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Jan 16, 2019 10:21:47   #
Those are cute, I bet the GKs were happy
Poledra65 wrote:
Pearl's Girls sent me these to post for her, I missed the email, so it's a few days late. They're super cute though.
Jan 15, 2019 22:14:59   #
Jan 15, 2019 18:16:36   #
I have made those & have a pair I keep in my car, they are really warm but very bulky & not much good if you want any dexterity so kids can’t really play in them.
CALLI wrote:
Look for a pattern or technique called 'Thrummed Mittens' where you use bits of roving yarn every 3rd or 4th stitch or so.
The roving becomes felted inside the mitten making it extra warm.
Jan 15, 2019 18:02:01   #
Nice that you have been able to reconnect at least a little.
EJS wrote:
Fun story how that happened. When he was born I was given and address where I could send things and they would be held "just in case". Well when DD1 got married she sent a wedding announcement. A few weeks later she got a call from his dad saying they would like to meet us. Turns out he was attending a military school just an hour or so away from where DD1 lived. So we made plans and went to watch his first football game of the season. While talking it was discovered they he and his dad were actually touring the base where the wedding was held (ex SIL was in the army). They feel they had passed the church while we were getting photos outside! We were that close and didn't even have a clue. We have stayed in touch since.

Fun story how that happened. When he was born I wa... (show quote)
Jan 15, 2019 17:49:45   #
😳😳I can imagine she wasn’t happy😄
Swedenme wrote:
Lol I had a little mini machine which i loved only I got a bit carried away and made dolls clothes from my mothers cushion covers , she was not amused . In my defence they had a lovely fringe on them that made the perfect hemline to a dress 😄
Jan 15, 2019 17:46:48   #
I grew Brugimansia one year but our season isn’t long enough😩I dug it up & brought it inside, the blooms were amazing but was so perfumed it almost drove us out of the house😄I think it would be fine outside but a little overpowering in the living room.
MindyT wrote:
Oleander as far as I know, has to be ingested. Deer won't touch it and I've never had a dog or cat go near it. We have red and white and a pink one I just remembered. They have been planting Olenander along the freeways ever since the 1950's when freeways began expanding in SoCal. They love heat, sun, don't mind drought. The perfect plant....except they are poisonous if ingested. I have Brugmansia too...those upside down trumpet flowers? Smell lovely but deadly when ingested. Deer don't go near them either.
Oleander as far as I know, has to be ingested. D... (show quote)
Jan 15, 2019 10:18:50   #
Yes, so many clothers now are total junk. I tend to get things I like & wear them for years. I buy quite a lot from Eddie Bauer as they are good quality & they have excellent warranty. I always check out their clearance section & get nice things for reasonable prices.
Maatje wrote:
Wow you were very proficient! I have the opposite problem being very tall. My mom was an excellent seamstress so she sewed all my clothes. I sewed, but can’t say I was super good at it. Sewed for the children as well. Fabric was cheaper in those days. And ready made quite expensive. And of course everything was always way too short in the legs and arms. Clothes are made disposable these days. Most are shoddily made with cheap fabric. But most people only wear things for a season or so and then throw them out. I tend to keep my clothes once I find something i do like and which fits well. I have a boring wardrobe. 🤪
Wow you were very proficient! I have the opposite ... (show quote)
Jan 15, 2019 10:16:41   #
I haven’t looked lately but usually lemons are at least $1 each here. I will have to buy some in a couple of weeks as I have to bake fish for the Wildlife supper & I always take lemons to go with it.
Swedenme wrote:
That is a lot of money for a lemon , you can get a bag full of the basic lemons for less than half that price here , even our more expensive ones are a lot less,
Jan 15, 2019 10:14:41   #
I had a mini machine when I was little that had a hand crank, lots of doll clothes got made on there .
kiwifrau wrote:
Yes very similar to my upbringing as a child as yours seemed to be.

