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Oct 15, 2018 07:39:17   #
Hi Jean, I just read the stitches u gave. A good while back I sent
what I thought was a New stitch ,it was a cast on stitch.
It did have a number of reply's, mostly, asking how I knit in the
back of the stitch. I don't know how to take a video of it,when I
read urs and saw that u had used the back of the stitch ..
did u have any reply's asking how it was done ??? the one I did
was also stretchy.I had saved a piece of really stretchy stuff .I'm
glad I did BUT I don't know if It had my stitch in it !!!!!
Oct 15, 2018 07:08:13   #
I hadta print the above ,sorry abt that .i'll get back with u later OKAY

I know

I know I'm SUPER LATE answering U. I'd have to List all of the excuses.
Earlier, I was finally answering all I was late on
Oct 15, 2018 06:43:04   #
Hi Liz, I was just re-reading my posts,
I'd forgotten abt that (new stitch).just out of curiosity,
have u used that stitch any more?.The reason it had slipped my mind..
Oh it would take too much time to go to that,and I'd have too many
mistakes that I'd have to correct
Again out of curiosity, when u did use it, does it have any stretch to it ?.
I have kept a small one, an inch and a half inches x about 4 inches ..
I've looked at it, so many times ,tryna figure it out, how I did it ,but zero!!!!
Any Fall to Winter weather happening over there???? I really do believe
that part,if not all, of the climate control we hear about ,is because of
all we've done ( searching for a planet that has or cud have human necessities,,
racing who can get where the fastest and taking the amounts of garbage.
we've made to decorate the planet we live on.
Oct 8, 2018 19:19:13   #
I really don't find a place, I'd be about to put my quandary .I don't know what else i cud call it ''''
Maybe someone here can direct me
I have looked and looked till my eyes got rightly tested. I have tried emailing this in every word that possible.
here It Is '' i was given a piece of furniture Yarn ,so I thought I'd make covers for just the seat part of a number of couch ans chair Items every turned out very well in the first chair,and the centre chair of my couch, the 2 side ends of the couch have been put together enuff times that if i wait any longer they'l maybe put together themselves. the problem is on the outside of both ends there's a piece that comes out to match the front of the couch and the arms are shorter than the length of piece ,so combined they both fit nicely. I'm explaining this as detailed as i can,i'm needing to know and of course if anyone of u cud or wud help me. I need to know how to cut and attach the extra piece of that I added to encompass the
part of the seat which is shorter than the length front to back of the whole couch. sorry i had to make it so long GOD BLESS
Sep 1, 2018 09:14:16   #
trixpat wrote:
Hi .Forgive me for not remembering ur Name Dear.Looks like my ability for knitting
is just abt zero. I'm in the prossess, of trying to knit a diaganal baby blanket. It's for the friend of a neice and ,I've had it now since April of 2016 .It's really so easy, there arn't and stitches exept Knitting, and on the first stitch, on each row u increase one stitch. I've made numberous mistakes and the same amount of starting all over again ,again,and again. As u can guess , I've knit out, all of the stretch, that the yarn started with.I've had help from here before.. Can u tell me how many yards a 60x60
blanket wud take , I'd appreciate ur help.. Thanks GOD BLESS
Hi .Forgive me for not remembering ur Name Dear.Lo... (show quote)
Jun 7, 2018 07:48:29   #
I'm wanting to know if the amount of stitches in crochet can be the same or different in knitting..If different cid?wud u tell me Please .
I'm a Liverpudlian in the USA been here since 1959 !!!!
Dec 23, 2017 16:46:33   #
Could some sweetheart please show me instructions on size/ #of stitches made for
a rectangle to fold into a shrug for 12 to 18 months
Thank u
Nov 5, 2017 05:41:12   #
!!HO HUM !!... I'm still searching for a pattern for a diaganol knitted baby blanket. I've looked at all the selections that have been sent to me from here. Which ever I tried I couldn't get it sent . I'm doing something wrong!!! I'm still working on the item from April of LAST year. I don't mean to be pushiny abt this ,but does anyone have the pattern, and cud/wud copy it and send it to me ,any size will do me...
Thanks for just reading this.
GOD's Blessings to ALL of u
Oct 23, 2017 08:04:17   #
This shud be done in flashing lights..Ha Ha Ha.
I've asked ,uncountable times ,for this pattern.But I will admit, it has been,all other times ,I asked for a baby blanket . I also have to thanks all those who helped me with that.
Hoping someone can point me in the right direction!!!

Oct 17, 2017 21:46:25   #
I know I'm late Thanking u for ur suggestions. Forgive me please after all. LIFE DOES GET IN THE WAY
GOD BLESS. Trixpat
Oct 17, 2017 21:33:51   #
eOn second thoughts , after reading through the above Chit-Chat. Who am I to call judgement on anyone! In my very spasee
Sep 17, 2017 15:42:13   #
bopeep wrote:
As a newbie here may I just say that if you call a Yorkshire person a 'Georgie' they would NOT be at all happy.
Cheryl Cole is Geordie from the Newcastle area
Totally different species from a Yorkie and all proud to be different.;)
I know because I married a White Rose man.

OOPPSS. Didn't remember to quote!!!

DIDN'T SEE IT , Very Glad about that.
Sep 17, 2017 15:37:38   #
Didn't see it..... very glad abt that.
Aug 28, 2017 05:49:56   #
I'm so sorry I mean 60x60 INCHES
Aug 27, 2017 20:33:17   #
Thank ALL of u for ur HeLp finding baby yarn,.
I hate TO BE such a pest can anyone tell me how many yards it will take for a
50 feet x50 feet diaganal baby blanket. I hope I'm not pushing my luck
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