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Jun 28, 2018 02:49:19   #
thewren wrote:
where is your plane landing - toledo or ft wayne? or detroit? --- sam

I was listed on plane for today (Wed.) but plans changed so I lost that spot. Now I can't get into Chicago, all oversold, even though Jackie had offered a ride down to Ohio. Earlier this evening I could get into Ft. Wayne but was not sure if I could get to Defiance. Hotel said no shuttle, bus, etc. Now that Kathy Hinckle and Tami have both reached out to me, it is much to late at night to call daughter to list me so doubt the spots will still be open in the morning and there was only one spot on the plane getting in around 10 PM so know it will be gone as well. I could maybe, but doubtful, get out on the Fri. one and get in around 4 but don't want anyone coming over in the midst of the action and the planes tend to be fuller on Friday with people going out of town for the week-end. American doesn't fly to Toledo direct and I thought Detroit too long a haul to ask for a lift. I will check in AM, but think the stars are aligned for me to stay in Texas. I now have a better sense of the geography and will know who, when and where to call earlier and plan better. With only 2 flights a day into Fort Wayne, it is hard to fly standby. Chicago usually works well for me but the bad weather must have the planes not quite back on schedule.

Funny, we had planned to be in IL last Friday for a class reunion, WI for a car race last week-end and then ferry over to MI this week and Gerry was going to drive me down but too much going on with DD#2 doing a play, us keeping the "big white dog" while the kids were in Italy. The kitties were not pleased and are sticking to me like glue now that "that thing" is no longer in THEIR house. Good thing we didn't do it. Gerry probably could not have gotten home out of Chicago. With the 4th of July being mid-week, it probably isn't the best time to get around this next week either. I will be with you all in spirit regardless. Hope your weather is better than ours. It is HOT and HUMID here.

Glad your stomach has settled, Sam. Maybe just some anticipation nerves. I find sucking on hard candy/mints helps keep mine under control when a little upset.
Jun 27, 2018 20:38:20   #
I know. I haven't been on all year... There are some reasons but we'll not discuss them right now. Is there anyone going to Defiance that will arrive early and would be able to pick me up tomorrow somewhere in the 4 PM area? That is the only flight I can get and don't know of a local way to get to hotel 42 mile away. I know it is a long shot, but thought I would give it a try. (I will check this site for an hour or two and then throw in the towel.) Pretty sure I am going to be here at home and hate that I won't get to catch up, as this will probably be the last one I will be able to attend. Hugs to all.

So sorry to see so many going through such struggles. I know this group makes it a little easier to have a safe place to land but still difficult. I think of you all the time.
Jun 27, 2018 20:30:49   #
sassafras123 wrote:
Julie, thank you for opening and news of Zoe. I miss her.
Kate, thank you for summary.
Well shall check myself for bedsores! But resting much of day.

So very sorry that I was unaware of your situation until last week when I spoke with another KP member.
Many healing thoughts headed your way. I know what you are going through as my youngest daughter had mastectomy and reconstruction all at once. Keep on resting. It will get better but seems like forever. Try to walk around house a little so as not to lose muscle mass. I know you will get walking when you can. Hugs.
Jun 27, 2018 19:51:19   #
What a wonderful gesture! Doesn't that feel like a warm hug every time you wrap it around your shoulders? It is hard to put one foot in front of the other some days and we never know truly what person might be going through. We had 3 suicides in 2 weeks almost 2 years ago and 2 of them were teens. I worry most for the young ones left behind.

When I was in the hospital and feeling very ow, I was given a prayer shawl. It was a stranger. I have it by my chair years later and means the world to ma as does the wonderful bear was gifted with from one of our lovely members. It pretty much restores your faith in the goodness in people. Hope you are starting to feel a little better and maybe you will someday pay it forward to someone in need. Healing thoughts sent your way.
Oct 30, 2017 02:47:59   #
Xiang wrote:
I am hoping so. We stop overnight at each stop, then go exploring; and each morning we had off to the next accommodation stop, until we get back to Denver, then on the final day, we will be on our way home. 😊