I learnt on a treadle sewing machine, of course I was way to tiny to reach the peddle when sitting on the chair.
I remember when I first started I used to move the needle by turning the wheel by hand. Took ages to sew a dolls dress but I did, then a lightbulb came on and I stood up and used one foot and that worked really well, lol!
When my daughter was really young I made dresses from remnants that I bought, some cost around .50 to that time.
Yes very similar to my upbringing as a child as yo... (show quote)
Jan 15, 2019 10:12:21   #
They both look great but I love the socks
Swedenme wrote:
Here is what it looks like so far , I was going for some thing completely different for my valentine socks but decided multi coloured hearts would make it more wearable for longer , thinking about putting some words on the soles but thats still in the thinking department😊 , here is also a picture of the start of my first baby blanket , was going to go for something more shawl like but need some yarn for that so when I saw this one I really wanted to try it ,
Jan 15, 2019 10:11:09   #
I would hope you wouldn’t have to babysit then😄😄DS 1 was 24 when GS was born but DS2 is 28 & doesn’t stay off work long enough to find a girlfriend so heaven knows if I will ever have more.
KateB wrote:
Possibly, but at 86 I won't be babysitting! His father was 32 before he had Luke and other DS was 34.
Jan 15, 2019 10:07:26   #
The cost of patterns has really got crazy.
I often take old patterns & change them for what I want. I made coveralls for the GKs to play in on the farm, I just taped a sweatshirt pattern to a pants pattern & made them a little wider for ease. The only critical measurement is from crotch to back neck so fit wasn’t a real concern. When I make the coats every Christmas for the GKs I just measure up the previous one & add to the length & width & use the basic sweatshirt patterns I’ve been using for years.i rarely make anything fancy now days.
jinx wrote:
My first school sewing project was to make a pair of slippers using two wash cloths. Ridiculous as they were way too small.
Fabric is expensive and then if you need to buy a pattern you could purchase ready made much cheaper. Maybe not as nice as handmade, but cheaper.
Jan 15, 2019 10:03:03   #
That seems crazy, why wouldn’t they have that tour in your winter, it’s not like it ever gets cold.
We are to get colder as the week goes on. I took the dog out last night before I went to bed & it was still only about -5C but by this morning it was -25C/-13F & we are to get -35C/-30F later in the week, oh joy😄😄
darowil wrote:
Yours sounds lovely and cool! Over 42 here today (108). But areas in the state had record highs for them- one was over 48 (118) and the other almost 50 (122). So that makes out 42 seem OK.

As so often happens the Tour Down Under is on in the midst of this extreme heat- can you imagine cycling for hours and hours in this heat let alone racing? And we are playing India here in Adelaide in a One Day game tonight as well.
Jan 15, 2019 09:58:07   #
I grow Sweet 100 or Sweet million cherry tomatoes & they produce so well,about 5 gallons/ plant so I had to find a way to use them up as we sure can’t eat so many. I always say I’m only planting one plant but somehow I end up with more😄😄I start too many & then can’t give the extras away
Fan wrote:
Yay! My little blue chariot is back home and runs like new. Had to keep foot off accelerator on the way home, it has lots of Oomph now.
Sonja can’t wait to see your heart in a sock it sounds wonderful, and Valentines is notfar away either.
A nice bit of rain yesterday has given the garden a boost, and cleared the air of high humidity.
Bonnie I like the dried tomatoes you have, might be on my agenda when the purple ones get ripe as they are smaller than big red ones.
Jan 15, 2019 09:55:07   #
So hard when you are so far from family. Do you get to use FaceTime/Skype? I think technology is wonderful for people who live far apart, st least they get to “ see & talk” without actually being there so hopefully kids get to know family members they don’t meet in person.
EJS wrote:
In total I have 7 grands. Today (the 14th) the youngest of the bunch turned 3, then one turning 13, two that are 10, one 7 and the other 5. Four girls\ three boys. They are spread out for sure. I have never met the 3 year old in person. She and her brothers live in Wyoming. My last visit out there was in 2013. GD -Z lives in northern Indiana and I don't get to see her much. It is hard when family is spread out.

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