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Mar 23, 2019 20:43:01   #
And she claims SHE is alt-right!

Quote DenseGreen:
There is also the undeniable motivation behind the alt-right insisting that a sitting president cannot be indicted.
Quote DenseGreen:
The very notion that the President is above the law and cannot be indicted is absurd and the supposed legal precedent/opinion for that idea has a very weak basis. It's long past time to discard that belief and put the Constitution to the test.

She is doing the RockIES SPIN! No clue WHAT she THINKS President Trump should/could be indicted FOR (must be top-secret... only Democrat envelope lickers are privy to).... just that he should be indicted.

I personally think DenseGreen should be indicted for being butt-hurt stupid.
Do I think she WILL BE indicted for being dumb as a box of bricks? Obviously not!

She has not committed a crime... it’s perfectly legal to be an idiot in the US! BrattyPatty is another example!

The FACTS: a 22-month, $25 million investigation was conducted and closed.

FACT: what the alt-right or anyone else THINKS is irrelevant.
The investigation was conducted by the appropriate authority.
If a crime was committed worthy of indictment, alt-right OPINIONS DONT COUNT! There would be indictments, AS THERE WERE.
Name Manafort sound familiar?!?!?

Alt-right opinions did not prevent Manafort or Cohen from being indicted.

There WERE indictments handed out and individuals convicted of crimes.

Obviously President Trump WAS investigated and was NOT indicted NOR impeached.

The ONLY conclusion to draw... no crime took place! DUH! Otherwise the result would BE indictment or impeachment!

God... I can’t read her crap any more... she is so STUPID it hurts! Reading her posts are headache-inducing!
Mar 23, 2019 20:31:22   #
Well, I just received a PM... NOW DenseGreen claims the President CAN be indicted! 😂😂😂🙄🙄🙄😂😂😂🙄🙄🙄😂😂😂🙄🙄🙄🙄😂😂
Quote DenseGreen:
Indictment for a specific crime is one thing and impeachment is another. Totally different things.
One would have to make a conscious effort to remain ignorant of that fact. Each of them has been discussed extensively for two years.

***YES, DENSEGreen! I WAS THE ONE THAT POINTED THAT OUT! Presidents of the USA are impeached, NOT tried in a criminal court while in office... I OBVIOUSLY know the difference!***

Either way she wants to roll... no crime, no indictment, no impeachment! How stupid CAN she be?!?!?! . DUH!

**Plenty of individuals WERE indicted, convicted and/or pled guilty to a variety of crimes.

None of the crimes were committed by President Trump AND he was not found to be in collusion with Russia.
HINT: if he were... he would have been IMPEACHED! The whole POINT of the investigation! 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

She wants him indicted for what? What crime is SHE aware of that a 22-month, 25 million dollar investigation didn’t uncover?

*Did President Trump commit murder?
*Was he caught by police robbing a bank?
*Got caught selling drugs?
What IN THE WORLD DOES SHE THINK HE WOULD BE INDICTED FOR?!?! Mueller found nothing, obviously.... or he would have been!

What a freaking idiot! She will NEVER GIVE UP!

It’s people like DenseGreen that are LOCKING IN President Trumps win in 2020! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

She is going to be crying for another 4 years! I hope she finds another site to claim “impeachment is imminent” on! 🙄 400 times! Lol lol lol lol!!!!!
Mar 23, 2019 20:14:15   #
knittingthyme wrote:
I like to refer to her as dScream...

Bp and dScream are beyond stupid!

Did you notice the drug addict seems to be posting stoned, again?

WTH is she talking about?
*I didn’t bash JJ.
*I am blocked from posting.
*DEE flying in on her motorized broom.
*Not over yet until they have all had a go at me.
*Post your 💩 and have a good time.
*Someone is being fed to the sharks.
*She is addressing KCF? Or ordering KFC?

BUT... the “trademark”, “hallmark” sign of an F1 rant IS included!

She announces “she is taking a vacation from KP”... AND she posts 3 more times and is online RIGHT NOW!

Then she announces she is leaving “to knit socks”.... and posts 2 more times! LOL LOL LOL!!

That’s her MO! Storming off like a petulant child for less than 5 minutes makes her feel as though SHE TOLD YOU!

What a dolt! I think all the drugs have resulted in permanent brain damage!

Stay away from drugs, kids!
Mar 23, 2019 19:45:14   #
Sherryc wrote:
What did you expect from democrats? If the report shows Trump is squeaky clean, they won't believe it and neither will the media.

Even for DEMOCRATS this is just too dumb!

DenseGreen insisting there should be a process to allow a POTUS to be prosecuted!

There IS! It’s impeachment! The Mueller Report failed to find any evidence to impeach Trump.


