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Sep 14, 2019 15:23:39   #
The Fisherman? Comic relief....You have to laugh...…….
Sep 12, 2019 17:57:54   #
I have dry MD so cannot have injections unless or until it becomes wet.I have an excellent optician and visit the eye hospital once a month.As you see I use a laptop daily but resort to a magnifying glass to read a newspaper,mostly use my IPAD.i Something else to be endured in old age heigh ho!LOL
Sep 12, 2019 16:34:11   #
A line in my late husband`s wedding speech for both our daughter`s receptioms caused an ovation was "I am not only losing a daughter but gaining a bathroom" So very true as parents of daughters will recognise!
Sep 11, 2019 13:05:59   #
Chimneys.."If it aint broke don`t mend it" I would leave well alone. Why have them removed? Just a thought.
Sep 11, 2019 13:05:58   #
Chimneys.."If it aint broke don`t mend it" I would leave well alone. Why have them removed? Just a thought.
Sep 10, 2019 16:09:05   #
I am yet to pick my Victoria plums which will be made into jam and chutney,a very good yield this year...…..
Sep 9, 2019 13:36:53   #
Yep! Emmy likes it,and so she should! Lucky dogs/cats ……….Joanx
Sep 9, 2019 10:18:22   #
Beestings wrote:
Find your council web site on your computer.

On there you will find various sections relating to all the things your council covers. Select “planning regulations and applications” and you should be able to find information you require and even contact numbers.

KP is a wonderful website but for the query you have it is better to try nearer your home.

Excellent advice...if Mirror is unable to do this herself maybe her husband should step in...just a thought
Sep 9, 2019 04:08:39   #
So elegant and appealing. Too true about presentation,first thing I was taught at cookery school many moons ago!You certainly have a nose for a bargain,well done......
Sep 8, 2019 17:30:04   #
Thanks for the tip.I must get some risers then me and my arthritic knees should stop struggling getting out of chair...….Not a pretty sight! LOL
Sep 8, 2019 17:08:20   #
What a Treasure, I wish you and Dyson many rewarding years together...x
Sep 8, 2019 14:49:02   #
Mirror. you need to seek advice from the experts.good luck
Sep 8, 2019 13:40:31   #
How very true!.....Thankyou...….
Sep 7, 2019 15:21:21   #
This Scam has been around here in the UK for a while. I let them ramble on,telling me number to call etc then loudly replace my annoying but now the world we live in I`m afraid.
Sep 7, 2019 15:08:19   #
Glenlady wrote:

This beggars belief!...…..
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