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Posts for: louise penton
Jun 18, 2018 13:12:49   #
When my husband was living we took a river cruise down the Rhine (senior moment) can't think of the other river cruise (Danube) senior moment recovered. Enjoyed River to many Ocean cruises that we took. Thanks again for sharing.
Jun 18, 2018 12:59:23   #
Thanks everyone for seeing my post and your comments. Yes I do knit and crochet and at the present time I am knitting a sweater. I also quilt and have won blue and red ribbons. I do enjoy life.
Jun 18, 2018 12:34:57   #
It seems every time I click on KP I see so many people complaining about such trivial things. I am 89 years old and like to see pictures of some ones travels as when health took my traveling away I can no longer enjoy other countries and this way I can. I don't want to be one who gripes so I will close for now and I will continue to see the lovely knitting and travel pictures.
Jul 23, 2011 18:53:14   #
I am knitting a vest which is knitted on circular needles. I am almost finished the garment but the first 5 rows at the beginning are not to my likeing. So can I rip out the first 5 rows and pick up to knit to the starting edge or do I need to start at the beginning and then pick up where I ripped out? The directions have been very difficult to follow but I finally worked it out. I am desperate for your help. Louise
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