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Aug 20, 2019 08:22:07   #
babyrose wrote:
Sometimes the parent is just a sorry excuse for a human being. I can only speak about my own 'mother' who constantly reminded each of us girls that she never wanted even one of us girls and never wanted me at all. She knew exactly what she was doing to us and did it on purpose. She never said it to other people, that would have shown her true colors, she said it directly to us. I'm not talking about someone who doesn't know better, this is a woman with a doctorate in education, had been a teacher for 27 years then went back and got her law degree and eventually became a FAMILY LAW JUDGE!!! She is also a lay minister in the catholic church.
Sometimes the parent is just a sorry excuse for a ... (show quote)

To read your story is so very sad. There are so many women who want children and can't. It would be obvious to me that your mom was a career woman. Did you have any brothers? If so did she treat him/them better? For someone who didn't want children she chose to teach and practice family law...very strange. But most importantly how did you and your sisters turn out. Are you close to your sisters and are you all able to put your mom's treatment behind you and have successful happy lives. Your father must have found this difficult to see happening. I hope you have peace in your life now. Bless you and your sisters!!!
Aug 19, 2019 21:19:20   #
Knitting in the Rockys wrote:
All I know for sure is that what I did worked! Yes I have had a happy life. As the expression goes, I've won a few, lost a few and a few got rained out.

Perfect. I think many of us can lay claim to that expression.
Aug 19, 2019 20:52:31   #
Knitting in the Rockys wrote:
I never regretted doing it, I only wish I had been able to maintain better composure. It's not that I screamed or yelled, just that my language could have been better and I wish I would have been calmer. My parents pretty much sat there in shock. The incident did change the relationship I had with my parents. They measured their words more carefully and much spontaneity and candor was lost. It felt like they were tiptoeing around me after that.

But maybe if you had calmly told them off they might have brushed it off, laughed about it and there would be no resolution for you. My mother was very judgemental towards my kids and she had no filter so would say hurtful things to our girls. If we said anything to her she would laugh about it and tell us the girls need to toughen up. Even my dad tried to talk to her about her behaviour and she would laugh at him as well. My husband told her to stop and desist. After my dad passed away, she eventually moved in with us and my girls were almost adults. She picked up her habits and no matter what the girls said to her (some bad language included) she felt she had the right to attack the girls and me. My husband was the only person she would listen to so he sat her down and had a heart to heart with her. It was very simple - stop her behaviour or she goes into a nursing home. She knew he meant it. She walked on egg shells from then on and although her personality didn't change she left my kids alone. She lived with us for almost 5 years and we got to love eggs shells a lot. My dad and my in laws were so totally different - so kind, gentle and loving - which I think angered my mom even more. She has been gone now almost 15 years and of my 3 girls only one has not forgiven her. The other 2 have put it behind them and forgiven her. I have forgiven her as well. My husband told me that I had to let it go or it would consume me and I was having none of that. I hope you have piece of mind and have been able to have a happy life!!
Aug 19, 2019 16:24:41   #
Knitting in the Rockys wrote:
I didn't merely complain, I let them know exactly how those words made me feel and how little I thought of them for saying those words. As I mentioned this was not pretty, not by any stretch of the imagination. It was more along the lines of "who the hell do you think you are?" No I didn't go to my room, my intention when I slammed the door on my way out, was to never return. My Dad had to come looking for me, I was still headed away from that house and would have walked all the way to Canada if I had to.
I didn't merely complain, I let them know exactly ... (show quote)

We would have welcomed you with open arms. Good for you for speaking up for yourself.
Aug 19, 2019 08:24:40   #
When my 3 girls were born in '71 and '73 we did not have ultrasounds that could tell us what gender our babies would be. When my first was born my doctor said he thought it was a boy. It was a girl. When the twins came along less than 2 years later everyone thought that they were boys based on the fact that we had twin and triplet boys in both families. We had 2 girls, healthy and close to 7 lbs each. My dear father in law had hoped for 1 boy to carry on the family name but after the girls were born he never expressed his wish to any of them. And he felt so blessed as our eldest twin was named after his only sister who had passed away in her 20's. Little would he know that his eldest granddaughter would someday have a son who's second name is in honour of his son, my husband but because she chose to be a single parent he carries the family name and when he was born my daughter said how thrilled her grandpa would be to know that the family name was carried on. My daughters have never been told that my f-I-l had wished for a boy to carry on the name. All 3 of my girls were blessed to have very loving grandparents and all we cared about was that our babies were healthy, happy children. Our children don't ask to be born into this world. All they want is to be loved and cherished regardless of gender, gay, straight or colour. Sadly that doesn't always happen as this topic has shown.
Aug 19, 2019 07:16:29   #
Oh this is a no brainer!!! Husband cooks, husband gets whatever he wants!!
Aug 18, 2019 08:20:00   #
suzy-kate wrote:
My youngest DD asked if I would go shopping to a market with her once she's found out if she's having a boy of a girl.