WHAT? When is this trip? There is something wrong with my computer When I go to my last posting here, it does not take me back far enough for some of the posts. I am so out of the loop. This sounds like a great trip. Our land in Colorado was in Pagosa Springs, an hour from Durango. Obviously
Oct 30, 2017 02:32:31   #
Thanks for all the help. Had written a short gook here and one of the kittens just wiped it out walking on keyboard. I guess they think I should o to bed. All in all, it was great trip, even with the rain. We will definitely do it again and start up at Bar Harbor and come down to Portland. We did see a tiny bit of New Hampshire and will possibly be back to explore more as GD has Crosby-Sawyer interested in her for their volleyball team. We shopped yarn, quilt store, outlets, kitchen supply and came away with some great vinegars, tools, bread, really nice pottery (but didn't find an egg separator). Went crazy in the sock shop and really enjoyed the Scandinavian shop in Portland but it was too rich for my blood other than a pair of socks to match a plaid dress I bought elsewhere. We ate really well so I will have to do some extra walking the next few weeks. We met some interesting people and learned a lot. Can't wait to visit again.
Oct 30, 2017 02:12:37   #
jael23 wrote:
I am so jealous. I was suppose to be in Boston now. I am originally from there and would loved to have been able to go. My mom who has been gone 5 years has a friend who is turning 100 tomorrow. They had a party Saturday celebrating. Because of health reasons I couldn't go. Not every day you know someone turning 100. This woman is amazing. She still has her wits about her and you never know what will come out of her mouth. I just adore her. Whenever I would speak to her she would just say why am I still alive.I lived long enough and am ready to leave but someone up there will not let me go. Her memory is as good as anyone else I know.
I am so jealous. I was suppose to be in Boston now... (show quote)

So sorry you weren't able to go. My mom just passed at 96. I have a couple acquaintances that are at 100 or near and they are just amazing. I can only hope to be as sharp. I think having a natural curiosity about things and being active are key. They also aren't afraid to speak their mind and that can be quite entertaining!! Hope your health issues are temporary and soon over.
Oct 30, 2017 02:05:48   #
thomsonact wrote:
Well, the lobster is the most important part! You have to visit LLBean in Freeport! If you get that far, Blue Hill, Castine, Bar Harbor, and Winter Harbor are all great! There's a yarn shop in Blue Hill!

LLBean was quite something. We also enjoyed Linda Bean's eatery (lobster rolls and lobster andmac) and learned a little about politics! Old Navy got a good deal of my money as well, since we had some rainy days so did extra shopping. Had terrific lobster in Portland on the converted ship (name escapes me at the moment) and also had terrific lobster in, of all places, the very nice dining room in the Marriott in Portland. No bookbinder's soup... so will have to make another trip or just have a bowl net time I'm in Chicago!
Oct 30, 2017 02:00:20   #
tatesgirl wrote:
On the road to Boothbay Harbor, there's a place where you can eat your lobster at a picnic table outside where you can see, hear and smell the ocean. Its quite wonderful; however, I recommend you journey on specifically so you'll bypass the horrific traffic to and from Harbor. There's an equally good place near the Ellsworth-Trenton area on Route 3, and much more convenient if you intend to visit the Bar Harbor area (Cadillac Mountain). I don't recall its name but its on the right hand side of the road and you'll see the big "cookers" outside the building. Stop and select your lobster, watch it getting cooked if that pleases you or just "hang for a few" while you chat with the friendly locals. Once you have your lobster in hand, drive about 1/4 mile to picnic tables on your left - with just as good a view and really great ocean breezes.

Most people enjoy the ride to Bar Harbor and head straight to Cadillac Mountain, stopping for a moment at Sieur de Monte spring - a natural bubbling spring where we used to scoop up a handful of the cool refreshing water when I was young (no longer permitted). There are natural springs all over Mount Desert Island, another being on the road to Seal Harbor. One still in place will be on your left at an intersection where you'll likely turn left to drive on to Northeast Harbor. My grandfather welled that one up about 100 years ago but I doubt the old porcelain cup still hangs conveniently nearby to quench a person's thirst

Explore as much of Acadia National Park as you can. Just driving the length of it will provide beautiful scenery. The park was petitioned from the Federal Government by John D. Rockefeller early in the 20th century and he did much to island properties to "keep them the way God made them," or so he said. If you have time, you might enjoy a hike along the trails he preserved (on Mount Desert Island). His daughter Ann R. Roberts wrote "Mr. Rockefeller's Roads," which provides her daughter's pictures and her own description.

