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May 21, 2019 21:21:46   #
Cute, cute, the buttons.
Fan wrote:
A wee onesie just finished. Now to get busy on the knitalong with Sonja.
May 21, 2019 08:47:05   #
I'm off to knitting group. TTYL
May 21, 2019 08:45:27   #
There used to be a Brewsters just down the road from us but it flopped. DH didn't like their ice cream but I did.
There are several other ice cream stores around here though.
RookieRetiree wrote:
Yesterday’s great find.

The butter brickle was delicious.
May 21, 2019 08:42:40   #
OMG! And stating tomorrow we are to be in the 90s!!! Don't you want to come for a visit??? LOLOL
Poledra65 wrote:
It's frickin snowing!!!
May 21, 2019 08:40:40   #
I'm also glad you joined in Diane104.
Diane104 wrote:
Hello again! I have been here before and was welcomed by all you nice people, but just couldn't find the time to join in - although i really wanted to! Now, i am making the time!

I also ran my hand through the wringer! No permanent damage, but my class ring was a bit bent out of shape!

I also had uterine cancer. My hysterectomy (sp?) Was 10 years ago this month. I haven't had a reoccurance yet, thank God! I did not have to have any chemo or radiation. The surgeon said he got it all.

Bonnie, I am interested in your travels as our children gave us a trip to Ireland for our 50th anniversary last year. We don't know when we are going yet, but we got our passports renewed.

I have a few things on my needles and hooks. Just finished a poncho and hat for a great grand daughter.

I'm so glad i finally joined in. Wishing all a good day or good night!

Hello again! I have been here before and was welc... (show quote)
May 21, 2019 08:39:04   #
This is not the one with problems last year. This one is named Phoebe (age 18); you are remembering Ellie (age 15) who is doing very well now. Mya is doing great too, thanks for asking. She just completed her first year at UGA and isn't going to take any classes over the summer. She still lives at home and also works. If all doesn't go well for Phoebe she will always be welcomed back home too.
Poledra65 wrote:
Wow, she's doing much better then, than she was last year? She really is motivated and determined, the best of luck to her in her endeavors and living away from home.
How is Maya doing?
I hope that Cindy is able to get all the help she needs and beat the C a hasty retreat.
May 21, 2019 08:34:13   #
Yes, I was surprised to but like I said....she's pretty headstrong.
Bonnie7591 wrote:
Wow! Your GD should go far in the world with all that ambition, I’m surprised she would move out if hime before education is complete as that adds so much expense but hopefully all will go well for her.

I hope Cindy can get insurance coverage & get the help she needs. I thank Gid that’s one worry we don’t have here if we get sick. The system may nit be perfect but at least no $$$ worries
May 21, 2019 08:29:41   #
Thank you HappieGram.
HappieGram wrote:
At church, yesterday, I requested prayers for Cindy and for Pam. I forgot who requested prayer for Pam. I’m still keeping them in prayer. Hoping for healing for them both and anyone I have forgotten to list.
May 20, 2019 18:02:15   #
Hello folks. Sister--in-law has been in town this past week and it has been a busy week. DH and I went with two of our DDs and the one's boyfriend to the movies last night; saw Tolkein. It was okay but not one I would see again necessarily. The high school graduation celebration was cancelled; granddaughter had mixed up her work schedule. Also, big news from oldest DD, the newly graduated granddaughter has move out of the house and is sharing an apartment with a female co-worker. Really could have knocked me over with a feather when I heard that. She is the middle child and a funny/strange one; typical middle child compared to the others. Delightful and very smart; graduated high school earning a full year college credit to boot; just very different personality than the others and has some very strong ideas/opinions. Nothing bad....just different. Her last year of high school she worked two part time jobs and went to school full time; very hard and determined worker. She will be continuing her education in nursing at the technical college and hopes to transfer to the university in another year. Wishing and hoping the best for her.

Got a text message from Marianne re Cindy. She said she'd call tonight; spending today at health department with Cindy filling out paperwork for financial assistance for Cindy; said Cindy is a wreck right now. No insurance. Your prayers are appreciated and I've passed along to Marianne and she is thankful for the prayer warriors.

Temperatures here are wonderful; upper 80s and by the end of the week DH reported it is supposed to be mid-90s. Speaking of DH, he just got home from a trip to the grocery store so I'm off to fix dinner. TTYL
May 20, 2019 10:30:30   #
Caught up. TTYL
May 19, 2019 08:46:20   #
Michael Stipe from the band REM is from here in Athens. He has planted his entire front yard with bamboo (and I mean entire front yard!) to form a screen to his house. If you didn't know a house was there you'd not know it was his residence.
Since bamboo is a grass nothing the neighborhood could do about it either. That's what I would love to have along the back outside area of our fence!
thewren wrote:
bamboo is evasive anywhere it is planted i think. --- sam
May 19, 2019 08:40:44   #
And for years I have wanted to plant bamboo all the way down the outside of the back fence to block the crappy acting neighbors from the fence and provide a dense natural wall. DH has never liked the idea so it has never been done. I know it is invasive but still would love it.
Maatje wrote:
Out here bamboo is invasive.... no thanks....
May 19, 2019 08:30:05   #
Will put your friend Pam on my prayer list too machriste.
machriste wrote:
Prayers for Cindy. I will add a request for prayers for my friend Pam who has just been diagnosed with an aggressive breast CA.
May 18, 2019 14:57:01   #
Just got a call from Marianne. Her dearest friend and housemate got a call yesterday and she has uterine cancer. Her name is Cindy; please keep her in your prayers. Not as if Marianne doesn't already have enough to deal with......bless them all. thanks
May 18, 2019 09:40:41   #
Beautiful pictures Sonja. Would love to see these all in person, but will settle for an armchair tour.
Swedenme wrote:
Fingers crossed it doesn't turn into a cold
After a beautiful week of nice hot sunny days its turned grey here today with rain over night , I've been out and about this morning , dropped husband off at his brothers which is 15 minutes away in a northern direction so up towards the moors open countryside , then dropped son off at work which is north easterly direction and at the coast so since I was well dressed for the weather went for a quick walk along the beach, pratically empty apart from the odd dog walker, definitely not like this on nice sunny days and on the way home its a view of the hills
Fingers crossed it doesn't turn into a cold br A... (show quote)
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