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Posts for: Tink2
Mar 28, 2011 08:59:31   #
I am not certain that English patterns are similar. But it would give me an idea. My, Jack, is a morkie and he is the cutest thing. Since we still have cool weather here I wanted to knit his own personalized sweater. I bought one at Petco and it works but I wanted a nicer one. tink2
Mar 28, 2011 08:56:22   #
glad to try. Thanks
Mar 24, 2011 17:33:11   #
I am looking for a sweater pattern for my new morkie. He is a maltese/yorkshire mix. At full weight he will be only around 9 pounds. I want a pattern that either buttons under the belly or maybe ties. I do not want to pull over his head. Thanks Tink2
Mar 5, 2011 19:15:13   #
nice looking rugs
Feb 18, 2011 16:39:54   #
Very clever
Feb 10, 2011 14:56:50   #
What I use for markers is a different bright colored yarn. Cheaper than buying markers and I get them to fit my needle.
Feb 8, 2011 14:23:45   #
just watched it...Also good to know.

Feb 8, 2011 14:20:37   #
Thanks, I will look at the video. I also cast on with two needles. It is the way I learned to knit.
Feb 7, 2011 19:15:51   #
I just watched the video. Very clear and simple.
Feb 3, 2011 12:45:57   #
If you need a simple hat pattern to knit, I am happy to share one with you. I especially like to knit on large needles as the project goes quicker. J
Feb 2, 2011 16:22:09   #
marilynv wrote:
Yes i think its the same its the popcorn in crochet to it can be done many different ways i guess. The popcorn st. in knitting i can not do, I taught myself to knitt a couple years ago i like to knitt but i guess pratice makes perfect. :)

Came out very nice, though. I only like to knit!
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