Yelling because I cannot BELIEVE any adult cannot comprehend this! OMG!
Mar 23, 2019 18:18:14   #
I wish I hadn’t, but I just read this topic...
Mueller Cannot Seek an Indictment And He Must Remain Silent By Ken Starr.

The BRILLIANT RESPONSE from DenseGreen was spectacular. She outdid herself on this one....
Quote DenseGreen:
The very notion that the President is above the law and cannot be indicted is absurd and the supposed legal precedent/opinion for that idea has a very weak basis. It's long past time to discard that belief and put the Constitution to the test.


Good Lord, woman... get your head out of yoiur arse!

We happen to have a SPECIAL TERM used to prosecute a POTUS for a crime while in office...

WAIT FOR IT.... WAIT FOR IT... (so exciting... DenseGreen is going to learn something).

***When a POTUS is charged with a crime while in office...... IMPEACHMENT charges are brought forth, not an indictment! ***

The POTUS is NOT tried in a criminal court, but TRIED BY CONGRESS... a jury of his peers!

*Criminal courts hand out INDICTMENTS.
*Congress hands out notice of IMPEACHMENT.

No sugar, Sherlock!

ONE MORE TIME... when a citizen of the US is charged with a crime... he is INDICTED.

When the POTUS is charged with a crime (due to the office he holds and his responsibilities as POTUS) he is IMPEACHED.

There is DenseGreens lesson in politics for today.

We will let that sink in a while before attempting to explain what an “ELECTION” is...
Mar 23, 2019 17:43:03   #
So much for BP’s fake apology!

Dont forget to add Chezl to the title of your topic.

Not only does she know who the father of my son is.......
(peeping Tom?
Knows the day he was conceived?
How DOES she know who I am intimate with?
Secret DNA test?
ESP! Of course!)
Chezl ALSO CLAIMS to know who you have relations with!

Neat trick... if you are a porn-obsessed mental patient!

How STUPID is she to insist she knows who you and I have intercourse with?!?!!


Every person on the planet with half a brain KNOWS she has no clue and NO POSSIBLE way to know who we are intimate with... yet she insists on looking like a jack-arse by ATTEMPTING TO CLAIM she knows who we sleep with!

She really has some issues.

Chezl and BrattyPatty make a lovely couple...

A couple of low IQ, deranged mental patients off their medications and sitting home with nothing to do but waiting around for their disability checks!

Mar 23, 2019 08:28:30   #
knittingthyme wrote:
That she is, the biggest hypocrite around!

Sad, pathetic loser that has to reply over and over on her own topics because no one else cares to.
Mar 23, 2019 08:25:04   #
knittingthyme wrote:
She wasn't investigated because the DOJ was crooked. But there's a new sheriff in town with AG Bill Barr.

I heard Mueller went to AG Bill Barr a few weeks back wanting to continue his investigation on Gen. Flynn. The conversation went something like this...Barr to Mueller: do you have real evidence to keep this investigation open? It turns out Mueller couldn't prove there was and Barr told him to shut it down.

And so it did the following week!

Hopefully, things will change and she will be and Biden in Ukraine! Read what I wrote up about Biden's connection to Ukraine:
She wasn't investigated because the DOJ was crooke... (show quote)

Thanks for the link. Some facts I did not know.

To summarize... everyone ELSE in the Government is colluding with Russia... so they accused Trump to divert attention from themselves.

The bottom line is that Trump was investigated every which way including Sunday, to the tune of 25 million dollars, by some of the best investigators in the US and the result? Nothing!

Again... not too many politicians could come out clean under that kind of scrutiny for 22 months! Look at Manafort and the others that got busted (not for Russian collusion, but the investigation was so thorough they found OTHER crimes) as collateral damage.

IMO... the only thing the 22-month, 25 million dollar investigation accomplished was to GUARANTEE President Trumps re-election!
Mar 23, 2019 08:13:42   #
patty marie wrote:

63 years old

worked for 44 years......2/01/18
worked for 45 years......2/28/18

What an arse! She didn’t pay a dime into the system that she now sits on her fat butt to collect from!

Let the poor thing have it. I have seen the (800sq ft) filthy shack she lives in and the crappy car in the driveway.

Again... if she calls THAT living? Let HER live that white trash life.

*Notice all her posts from last night are already gone? Disappeared to page 2-3-4 because NO ONE READS her crap! NO ONE READS her 195 posts (that SHE keeps track of for whatever asinine reason) Well, unless SHE posts on them to bring them back.... what a sad, pathetic, loser!

Yet THIS is her LIFE’s work! She is even a failure at being relevant/popular on a little section of a knitting website that SHE THINKS is an accomplishment.

Have a great day, folks. That’s all for me today. I have a family, friends AND a life. We are taking the little guy to the zoo this afternoon and then a get-to-gether with friends this evening.

