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Aug 12, 2019 11:03:52   #
Praying for the treatment plan to cure him of cancer. I live near Roswell Park Cancer Institute ranked # 14 in the country for cancer treatment. I have had quite a few friends cured of thus type of cancer! There are wonderful results with new treatments for Non Hodgkins lymphoma hope he has a optimistic outlook! Keep us informed as to how he is doing please!
Jul 4, 2019 15:04:24   #
I love your earrings,sorry people are giving you a hard time!
May 14, 2019 15:18:32   #
Culd you share the pattern for the blanket? I really admire it!
May 14, 2019 09:14:24   #
Ooh I especially love the blanket !!
May 13, 2019 11:21:59   #
Would also love to know what yarn you used, also the ravelry comments say the corners of the border are very difficult ,did you find that true? any tips that you figured out for how to accomplish them. It truly is well done and beautiful!!
Apr 27, 2019 10:28:31   #
I love Anderson,watch him every evening, he remains calm ,asks pertinent questions and doesn't interrrupt. I try to like Chris Cuomo but he interrrupts his guests and has a very healthy ego! If you aren't scared after watching this interview try reading "It can't happen here" by Sinclair Lewis. I think it is happening here!
Apr 23, 2019 15:10:27   #
I just gave my Mom a big hug! Thanks for helping me appreciate what I still have. She is 92 and lives with me can't be left alone in the house for more than an hour ,she has short term memory loss. She is a treasure and still is excited for me if I shop and bring something good I found and I still can't wait to bring it home to show her, she always wants the best for me! I know I will pine for her foreve when I lose her someday....
Apr 20, 2019 09:56:52   #
sorry clumsy fingers! look forward to bringing them out every year.
Apr 20, 2019 09:55:56   #
Are they petipoint? the stitches look so tiny...just wonderful work! I would always look forward t
Apr 6, 2019 09:35:50   #
Hello from Buffalo New York. Welcome!! I am going to find your blog to follow sounds like a good one!
Apr 3, 2019 10:13:51   #
Wow that is scary! Just doing housework can change life in an instant....hope everything heals quickly and properly!
Apr 2, 2019 09:50:34   #
These are so sweet, little girls will love them for their "babies". Thank you for the pattern!
Mar 7, 2019 07:51:13   #
Beautiful sewing! I can't wait to see your quilt. I am envious of your talent !
Jan 21, 2019 09:16:29   #
Thanks for asking the question,now I know I have been reading my knitting all along,but I didn't know there was a name for it!
Dec 17, 2018 10:02:38   #
That is beautiful, love the color for Christmas too,lovely piece that the set is lying on also! I keep practising to be this accomplished a knitter,hope I get there.
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