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Jul 12, 2017 13:17:58   #
I made this scarf for my mother several years ago. She passed away on New Year's Eve. While cleaning out the house, I found the scarf and would like to make another one. It's crochet, and uses crochet short rows. Does anyone recognize it?

Jun 13, 2017 14:36:00   #
I have Karbonz which are expensive needles. It's a size 1, 40" circular and I've tried hot water and hanging it with machine knitting weights. Nothing works. I will try the blow dryer and ironing board next.
May 4, 2017 10:33:35   #
Hi Hazel: Can't wait to see you and meet everyone.
May 4, 2017 06:30:35   #
I would like to join you. I'm a little late. A friend pointed me to your group. Are you still at Books a Million?
May 4, 2017 06:28:41   #
Hi Hazel: We really need to get together. I'll let you know when I can come to your group. Sorry to hear you were ill.
Mar 19, 2017 16:49:21   #
If you have a hank, wind the whole hank into a ball on your winder. Put your scale on the floor and put the newly wound cake/ball on the scale and weigh it. Pull the yarn from the outside and start to wind another ball on your winder. When the scale shows half of the original, stop winding. Now you have two center pull cakes of equal weight.
Jul 21, 2016 10:35:55   #
No luck. But I did purchase a few other issues.
Jul 20, 2016 19:16:44   #
I made an outfit from this magazine for my daughter who was born in October 1977. There were other patterns in the issue that I would like to have. If anyone has this magazine, I would like to purchase it.
Oct 21, 2015 15:54:42   #
M.Susa wrote:
I hope you will put the directions where we can find them. I could not do the little bag in your picture unless you give specific direction.
Thank you, the picture is elegant.

I did not post the picture of the soap bag. I was trying to give knitters a way to make a similar bag. This thread is quite old so perhaps the person who made the original post is not following this thread.
Oct 21, 2015 13:50:29   #
M.Susa wrote:
Are you going to show us the Judy cast on?

Here is a video link to Judy's magic cast on
Oct 21, 2015 05:48:04   #
M.Susa wrote:
I can't find a pattern that is easy..can you help?

I made a soap bag last week at knit night at my local yarn shop. I used feltable wool in a sock weight. Size 5 circular needles. I cast on 30 st -- 15 on each needle using Judy's Magic Cast on. I knit until it fit my soap -- stretch it because you want it to fit snuggly. I closed using Kitchener stitch. My husband likes it because it doesn't slide off the soap dish in the shower. You have a clear slate with this so if you wanted to create a little lace pattern like the photo, you could do that. This is a great project to learn Judy's magic cast on and the kitchener stitch.
May 22, 2015 06:55:30   #
I knit, crochet, and am learning to tunisian crochet. You are right. There is a difference between tunisian crochet and knitting. The fabric you create with tunisian crochet, while beautiful, doesn't drape like knitted fabric. You CAN learn to knit, but it takes practice. It's worth it to spend more time learning how to knit. You will find places to use all your skills. I like to add crochet embellishments to my knitting and vice versa. Your knitting will become more beautiful the more you practice. Go for it!
Feb 16, 2015 10:03:32   #
That is so interesting. We knitters find tools everywhere we go.
Clarey wrote:
I got it at Christmas Tree Shop in Portsmouth, NH
Feb 16, 2015 09:59:53   #
Thanks so much. What would I do without Knitting Paradise. wrote:
the people at vogue 2015 NYC were stitcher's dream, glenside, PA
they sold the lk150 - silver reed midgauge plastic bed machine. the same machine was used for demos with S. Guagliumi (at least in 2014-did not do any of her classes this year).

their email is
Feb 16, 2015 09:55:00   #
Very cool. Where did you get it?
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