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Apr 12, 2019 07:44:13   #
craftygal58 wrote:
As long as it goes along with their beliefs then they will roll with it. Truth doesn't matter to them especially brattypatty.

It is frightening and disturbing to me to understand that adults can be this pathetic.

Posting such trash to make them FEEL better. Like little children who haven’t been able to grow up and accept reality.. they prefer lies that give them hope.

It really is disturbing!
Apr 12, 2019 07:41:25   #
craftygal58 wrote:

Poor old hag. It is rather obvious why she has lost her home to foreclosure. She is not intelligent enough to budget her money, let alone think for herself.
Apr 12, 2019 07:37:50   #
mambrose3 wrote:
What good news, a state that does not want babies murdered. Hopefully, more will follow.

I agree!
Apr 12, 2019 07:37:10   #
kneonknitter wrote:

The poor, pathetic Democrats are still holding out hope.

I made the mistake of wandering into the PWF last night.

Wow! A whole little subculture (of one, really.. DenseGreen) That is in total denial, living in their own little world and STILL demanding like a bunch of immature brats β€œimpeach Trump”!

It is incredible to me that an adult could be so far off in her thinking and so far out of touch with reality. Frightening, actually!

I cannot go back as I felt my brain cells dying as I read the ignorance, denial and ridiculous fantasies that are posted there!
Apr 12, 2019 07:29:53   #
kneonknitter wrote:

Yes. They are!
Apr 12, 2019 01:46:54   #
farmlady wrote:
US bills can be washed if anyone really wants to. My husband sells at a farmer's mkt. each summer and has a habit of putting bills in his shirt pocket when he is busy and some times does not take all of them out and they end up in the washer. They come out nice and clean. If I see them while they are still wet I lay them smooth to dry but if they go through the dryer they are all crinkled up but will sort of straighten out. Money is dirty no question about it.

I’ve done that a few times as well. I use a debit card, but my husband insists on cash. His pocket money often ends up getting washed!

I will continue NOT washing my cash, but rather keep using my hand sanitizer after I handle cash. Just a LITTLE less work! 🀣

BUT I will be thinking about where the dollar bill was last before it wound up in my wallet! 🀒
Apr 12, 2019 01:42:30   #
Knitting in the Rockys wrote:
The lifespan of a $1.00 bill isn't as long as you would think. At one time the bill only lasted 18 months but times have changed. People use cash less frequently these days and every site I accessed now puts that lifespan at just about 4 - 6 years! The lifespan of higher denominations is longer though, with the $100.00 bill coming in at 15 years.

As to bills having been in the "butt crack" of a stripper, that's not usually where the bills are placed, for male or female strippers. The paper money in your wallet is likely more contaminated simply from handling by people who, don't wash their hands after using the bathroom, drugs, having been sneezed or coughed on, or just because bills mingle with other bills in cash registers, counting machines, money drawers, etc.. Money goes everywhere that people go and most of those places aren't sanitary.
The lifespan of a $1.00 bill isn't as long as you ... (show quote)

Of course... a NICE LONG lecture when the post was meant to be FUNNY! πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„
Apr 12, 2019 00:22:00   #
The six-week abortion ban known as the "heartbeat bill" is now law in Ohio. That makes Ohio the sixth state in the nation to attempt to outlaw abortions at the point a fetal heartbeat can be detected.
It’s SCIENCE. A heartbeat indicates life. As soon as fertilization occurs, a NEW LIFE is formed.

How ANY human being thinks it’s her RIGHT to take another life is beyond my comprehension.

6 States and 44 more to go!
Apr 12, 2019 00:12:25   #
craftygal58 wrote:
She is a pusher of FAKE NEWS and doesn't care about the truth.

Patty Burski is OBVIOUSLY not intelligent enough to comprehend she looks like an ABSOLUTE IDIOT posting such trash.

She SHOULD BE embarrassed! She’s not bright enough to understand that. Wow!!!
Apr 12, 2019 00:09:31   #
craftygal58 wrote:
img src=" (show quote)

Is it ANY SURPRISE that she posts topic after topic (often well over 100 in a day) and NO ONE READS OR REPLIES TO ANY OF THEM?

Well, there IS RockIES... she is dumb enough to reply. RockIES THINKS this is worthy of discussion! LOL LOL LOLπŸ˜‚πŸ€ͺπŸ˜‚πŸ€ͺπŸ˜‚πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺ
Apr 12, 2019 00:06:15   #
knittingthyme wrote:

The WORD Liberal IS a synonym for hypocrite... it’s in the dictionary and everything.

Remember when Mueller was their β€œLord & Savior”? That went bust as soon as the report came out.

Apr 11, 2019 22:00:36   #
knittingthyme wrote:
Since she only reads trash news that's what she spreads too!

She's like the fake news fact-checking or validity behind anything.

Just lies and slander...

I wish I had read her topics sooner.

This is hilarious in a stupid, pathetic, desperate, liberalidiot way!
Apr 11, 2019 21:58:36   #

Nothing BETTER than a LEFT-leaning (as far left as you can get) 100% biased, opinion piece from the Daily Kos.

A trash site with MIXED facts...
(just one or two facts sprinkled in with the lies)!

AND actual adults not only READ this CRAP, they post it on KP AS IF it were at all factual!

OMG! LOL LOL! Keep em’ coming! Hilarious!!!!

Apr 11, 2019 21:50:15   #
knittingthyme wrote:
Yep, that's what she uses as "fact" sources!

I am SHOCKED! I had never actually read one of her topics before.

HOW CAN SHE POST THIS TOTAL GARBAGE and not be embarrassed?


This is BEYOND fake news... these are liberal fairy tales!

This must be what the liberals NEED to soothe them so they can sleep at night.


Another for your enjoyment...

Apr 11, 2019 21:46:13   #
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