BrattyPatty will be here ALL DAY AND NIGHT... as always...writing (and counting) 150-200-250 posts that no one reads. That is all she has. This is her waste of life. I pity her.
Mar 23, 2019 00:40:00   #
knittingthyme wrote:
She probably has dementia and this helps her keep track of things, hahahaha

It's even worse when she's drunk like she was the other night!

LOL! You can DEFINITELY tell when she is imbibing... out come the cuss words, the nastiness and the insane ranting.

F1 is also a drunk poster (takes drugs too) she slurs her writing! No kidding... and it would be funny if it weren’t so SAD.

Here is just one for you!
*F1 admits she is a Drug addict

*Posting STONED as recently as 2014-2015!
Sep 11, 2015 15:21:42 #
fortunate1 (a regular here) (online) Joined: Dec 13, 2014 Posts: 9616 Loc: USA
Quote F1:
Aw!! If I wasn't so stoned I wouldost that link to her hubby's new semester, the one where she said he won't wear sweaters, just cuz ya made me I making any sense??
Oppsie...meant would post... And sweater not semester...
Mar 23, 2019 00:36:47   #
knittingthyme wrote:
Especially since you bi**h constantly about someone else doing it!

The insane can't see their own insanity!

Mar 22, 2019 21:54:05 #
BrattyPatty (a regular here) (online) Joined: May 2, 2011 Posts: 55018 Loc: USA

I mean if someone covers an entire page about a cow getting raped, then there's either something very wrong with said person's head or she was the victim.
Her remarks are past the point of ridiculousness.

What a hypocrite!

She writes post after post after post on her own topics EVERY SINGLE DAY (obviously because no one ELSE is interested in her topics) THEN turns around and complains about someone else?

Typical biddy hypocrite!
Mar 23, 2019 00:30:56   #
Btw..... she is up to 195 now.

Do you suppose that makes her feel as though she accomplished SOMETHING today?

195 posts/topics that no one reads or responds to is all she has to look forward to every day.

Promise me, KT.... if I ever get this pathetic... put me out of my misery, please!

I think she has a serious mental illness.

Mar 23, 2019 00:27:34   #
knittingthyme wrote:
Do you want to see something funny? Bp now numbers her comments! The last one was 160!

| Watch | Bookmark
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Mar 22, 2019 23:54:40 #
BrattyPatty (a regular here) (online) Joined: May 2, 2011 Posts: 55050 Loc: USA


OMG! Is that what that is? LOL LOL I saw the numbers on her topic posting memes (to herself, obviously... over and over to herself).

WTH do you think she does that for? This REALLY IS HER LIFE! I’m not kidding!

180 posts in a day, EVERY DAY is SAD and PATHETIC, nothing to brag about. She should NOT number them... then she wouldn’t look so sad... 180 posts, all to HERSELF.

Now we can keep track of how pathetic she really is.

THANK GOD I have a life, career, family and friends... things that keep me busy, give my life purpose and satisfaction.

I cant imagine the need to get personal satisfaction from counting how many HUNDREDS of posts you make in a day that no one reads or responds to!

Poor Patty... posting hundreds of topics (to yourself) day in and day out CANNOT BE healthy! She needs help.
Mar 23, 2019 00:06:17   #
If the purpose of the Mueller investigation was to uncover collusion with Russia in the 2016 election.....

Why was only Trump investigated?

There was EQUAL speculation about Hillary Clinton AND she was EXPECTED TO WIN!

Why wasnt SHE investigated right along with President Trump?

There is FAR MORE to investigate regarding Russia and the Clintons.
Trump WAS looking into building a hotel there (he DOES own hotels) BEFORE he ran for President.
The Clintons have been “colluding with Russia for YEARS! While both were in office, btw!

HINT: It was a witch hunt, not an ACTUAL investigation into Russian collusion... if it was, BOTH candidates would have been investigated!

Things that make you go hmmmmmmmm....

Mar 22, 2019 23:53:27   #
knittingthyme wrote:
I agree that filthy, uneducated, foul-mouthed, pig bp has nothing in her life but posting (to herself) all day long on a knitting site and waiting for her disability check to arrive. That’s NO LIFE! I would prefer to die than live her life! Truth!

Her sidekick chezl rimjob is the same...[/quote]

I can’t even IMAGINE.
How pathetic IS IT that Bratty Patty is the only person to post on her topics?
I counted one topic with 22 posts... ALL by BP!

It might be SLIGHTLY LESS pathetic if someone were interested in communicating with her...
that is NOT THE CASE NOW AND NEVER IS the case!
Tonight 7 new topics by BP and NOT ONE COMMENT from anyone but herself

BEYOND PATHETIC, a waste of time, energy and LIFE!
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