Good luck and I hope you enjoy every minute of your trip.
On the road to Boothbay Harbor, there's a place wh... (show quote)

One evening, there was a news article on how much they intend to raise the cost of Acadia National Park next year... double or more... up to$70 per person. Sure wish we had been able to make it this year!!!! I may skip the park, but still enjoy the ride up to the area next trip.
Oct 30, 2017 01:57:09   #
cheron16 wrote:
Good to see you on here,seems your feeling better since I last talked to you .Happy for you

Thanks. I am finally finished with all the abdominal surgeries to remove the mesh that was causing main problems. There are still some aches and pains from scar tissue, etc. and a little nerve issue that I am having to take a medication for, but really feeling much, much better and trying to get back into all my neglected activities. This getting old is not for the faint of heart!!!!
Oct 30, 2017 01:53:00   #
luckywinn wrote:
Good morning! Mother of Purl Yarnshop in Freeport Maine. Two lovely women own the shop. Beautiful yarn and ever so helpful. You will not be disappointed. Also Grace Robinson in Freeport but they basically ignore you until you are ready to check out, and seem to pre-judge in my opinion and those of others. Sometimes have decent markdowns. Enjoy your trip, it is just beautiful this time of year.

Loved Mother of Purl!!!!! In fact, I stopped in twice. Did get a couple things at Grace Robinson too and lucked out with one young gal that was helpful..... Also found Cotton Weeds for quilting material and they were delightful and so helpful.
Oct 30, 2017 01:48:02   #
DJ730 wrote:
In Kennebunkport, Me. Is the knitlit a great place to shop a large selection of yarn and patterns and the owner Kate and 2 other workers are friendly and helpful also Kennebunkport is beautiful.


Loved the town, but the shop was closed on Monday.... We were too late in day on return through town so will definitely hit it next time. Also a wool store recommended there.
Oct 30, 2017 01:46:13   #
Dreamweaver wrote:
Thanks. I thought WEBS was somewhere in the area. Now hope it is the direction DH planned or he may have to recalculate! Guess I'd better throw in a book of patterns just in case.

Wrong direction for our travels this time but I did find some great yarn stores (two in Freeport) along the way and bought way more yarn than I needed and some notions, etc. Also visited a great quilt store there and did some other shopping. We enjoyed the outlet shopping in Freeport as a way to pass the rainy days and also visited a chocolate factory, great pottery place where we made some purchases including a yarn bowl with a Main theme, a very good woodworker, a Shaker village, went out on a lobster boat... ate great, especially in Portland and Freeport, and had some lovely accommodations.
Oct 30, 2017 01:41:40   #
raypatw wrote:
Boston is about 1hour and 45 minutes from Northampton, the location of Webs , the yarn place if you are interested. Fanuiel Hall and the Freedom Trail are great.

We did go to Fanuiel Hall on Sunday and enjoyed the street performers and fell in love with drinking chocolate. Found the parking wicked expensive! We would have enjoyed more exploration but decided to come back a day early for better flights and to avoid Boston hotel prices. Definitely need to plan better next time and see some of the historic sites but enjoyed our little taste of the city.
Oct 22, 2017 20:36:13   #
So much really good info. Will have to have DH read because I am totally and completely directionally challenged. I think we will hit Kennebunkport and Bar Harbor.... The rest is up to the driver!!!!! Pretty much winging it with no reservations. Must say, the Market Hall area in Boston was very interesting and an eye opener. $38. to park for 1 hour and 3 minutes. Saw some things I liked there but don't think I'll go back..... We laughed. The first door we went in was right next to a Tex-Mex restaurant we have at home and a Dick's Last Resort. The farther you go, the more things remain the same.
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