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Mar 10, 2018 15:41:22   #
I read here, don't post a lot… as a longtime dweller of several forums, I think that's a most helpful and welcoming thing to do. Thanks!
Oct 27, 2017 00:13:46   #
Some of today's oversize yarn gauges remind me of that chunky roving-like stuff that was very popular for tying little girls' hair in the 70s. I didn't really like it for hair ties back in the day, don't like it any better for blankets and such now.

I used a bulky weight for my first sweater and it turned out all right. It was meant to be a big, casual, cozy mass, so the yarn was perfect for that purpose. I wouldn't want to use it for anything elegant, that's for sure. Was nice to practice and learn with though, since it was the first garment I've ever attempted.
Oct 26, 2017 23:55:58   #
I was longing after a ball winder, then I was longing after a nostepienne, then I spotted the empty core for one of those household stretch-wrap dispensers. It had a cardboard tube with a plastic handle, just the right length… works like a charm for hand-winding. It's in my knitting toolbox now.
Oct 10, 2017 00:54:49   #
I've mentioned this one before (haven't been knitting that long so I don't have many stories ;). Found out the hard way that flat-knitting something written in the round, requires adaptation, and this was on a lace pattern that was the most complicated thing I had tried to date. And, I was using a yarn I loved but it's a bit fuzzy, so it's difficult to rip back. I tried, failed, frogged, lathered, rinsed and repeated so many times I finally SHREDDED the thing with my bare hands. Yep, tore it into the smallest little pieces I could, and finally THREW it as hard as I could.

Well, you know what happens when you throw a handful of fluff. It floated gently to the ground and then I felt guilty for ruining that really beautiful yarn. I did pick it all up and resolve to try again. This time I practiced with something that frogs really easily, and learned that I must adapt the round pattern for flat knitting. THAT'S when things started to go better. I'm deep into a lovely lace scarf now and was even able to regain my bearings on the 80-stitch lace block after taking a break from it to knit a sweater. That felt really good after all the drama while getting started! Staying with it was so worth it, I learned so much even though I wanted to just scream a few times.

I was even able to recover a few feet of yarn from the shredded fluff and used this on the binding of a sketchbook. It got a second chance at life!
Sep 24, 2017 23:46:30   #
One of my first projects was an Old Shale scarf made in the no-gitter gray. Turned out really nice. I like this yarn a lot and particularly enjoy it for anything lacy and open. Currently working on another scarf made with the lace pattern from the Smoke Ring cowl. That lace looks like a seashell and it's turning out very pretty in the teal blue colorway.

That particular ball had a knot and a hard color break in the middle… grrrr. Unpleasant surprise. I ended up winding the yarn into a ball, finding a spot to match the color, and carrying on from there. Should be all right in the end.

It definitely has some weight variations - I can't imagine why anyone would rate it a worsted. I think LB just wants us all to use larger needles, to show it off at its lacy best. Very nice to work with, though I have to agree it's not the best for frogging. I was able to do it while getting my head around the current lace pattern, but there's enough halo to make that an unhappy chore. Best to knit carefully, or stick to a stitch/pattern that you know really well.
Sep 24, 2017 23:34:14   #
I have a suitcase full of handmade knitted and sewn clothes for Barbies, and the dolls that used to wear them. I treasure them as gifts of love from my aunts, grandmother, and mom - could not part with them though I haven't played with dolls for many a year. She will outgrow the dolls, hopefully the nice things you've made will always be special for her.
Sep 19, 2017 23:32:07   #
I just drop 'em and pick them back up. Granted I have only done simple cables so far, but haven't lost any stitches yet (fingers crossed!).

Rationale? Too lazy to deal with another needle.
Sep 12, 2017 22:55:07   #
Sep 2, 2017 23:14:17   #
I taught myself crochet age 8 or so, being bored, had a book, yarn, and a hook. The diagrams made sense and lo and behold, I could do it!

Also had a "learn to knit" book that left me absolutely stymied. It did not make sense in any way. Even had a lesson from a friend's mother in high school and knitted a parallelogram, but it didn't "stick". Figured knitting is just that thing I can't do, and moved on.

Last year a coworker showed up with stitches cast on and said, "Like THIS" and showed me. Made perfect sense! So easy! I cannot imagine why I had such a mental block for all those years. I suspect the book and my friend's mom were teaching throwing, while CW taught me Continental. The style makes such a difference when one already crochets!

Not to disrespect crocheting in anyway: turns out I crocheted because I could not knit. Simple crochet isn't hard for me at all (never tried lace or fancy stuff), I just enjoy knitting so much more, so I prefer it. Maybe it's just be the thrill of finally doing that unattainable thing!
Sep 2, 2017 22:58:44   #
shepherd wrote:
A true knitter speaks!

I haven't been doing this so very long… what an honor! Thank you!

I appreciate the tip about those cup holders not being clean. My chair stays indoors at all times and I don't put drinks in it, they spill too easily. Will remember that if I am ever in someone else's yard with time and yarn on my hands!

Feel free to claim this, I'm surely not the first.
Sep 2, 2017 21:24:31   #
What a beautiful pattern, hope it gets her compliments instead of people being rude.
Sep 2, 2017 20:18:38   #
You know how some lawn chairs have that little round pocket in the arm? I figured out that those are for!

Sep 2, 2017 20:05:04   #
I'm working a blanket in "mistake rib" that is similar. Any multiple of 4, plus 3. The "multiple" is so you can make the project as big as you want - scarf, shawl, or blanket! - and the "plus 3" is to make the stitch work correctly. It relies on a varying combination of knits landing on purls (or not) in a certain way. Done right, it makes a big deep accordion fold that's super warm and fun to look at too, since the fabric is all bumpy.

So, you could just say "cast on 27 stitches" and that would be accurate. But, it also means that the project would only ever be that width, maybe varying a little due to gauge. Spelling it out gives everyone the option to use it for any project as they see fit.
Sep 2, 2017 19:18:36   #
Pocahontas wrote:
Knitting a corner to corner baby blanket for my niece in St. Louis who's expecting a little one.

Isn't that Scarfie yarn delicious? I just finished my first sweater with it, and it's so squishy and warm. The baby will love it!

I took all last week on vacation, just to get a few things done without being limited to evenings and weekends. CarolZ accused me of just wanting to knit! She's right of course.

So in addition to the around-the-house projects, I finished the aforementioned sweater last weekend, started a cotton headband for someone last night and I think it's long enough to bind off (but need to wrap it around the concerned party's head first!) Also got a few licks in on a blanket that I've been ignoring, and ran out of one color yarn. Curses! I wanted that thing DONE! It's getting built in stripes - there is currently one thin blue stripe that won't have a counterpart unless I get more of that color. Don't feel like going to the store. If it is close to wide enough, I may un-sew the existing stripe and just let the border finish it off. If not, it goes back in the project bag to await my next shopping trip.

Also have a lace scarf sitting around that needs some love. Then there's all that stash yarn calling me… calling me…

Have a great, and safe, holiday everyone!
Sep 1, 2017 22:54:08   #
People just make me ill sometimes. Whatever path led her to needing a stoma, could not have been an easy one and now she has to deal with staring and gawking. She deserves some beautiful things!

Would it work to make her something so lacy and beautiful that it becomes a statement piece on its own, then line it with some light fabric that matches her skin to make sure it's not see-through?

If you'd like a yarn suggestion, Lion Brand Shawl in a Ball looks far more fancy than it really is, and it's acrylic/cotton so very easy to wash. Don't let the worsted rating fool you - it knits like a lace weight. It makes very pretty lacy things and comes in a fabulous array of colors.
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