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Jul 25, 2018 15:30:22   #
I use bread clips, I always have lots of those, I just write the size of needle on it and slide it on the cable before Iattach the end cap. Works great and has never come off of the needle. oops,sorry for thr double post
Jul 25, 2018 15:28:59   #
I use bread clips, I always have lots of those, I just write the size of needle on it and slide it on the cable before Iattach the end cap. Works great and has never come off of the needle.
Mar 24, 2018 13:47:03   #
My knit picks ball winder wore out, no fault of the winder, love it. I ordered a new one from them and yes no longer comes with handle but the person I was speaking to
said to hang onto the old handle. There is still the slot on the bottom to slid the handle on. I wind a lot of yarn sitting in front of the TV especially when I rip out something thats not working the way I want it to.
Dec 16, 2017 14:11:02   #
I decided to splurge, having three different chiaogoo cables and several in each length and also more extras to use with my boye tips I puchased the chiaogoo circular needle case and keep my cables in their original pouch and side them into the sleeves in this case. Very handy knowing where they all are.
Jun 1, 2016 14:05:18   #
I have a clear plastic tackle box slightly larger than a shoe box. The top rack has narrow dividers for stitch markers an other smaller items and the bottom is large enough for alot of larger items. I think it is great, you can always see everything inside.
May 25, 2016 14:24:01   #
Lacis has portuguese knitting needles with the point on one end and hook on the other end which are 8-10 inches long
Jan 2, 2014 21:03:26   #
thank you so much for the prayers and support, hubby is on high dose steroids now and the tumors are shrinking a bit which allows body functions to work again and also gives our great doctor a couple more days to find a chemotherapy to give him. I am sure all the prayers and support are at work, please continue to pray for him, I am a bit more hopeful that something will be there to help him, Thank you from the bottom of my heart, joan
Jan 1, 2014 00:33:21   #
Hi everyone, I've been a lurker for a long time and have posted a few times. One thing I do know is that this is a wonderful group of people..I need you. This afternoon my husband was told he had a week or two to live if the chemo drugs out there are not made available to this province. One is approved in the us but not in Canada, another is available in other provinces but not in Saskatchewan. Please pray with us that something will become available in the short time we have been given. Bless you all.
Nov 13, 2013 12:56:13   #
I've taught a lot of knitting classes and I find that usually a new style makes the newbie hangs on to the yarn for dear life. Relax with the yarn, try wrapping over your ring finger, under next, then over your index finger about at the first bend. Tension by holding the yarn tighter or looser between the little finger and one next to it or bend little finger down over the yarn. This way you can change tension without a rewrap of your hand. Give it a try. It takes about two weeks of practice to get the flow.
Oct 22, 2013 13:29:26   #
I need a pattern for a slouch hat with a brim(bill) made out of a lighter yarn than worsted/bulky. This is for my cousin that is going through chemo now. This is to wear out in our colder weather right now (40 F). I've looking on Ravelry and a dozen other sites and can't find anything like this made with a dk or slighly finer yarn. Hope you can help. thx Joan
Sep 12, 2013 20:17:43   #
I've been using anne mercerized crochet cotton which is about a size 5 and a 3mm needle and they make the most beautiful soft clothes, even ideal for face clothes, try it, I am sure you will be impressed. You will have to alter the number of stitches because of the finer thread. For grandmas favorite dish cloth I went to 68 instead of the pattern number of 43/44. There is 500 m on a ball and it makes 5/6 dishclothes. Hope this helps, Joan
Aug 15, 2013 14:14:54   #
hi, I have the complete set of karbonz interchangeables is the regular size plus the short tips in the smallest sizes. I find that the tip is very sharp but it may be a little bit shorter in the taper. I love these needles. They are the best I have ever had in my hands and for my hands.
Jul 23, 2013 02:24:18   #
I am 67 yrs old. I've been knitting on and off since I was a small girl, around 8-10. My mother taught me to knit and crochet and I have taught my daughter to both knit and crochet. We both knit or crochet almost all the time. There is always at least two or three projects on the go. I was born in Canada and have lived here all the time.
Jul 12, 2013 12:42:53   #
Sorry, I have the dpn's on my brain, you are right. The interchangeables only go down to a 2.5 us. The 6" dpns go down to 000 with the nickel plaled metal tip, on the 0000 and 00000 they do not have the metal tip. So sorry for the brain fog.
Jul 11, 2013 15:23:12   #
If you are looking for a starter set that starts will smaller needles do give knitter pride karbonz a second look, they are awesome to work with, hold the yarn well. The carbon fiber area only slightly grabs(holds) the stitches and you have the nickel plated tips for easy manipulation of stiches. The starter set starts with size 00. Take a look at their web site. I have them and they are the best of the many, many needles I have tried. Joan
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