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Sep 17, 2019 13:11:36   #
We've used our pot for some strange things. Here in the deep south, we like boiled peanuts but they take forever because of the shells. The Instant Pot cut way down on the time, and we could control the amount of salt. Also, boiling mayhaws (kind of like tiny apples) for the juice to make jelly. It cuts way down on the boiling time (cooler kitchen), and the color is much deeper. Let's see, we also use it for roasts, chicken for things like dumplings, pork, etc. I just saw a recipe for enchiladas that said to cook the pork in the slow cooker with a can of enchilada sauce to cook the flavor right into the meat; that should work with the pressure cooker also.

Side note: as I understand it, the Extension Service here in Louisiana was started back in the 1930s, and their first demonstrations were showing women how to can meat with a pressure cooker. It seems like a small thing to us now, but back then many families didn't have a refrigerator, much less a freezer, and meat could go bad really fast and make people sick.
Sep 15, 2019 15:00:46   #
What lucky grandchildren!
Sep 15, 2019 14:59:39   #
What a great job! If she happens to have a picture of the dog when it was a puppy, it would be nice to make a throw pillow of the pup, maybe just a head shot for size. You already know you have the talent!
Sep 13, 2019 13:27:16   #
And it's surely going to affect all those small companies who have discovered direct marketing of their "niche" products to consumers outside their country!
Sep 8, 2019 14:55:05   #
You should make a sign to remind people, "Christmas is a-coming". Hang a couple of shiny ornaments from it to catch their attention! It should be easy to make on on the computer, print it, and then paste the paper to something stiff.
Sep 2, 2019 13:21:32   #
Try a lap tray. That way air will still be able to circulate over your legs.
Aug 25, 2019 14:11:35   #
While a classroom should not have to provide themselves, I can sort of understand a request for TP. Not as a demand to the parents, but as a request for the children's sake. Kindergarten classrooms generally have their own restrooms (a good thing), and those little ones can go through that stuff like it melts in their hands especially if they didn't get much training at home. So, even if the teacher keeps an eye on the supply and tries to make sure there is always some in there, there's always going to be a time when the janitor is slow to respond or teacher was busy and didn't notice, and that next child (always the one with anxiety issues!) reaches out and discovers the roll is empty. It sounds like a little thing, but it can be another reason for that child to crash and burn during an already stressful day for them. I had never thought to ask teacher if there is a need for things like TP, but if I were a grandparent I would check it out. And if that teacher is taking it home - shame, shame, SHAME on them!
Aug 21, 2019 14:34:18   #
Our then-teenager daughter told me that she was old enough to be emancipated. I told her, "You sure are. All you have to do is go in front of a judge and prove that you can support yourself." 'Nuff said, no more of that from her.
Aug 21, 2019 14:32:06   #
My father's cure for a teenager not getting out of bed was a cold, wet washcloth. Worked like a charm!

Anne in Dunedin wrote:
On the news last night there was a 15 year old here who refuses to go to school. His parents were fined $50 for
not making him go to school. His mother said he refuses to get out of bed and what can she do if she pulls him out
of bed she will be charged with assault.
The smug look on the kids face would have been enough for me to be charged with assault but he really has the parents
in a tizz. They don't know what to do and even if they delivered him to the school as soon as their backs were turned he would be off.
On the news last night there was a 15 year old her... (show quote)
Aug 19, 2019 11:42:15   #
Wow, I didn't know about that feature of Ravelry! I'll have to check it out and see if I can find it. Thanks for letting us know about it.

jinx wrote:
Have you checked your pattern viewing history on Ravelry? It shows all the patterns you viewed on Ravelry. If you saw the pattern on Ravelry it will show up on the history.
Aug 18, 2019 20:26:45   #
I can only tell you our experience. I was also doubtful and still have never used it myself, but my retired husband is very enthusiastic and uses it a lot. He has used it for making mayhaw jelly; you have to cook and strain the mayhaws (sort of like a tiny apples, for those of you who are wondering) for the juice, and they come out such a pretty red compared to the stovetop. We have also made boiled peanuts in it, very quick and we can control the salt. He uses it most of the time for roasts, instead of the stovetop or oven. No messier than the stove or oven (the liner comes out), not much heat, and quick, quick, quick. It's worth the storage space, and in fact you could just get rid your old pressure cooker. Go ahead and get at least a 6 quart. We bought the DU060, but if you will never be making yogurt in it you could probably just get the LUX60-something which is $25 cheaper at $50. The only extra we bought was the basket insert for mayhaws and such.

CarolfromTX wrote:
Instant pots are all the rage and we have been seeing them everywhere. DH wants to get one but I'm not sure we'd get much use out of it. Do you own one? Do you use it? Do you like the results? I guess it would replace my crock pot and a stove top pressure cooker I have, but rarely use. My only issue is giving it house room. Thought about getting a small one, but DH (to whom size matters! LOL!) says the 3 quart wouldn't be big enough for soups and chili. There are tons of recipes on the web, so that's not a problem. What do you think? By the way, he does most of the cooking now.
Instant pots are all the rage and we have been see... (show quote)
Aug 16, 2019 19:33:36   #
I don't know if it's just me, but I've found that the spelling must be exact. One letter off, and it doesn't recognize the word.
Aug 14, 2019 19:52:49   #
You're setting up the next row/round by using a hdc instead of a ch 3 as the last stitch. It will put you in the middle of that "pretend" ch 3, and it sounds like you will be working in the ch 3 space on the next round. Including the hdc space made, you should have a total of 6 ch-3 in the last round.
Aug 14, 2019 00:56:23   #
Here's something you would never have heard back then. You call somebody on the phone and ask, "Where are you?" Back then, if they answered you KNEW where they were!
Aug 12, 2019 12:40:28   #
Make our daughter's quilt that was planned as a wedding present. Looks like she has no intention of marrying her long-time boyfriend, so I need to go ahead and make it.
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