
With arthritis in 2 fingers of one hand, 3 in the other, I have been carrying a small foam rubber ball as i take my morning walk (about 3/4 mile) and squeeze it alternately with each hand. Can now make a fist with each hand, couldn't do that 2 years ago, and less pain when using fingers.
Sep 5, 2018 08:32:44   #
Exactly as written, no internal punctuation, the son would be the drunken person.
Aug 31, 2018 17:16:14   #
Kayaking's great around Key Largo; until they discontinued it my DH and I used to do the Bogey & Bacall kayak race sponsored by the kayak store next to the Caribbean Club. The last was 2006 I think. We were both over 70 so we did the senior race but we both always did well, he Always won gold in the men's 16 ft. and over, and I silver in the women's. Wonderful memories.
Aug 15, 2018 08:02:20   #
My mother made cabbage soup; shredded cabbage, can of tomatoes and soursalt (citric acid) and sugar. Cooked on stove so she could taste to check the seasonings.
Aug 10, 2018 12:29:22   #
My son, about 3 or 4, called marshmallows mushrooms
Aug 8, 2018 09:10:16   #
Dear Lord
I'm proud to say, so far today
I've got along all right
I have not gossiped, bitched or bragged
Or had a single fight
I have not lost my temper once
Or criticized my mate
I have not lied, I have not cried
Or loudly cursed my fate
So far today I've not one time
Been grumpy or morose
I've not been spiteful, cold or vain
Self-centered or verbose
But Lord, I'm going to need your help
Throughout the hours ahead
So wish me luck, Dear Lord, for now
I'm getting out of bed.
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