Congratulations. Is this your first grandchild? Very exciting time for you both and your family. Enjoy your shopping trip.
I have one daughter who flies by the seat of her pants. So I will get a call inviting me to join her and her family for dinner at 3pm. I get 15 minutes lead time. Who has dinner at 3.30 in the afternoon? But I never turn them down because it's time spent with her, my s-I-l and my granddaughters. It's great fun and I just pray that my blouse isn't on backwards and that my shoes are matching!!! And I am always thrilled when my eldest invites me down to her place for dinner or an outing. I have always done the family dinners (there are 11 of us in total) for almost 50 years. It is a sweet treat when she offers to have a family get together and I don't have to do a think but enjoy the moment. Sweet!!!
Enjoy every moment as you prepare to welcome a new baby into your family!!!
Aug 18, 2019 07:38:52   #
Orillialovesto knit wrote:
I have problems finding neat buttons for cardigans. I found some good ones at Len's Mill and they didn't cost the earth. Buttons are like hen's teeth around here. Fabricland is leaving Orillia but there will still be one in Barrie I think. That's only a half hour away. Not so bad. I didn't think to look online for buttons. I wonder.............

Strange thing. I also have difficulty finding decent buttons as well. I guess it's because there are not the fabric stores that there used to be. I will see if there is a Len's Mill near me. I don't know anything about this company. Thanks for the info. I hope Len's is a Canadian company!
Aug 15, 2019 09:04:58   #
I have a friend who decided she would knit hats for newborns and give them to her local hospital. She is not an experienced knitter. She complained to me that her hats are different sizes even using the same needles and yarn. I told her that babies are born with different size heads so not to worry about it. She is afraid that the hospital will reject them if they are not the same size. I couldn't help but laugh. After all these years of knowing her I just realized she is a perfectionist. I recognized this because my eldest daughter is one as well. So I offered to go with her to deliver these lovely hats and the nurses were thrilled. The one nurse thanked my friend for making them different sizes because their babies heads are all different sizes. A win, win for my friend and those precious newborns!!!
Aug 15, 2019 08:34:01   #
I have Addi and I love them.
Aug 14, 2019 10:06:44   #
I am from Ontario Canada. I believe we can return beer bottles back to the beer store. Don't know about wine or alcohol bottles. We are required to recycle everything. In my area if we put garbage in with our recycling it will be rejected. If we put food in our clear plastic garbage bags it will be rejected. We have a special green bin that takes all food waste. So I am very diligent so that nothing is left at the curb on collection day. I don't know if this the same across Ontario and the rest of Canada but were I live they are fairly strict.
Aug 13, 2019 22:21:29   #
ChristineM wrote:
All are wild! And a total menace to farmers as they eat feed, that the stock need. Most of this area of NSW and Qld are in drought! To hit a kangaroo mob when driving is to risk death! A bit like you hitting deer or moose. Kangaroos are great swimmers amazing, adaptable animal, to any and all weather conditions. I have seen a Retriever chase a roo into the water and the roo held the dog under water until it drowned! Their hind legs gut a dog as the roo sits on its own tail and uses its hind legs to rip the stomach open whilst it holds the body of the dog with its arms. Kangaroo are feral animals and we have shooters cull them..the .meat is used for both human and animal consumption. The so called "pig dogs" can pull a kangaroo down, but it can be very hurt in the process. Living in the NT for a time, taught me a lot about them, from a full blood aboriginal friend. He could see a kangaroo in the wooded thick bush that we could not. He would shoot it, bring it back to cook over hot coals and season the meat with leaves from berry bushes and trees..."only those that didn't kill you white eyes he used to say to us! " There is nothing as delectabile, as roo, magpie goose, mud crabs and long bums cooked over the coals, in the open, on the sand, with a rifle ready to shoot a crocodile that may be drawn out of the water, by the smell of food. True story. I kid you not!

quote=Caroline19]Wow that is amazing. I can't get over the number of kangaroos. Are they wild 1or do they live on a ranch?
All are wild! And a total menace to farmers as the... (show quote)

Thank you for all this info. I knew very little about the kangaroo but now I do. I've learned something new today....bonus!!!
Aug 13, 2019 11:31:07   #
I like your description "snow event". In our country that is called winter!!!
Aug 13, 2019 11:29:55   #
I'm-a-WIP wrote:
There has been a very rare snow event in parts of Australia - here's a BBC news video of kangaroos hopping through snow:

Wow that is amazing. I can't get over the number of kangaroos. Are they wild or do they live on a ranch?
Aug 13, 2019 06:47:03   #
theresagsolet wrote:
I use the app called kristanix jigsaw puzzles epic

I also use this one and it is great. And it's free!
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