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Posts for: MysMomma
May 9, 2011 19:15:28   #
Hello fellow yarn lovers!

I'm wondering if any of you have knitted any vintage sweaters or anything from a vintage pattern website. I'm really wanting to start a knit of a gorgeous sleeveless turtleneck I found, but I'm scared to start it. All the pick up and knits give me the heebiejeebies.
I'm working on my first cardigan for my daughter right now, and I would like to add one more big project to have going at the same time. (So I don't burn myself out on one.)
Any suggestions or should I just wait until I get the cardigan done?
Thanks a million.
May 9, 2011 19:02:29   #
Hello from Corpus Christi, Texas. Good to see some fellow Texans on here, now to find the ones that are closest to me. Haha.
May 9, 2011 16:45:57   #
I'm no expert, but most of the time there will be a short glossary in the pattern to tell you what they mean when they say M1. Most of the patterns I have read have M1 as knitting the ladder in the row below. Others have it as KFB. There are a lot of sites that show video on how to Make One.
May 9, 2011 14:41:44   #
If you haven't checked yet, I would suggest going there to search for a free pattern. I have seen some on there that are just too adorable for words.
May 9, 2011 14:06:56   #
I just taught myself, with help from youtube and a few other websites, about six months ago. 30 years old and I finally have a hobby! Haha
May 9, 2011 13:28:14   #
I'm not there yet, but I'm already getting nervous about the neckline of the cardigan I'm creating for my daughter. This is my first attempt at clothing aside from knit flat baby booties (if you consider them clothing.)

The pattern at this point has 65 sts on my needle.

In the pattern it says:

Next row: K19, K2tog, Turn -Leave remaining stitches on spare needle
**Dec. 1 stitch at neck edge on next 2 rows. Work 1 row even, Cast off.**
Slip next 23sts onto st holder. With RS work facing, join yarn to rem 21st.
Next Row: K2tog, K to end. Rep from ** to **

In just typing that out, I think I answered some of my own questions, but there's something I'm not understanding. It doesn't say what to do with those 23sts after I've cast off on either side. Do they stay on the spare needle until later?
Later in the pattern it talks about picking up stitches along the back of the neck. I'm terrified of picking up stitches, but the way this reads I'm actually not picking up stitches if I've left those 23 on a holder or spare needle.
All the other pieces of the cardigan are completely cast off and I'm going to be picking up stitches along the neck edge. Ugh! I am SO confused by this, yet determined to make it work.

If anyone can help, I would REALLY appreciate it. I found the pattern at if that helps in helping me.
May 9, 2011 12:58:43   #
I lived in Vegas for a few years, before I started knitting though. I did go back to visit this February and went searching for a good yarn shop. The best I could find without driving all over the city was the Michaels on (I think) Decatur. (I do remember it was near Rainbow Blvd. for sure.)
There are others, but I think they are mostly boutiques and probably high in price. Please let us know when you get there, settled in, and find a shop. Next time I visit, I might have to look you up! ;)
May 9, 2011 12:55:43   #
Thanks, Dreamweaver! I love that name, by the way. So far I'm only worried about when I will come to the neckline on this pattern. It's my first attempt at clothing aside from knit flat baby booties. Most of my projects have been hats, gloves or bags.
As far as the group goes, I've already made a facebook group and page for it. I'm not too concerned about it, as I'm also trying to find work. It's just something I would like to do on the side when there's time.
May 9, 2011 00:42:25   #
I signed up last week and I've just been going through and reading all these posts before I decided to jump in.
I just started to learn how to knit in November last year. Funny that I never had any interest until I found a pair of bamboo needles that I had bought to use as makeshift drumsticks for my daughter. When she got "real" drumsticks for her birthday I thought I could try my hand at knitting and now I'm hooked. My boyfriend calls me a pattern addict. I am constantly on ravelry and looking for the next project I can attempt.
I don't know many people around my area that are knitters, so I set up a page on a social network site to try to find people and form a knitting circle.
Some time in the future I want to learn crochet as well. I know how to make a chain and that's about where my talents end.
You all seem to be a lovely group of crafters. I hope to get to know some of you and I look forward to learning more through your posts.

Here's a picture of my current project. My daughter picked the colors.
The start of my daughter's Pink Camo Cardi

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