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Posts for: Timbra
May 19, 2019 15:00:46   #
That is REALLY cool. Unfortunately I do not know how to knit. I forgot to specify that I was speaking of crochet. Lol. I have been trying to learn to knit, let's just say that I've gone through several pairs of wooden knitting needles due to my breaking them in half from frustration. I JUST CANT SEEM TO GET IT!! Lol. Hopefully I will soon though as I like the look much more than crochet for many things.
May 19, 2019 14:58:03   #
Curmudgeon wrote:
I like the picot idea.

Can someone please examine to me what a picot is? Sorry I'm not familiar with a lot of the names and stitches. I am starting to try and read patterns I have always just made everything free hand.
Thank you again to everyone for answering and helping me. It's much appreciated.
May 19, 2019 14:55:42   #
Sorry. Lol. It's because I'm also new here and didn't post one :)
Please be patient with me as well :)
The project I'm making doesn't have a pattern, I'm doing it free hand, but the stitch I'm using is the crochet crocodile stitch in this photo (wich is not mine, it's off of google image)

May 19, 2019 14:52:08   #
Sorry. It's crochet. I'm making the project by hand with no pattern, I'm using the crocodile stitch shown in this photo. I'm hoping to find a way to make the scale more pointed at the base and less rounded.

Thank you. I'm new here so I forget sometimes that I need to specify more exactly what it is I'm asking as there are both knitters and crocheters here :)

May 18, 2019 15:04:10   #
I am using the crocodile stitch to make a dragon scale cloak, for my daughter who does cosplay. Is there a modified version of the stitch to make it pointed at the base instead of round? So it looks more like a dragon scale and not a fish scale.

THANK YOU in advance :)
May 15, 2019 16:39:27   #
THIS is why I want to learn to knit!!! Exquisite!
May 15, 2019 16:22:00   #
njscookie wrote:
A hearty welcome from Virginia, so glad you joined this great group of talented and friendly crafters. Thanks for sharing!

My heart breaks for you. As an addict and a parent it is my worst fear. I have lost beloved family and friends to this disease, but pray with everything in me that it never touches my children.

If you ever want to talk feel free to message me. I so some work locally in the community with addicts and their families (I am working on a degree in drug abuse counseling as I am able) and I find that often parents who have an addict child, or who have lost their beloved child to addiction, have a lot of questions that can be answered from the perspective of another addict. I do some work too, where I crochet purple hats blankets and other things to sell in august for overdose awareness month, and donate the profits to helping people pay for treatment. Maybe that could be something you would find fulfilling. Anyways, sorry to blab lol, I appreciate your warn welcome and look forward to getting to know you and others.
May 15, 2019 16:14:35   #
Lol. No doubt. Now instead of sneaking in with a bag of drugs I'm sneaking in with bags of yarn lol :)
Thanks for the warm welcome
May 15, 2019 16:12:04   #
Thank you everyone for the amazing words of kindness and encouragement. It means more than you know. I look forward to getting to know people and making new friends and new projects to try. I am very excited to be here. Thanks again <3
May 15, 2019 16:10:08   #
Also,you can't call the words that come directly from his mouth/twitter feed, the policies he enacts or repeals, and other things he says/does in full view of the public, for all to see and hear, fake news.
May 15, 2019 16:07:42   #
At what cost? He is repealing decades worth of environmental policies, keeping down land, air and water pollution, all in the name of money. Blatantly denying scientific evidence showing the need for these policies now more than ever.
He is cutting taxes for the wealthiest, saving him and his rich friends billions of dollars annually, while actively cutting funding for much needed social programs, and public education etc.
President Trump frequently touts the strong economy as one of his great achievements. He should take credit while he can. Sure, he inherited an economy moving solidly down the tracks, but he is set to leave one that is headed off the rails.Nearly a year ago, Trump pushed massive deficit-financed tax cuts through the Republican Congress that temporarily juiced up the economy. But they came at a steep cost. Businesses and wealthy households received a windfall, but the Treasury had to borrow hundreds of billions of dollars from global investors to cut the checks. Growth now, as the stimulus wears off, has slowed to where it was prior to the tax cut. Trump's argument that the corporate tax cuts would incent businesses to invest more and support sustainably stronger long-term growth looks more and more like a pipe dream. Corporations' effective tax rate — the taxes they pay as a percent of their profits — was cut in half to an all-time low but has yet to unleash more investment.The president also argued that the tax cuts would pay for themselves. Not even close. Tax revenues are plunging, and the nation's budget deficit is ballooning. He is doing a lot of severe long term damage, for very little short term gains for those that are already grossly wealthy.
To say that being anti trump or speaking against him is harming the country is asinine. The complete denial and mental gymnastics needed to not see the problems with him, and his words, and behaviors, and the impact they are having on this country, are astounding.
May 14, 2019 08:35:21   #
Are you having any other odd issues? Fatigue, joint pain, stomach issues, headaches, etc.?
I suffer from an autoimmune illness and am often covered in this type of rash. It was one of my first symptoms. Wich is why I asked.
Be very careful about using steroid creams. It sounds odd, but they can make everything WAY worse. (Once in awhile normal use is ok. But several times daily over a long period of time can cause "topical steroid withdrawal" that is highly painful)
I have noticed that my CBD (non thc cannabis tincture) wich I take for tee inflammation in my body and joints, has actually seemed to have a marked effect on my skin as well. It may be worth trying as you have to be just miserable.
I'm sorry your hurting. And I hope that you find the reason/cure. <3
May 14, 2019 08:27:08   #
Hello, my name is Timbra. I found crochet a few years ago. I suffer from RA/SLE, and the painful nature of the illness led to an addiction to opiates. I am actually celebrating eight years clean from heroin TODAY and I bought myself a huge pile of yarn to celebrate. I actually bought my first knitting needles as well and am hoping I can catch on to knitting as easy as I did crochet. (Came across this page looking for projects)
I became i retested because using my hands can help keep them from deforming due to RA, but it also helps with my anxiety and other concerns. As I am off my feet a lot of the time crochet was all around perfect. I have found ways to use my hobby to help others, and I spend the summer making hats/scarves/gloves/etc for the local homeless population during the winter, and I make hats and blankets for cancer patients and kids at the nearby children's hospital etc. it has brought me a lot of joy, and an ability to feel productive even when I'm bed ridden. I look forward to learning more and getting to know the other members of the group. Thank you for having me.
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