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Nov 24, 2018 13:58:21   #
Yes, anything will be used and the recipients will be very grateful. Remember, they have nothing but the clothes they were wearing. EVERYTHING IS GONE.
Nov 21, 2018 16:09:07   #
Emerson116 wrote:
Does anyway know of any charities set up to help fire victims? I knit mostly baby things but I can start knitting hats and scarves.My heart breaks over this terrible disaster.

My husband and I left Paradise/Magalia yesterday after we were able to check our home and found that ALL IS WELL, ALL IS WELL. We have no electricity, and the water is undrinkable. I know that our Church "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints" has a lot of good and services that have been open since the 8th about 10am. I did not see any items in the main hall for babies, so they must have been in a separate room as women's toiletries were separate. Does this location interest you? Judy Simmons
Nov 7, 2018 17:22:28   #
southerngal wrote:

I have exhausted my search for a topic RLS. The poster suggested a drink that she tried that proved very effective. Now that I want to re-read the message, it is nowhere to be found. Please help if you can. I am desperate. Thank you very much

Nov 4, 2018 16:03:09   #
hilltopper wrote:
If you look at the bottom of any KP page, Smasha - including this one you will see you can click on a link called "latest digest," or you can click on "knitting digest up at the top. It suggests some current posts - but not all. Some people like using it, many others prefer to use "newest topics" at the top of the page so they can select what they wish to read themselves. Matter of choice.

Thank you for helping an unobservant person. I have gone to the top and bottom of the page. I like that I can get there 2 ways. I have always used "Newest topics" but now I can look "both ways."
Nov 4, 2018 15:58:18   #
smasha12 wrote:
In the blue headings at the top of the page, you will see Knitting Digest. You can click on that to find out the topics in the Daily Digest. You can have this sent to your inbox. However, it is only a short version of what you can see on the actual website. I hope that helps.

This does help. I just never noticed it up there. Thanks again for your quick answer.
Nov 4, 2018 15:51:17   #
Tmkt1998 wrote:
Recently I was gifted some yarn that had no labels. I was wondering if someone might help me identity them. Thanks in advance.


BEAUTIFUL! The 2nd I have seen in either Joann's or Michael's. The 1st and 3rd I have never seen but they look exotic! Something similar would be yarn thick then thin, different fabric's all together on one strand; again in M, or J. Maybe a special catalog of yarn? Looks expensive and special care is needed to use and clean it. Please let me know your results,
Nov 4, 2018 15:30:35   #
I have noticed this word in some previous posts. What is it? Where do I find it? Thank you to all who help me.
Oct 28, 2018 23:04:47   #
Pattern looks like 2 rows sc and 1 row dc. 1st row is sc even between the dc 2nd row is sc sp 1 in each space between DC 3rd row dc ch one in every other space. Just make sure the DC's are showing the same spacing as the DC row previously. It is a real easy pattern. PM me with any other ?'s
ps: what are the measurements. it should be wide and about 16-18 rows or inches in depth. depending on the gauge. Good Luck
Oct 24, 2018 11:49:31   #
I just noticed the same thing. No reason that I can think of except I was away for 16 days and I put an "away message"
on my computer. But I did get 3 or 4 since then but nothing this week?
Sep 21, 2018 22:19:24   #

There is a video that is pretty good, too.

Chuck's Favorite Mac and Cheese

I was looking at posted pictures and saw yours but there was no caption so I clicked on it and saw the mac/cheese info. I thought you snapped the picture because of the EYE looking at you. ha ha ha
Sep 21, 2018 22:09:20   #
Annu wrote:
This is a top down I made a few years ago .Now my grand daughter wants it in another color.It's a free pattern I've searched everywhere but can't find it.Recently someone posted it but it's not in the newest pictures.Any help in finding it would be greatly appreciated.
Lov Annu
PS I've searched everywhere that I've "CAREFULLY "saved it too.

Please, what is a "top down"?
Sep 21, 2018 21:51:30   #
Does anyone know why, what, and who is Mobile Directs? It as been at the top of this page since sometime in Feb. I thought that all the other messages, to this page, would have moved the message lower. Also, doesn't everyone have to have a name to leave a comment? OH, what is the title of the owner of PK? or does a group own this site? Thanks for any help for my questions.

Sep 8, 2018 20:17:37   #
Yesterday, Sept 7 My mother would have been 99 years old. She passed on 3-12-17, at 97 1/2 and 5 days. of age. She died of old age, on a Sunday (born on a Sunday) time of passing was 3:12pm. She had all of her teeth, no high blood pressure, diabetes, or high cholesterol. She had a hard time walking and used a walker with hand breaks. She was beginning to forget but she was funny when she said things. My brother, went to her grave, placed flowers, took pictures and sent them to our sister and me. For about the last 12 years, our sister lived with Mother and when she passed, Sis. said when she finally got to leave the house for more than 30 min., she said she didn't know what to do but to hurry back home. It took her almost 1 year to tell herself that she didn't have to hurry home any more. I can sympathize with you. The only advise I give people is to not do anything Major; get rid of your spouse's clothes, re do the interior of your home, do not move. If you are alone, you maybe can rescue a dog or cat from the local pound? How about knitting or crocheting for a Charity? Good luck to you in your future endeavors.
Sep 8, 2018 19:30:24   #
You could look it up on the U.S.P.S. website, go in to a P.O. OR, call them. Get the info on paper from them or a place they recommend, OR, if there are any former or current Post Office Workers, if they are regulars on this site, maybe they will send you information They have cardboard boxes, the size of VHS tapes that have a set price. Check all ways to mail UPS? fed ex? Good Luck.
Sep 1, 2018 23:14:14   #
cindyclark wrote:
Hi, I purchased a crochet pattern/kit from Willow Yarns. It is a beautiful infinity scarf in grey with white crocheted daisies on one side. The pattern is called Floral Lace Infinity Scarf. The problem I am having is that nowhere does it tell me how many stitches to chain on to begin with. Has anyone made this scarf? Can anyone tell me how many stitches I should chain on to begin the project? I tried to call the company today, but of course it is a holiday weekend, and customer service will not be in until Tuesday. The yarn and pattern are beautiful and I sure would like to get started. Thanks for the help. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend with some knitting or crocheting included!
Hi, I purchased a crochet pattern/kit from Willow... (show quote)

2 places for # of cast on stitches. #1 Really check every word on every line before row 1. #2 It should tell you or give a gauge up closer to the beginning of supplies. Please let me know how you find out. Thanks.
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