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Jun 20, 2019 15:37:01   #

I remember a certain faction here on kp throwing absolute hiss fits over the so called "mess" left by the two women's marches.
I certainly did not see anything like this pig sty left by Donnie the douches fans.
Jun 19, 2019 19:41:22   #
Bedo wrote:
Because I don’t have to. So you dumb people can talk about it I knit scarves dishrags and throws whatever I feel like knitting. Sold tons of ruffle scarves when then were popular. You never see my stuff. Ever. Guess what their is a free speech in the United States of America 🇺🇸. Trumpster has not taken that away yet. So I will post whatever I want. You better stop eating all that fry food because you writing how you’re arteries are plugged up and we will hearing about that

Go slither back under that rock where you belong!!!
Jun 19, 2019 19:27:08   #
An inexpensive pin soldering gun will work too.
Jun 19, 2019 10:58:08   #
carriemae wrote:
Typical liberal logic

Oh look! Another troll!
Jun 18, 2019 17:56:13   #
Ice coffee (home brewed) no alcohol.
Jun 18, 2019 17:51:29   #
A more "diverse" applicant means paying lower salary.
Period ,full stop!
Jun 18, 2019 16:21:45   #
shepherd wrote:
None of the above - his politics

Take your homophobic self back to the slumarium! !?
Jun 18, 2019 16:20:23   #
shepherd wrote:
Me too! For that I guess I can forgive her for Anderson Cooper.

Would you like someone to say that about a child of yours????
I know he is a grown man but that point is moot.
Is it because he is a gay man that he bothers you so much???
Are you homophobic? ?? Or just a bitc $???
Jun 17, 2019 19:06:08   #
TammyK wrote:
Could we kindly leave topics from The Attic in The Attic and not drag them out into the public sections of the forum? Thank you.

This is chit chat, read the rules of what is allowed!
Jun 17, 2019 16:45:55   #
KarenWorth wrote:
Trump's golf courses are empty and losing money.

Trump boasts about his controversial Scottish golf course, even though it loses $1 million a year and many locals despise it

His hotels are failing too Trump's Real Estate Company Is Not Very Good at Real Estate A decade after the tower opened in 2009, it has just one retail tenant, a salon that occupies an enclosed 3,400-square-foot suite above the hotel lobby.

The evidence that he is a con and cheat is easily verified online. You admire a criminal? What do you think of his bankruptcies and the fact that his so-called business empire was started because he father funded him and bailed him out of his bankruptcies and bad investments?

Why did Trump even consider being president. How Trump Is Trying—And Failing—To Get Rich Off His Presidency
b Trump's golf courses are empty and losing money... (show quote)

what find I find really strange with Don the Con concerning his golf course in Ireland
He says that climate change ,global warming is fake so WHY is he fighting in Ireland to have a seawall built to stop erosion because of ,GLOBAL WARMING.

I kid you not, how can he file a suit claiming fault on something he says is FAKE
Jun 15, 2019 10:25:39   #
books wrote:
You are being a little too literal here. It depicts King as working in a peaceful manner, hence the dove. As opposed to how trump acts with his abuse of Twitter.

If I passed by that mural , my first impression would be t rump is a maniacal loud mouthed tyrant.
Always flapping his gums, never listening.
Comparing that to Mr King who was quiet but forceful, didn't need to shriek or hurl abuse to get his point across.
Jun 13, 2019 17:10:19   #
skkp wrote:
That is a load of crap and you know it. I am 62 and had sex ed in school in the deep south in the 5th grade. Get over it. Parents should have the option of not having their kids taught whatever in school if they want to handle it in another venue. Respecting parental rights does not mean denying education.

The real problem here is women who do not respect themselves enough to say NO. I was pro-choice until I lived my life. I had known over ten women who have had abortions -- some more than one which is total stupidity. None were raped, all went willingly on their back and conceived a child. 90% were using the pregnancy to try to hold onto the man. All killed these children. Until women change and start acting like adults in making the decision to have sex there will be stupid abortions.

Moral men don't get women pregnant when they don't want to be and neither do moral women. Women need to pick better men. I am shocked by how many women I have known that have taken full responsibility for contraception; women generations younger than I who still waste time on men who won't take responsibility for their sex act as far as practicing any contraception.

As long as women make stupid choices, babies will be killed. I think every woman has every choice in the world until she gets pregnant then someone else's life is as stake and she does not have the right to kill another human being for her convenience. Don't lecture me about rape and incest because that is not what is driving 98% of all abortions.

I should not have to pay for abortion/murders any more than I should have to pay for someone's sex act. It is all about responsibility. I dare say kids in religious schools or home schooled are not getting abortions and how many abortions do you think are occurring because a girl/woman/female did not know how she could get pregnant? Abortions happen because human beings, male and female do not value life.

We have become a culture where women are ONLY valued by their genitals by their -- especially the Democratic party.
That is a load of crap and you know it. I am 62 an... (show quote)

Well well well aren't You a high opinionated old cow!
Moral women don't get pregnant if they don't want to get pregnant??
I have a soon to be 45 year old son that proof the birth control pill is not 100% effective.
Yes I am still married to the same man.
So you can shove that opinion where the sun won't shine!
Do you know the ratio of children being sexually abused because they are lacking basic sex education?
Proper sex ed helps children make good decisions regarding their own bodies.
It does NOT encourage "experimentation"
As for home schooled , religious homes?
Take a look at that duggar family and the PERVERT oldest son, molested his own sisters, joined a website For indiscriminate sexual partners while married.
If those girls had proper education they would have been able to go to another adult somewhere.
For someone the same age as myself I am shocked at your ignorance.
Jun 13, 2019 14:46:09   #
fortunate1 wrote:
They find what they want to spread and go no further. It does not serve their agenda. This is the third topic on this that I have found. Sad case. Propaganda.
If they truly had any sense at all, they would KNOW and ACCEPT trump is a fear monger and liar. He is failing in 15 states out of 17 that voted for him. The polls show he is behind Biden and Biden is a serious threat. He is lying about the polls, and he is in panic mode and trying to rile the rights. Nothing more, nothing less.

Oh oh you wrote a curse word. LOL
Craftydud will report you for writing propaganda! !
She actually reported me for using propaganda .
Jun 13, 2019 09:27:24   #
margoc wrote:
I think that people don’t evaluate what they read or look at other sources. They have ‘the sky is falling’ mentality.

Just out and out fear mongering.
It is right up there with Hitler claiming Jewish people carried disease because they were vermin to him and all the nazis.
Same with the righty trumpanzees here.
Jun 13, 2019 08:53:08   #
I was wondering the same the same as knitonashingle.
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