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Sep 15, 2018 06:02:39   #
HELP!! I made refrigerator carrot pickles last year & have been sitting in the refrigerator since. They taste of too vinegar so they haven't been eaten. What can I do other that throw them out? Can they be drained, rinsed off and then cooked?
Jun 9, 2018 07:56:06   #
ouijian wrote:
I want to figure out a way to make something out of those mesh bags potatoes and clementines come in.

I give mine to my GS's school. The kindergarten teacher loves them as she does projects with the little ones.
May 30, 2018 06:59:18   #
Phoenix wrote:
I don't think I've ever made a cornstarch slurry. Is that just cornstarch mixed with water to thicken stuff?

Yes, it is.
May 29, 2018 08:50:58   #
My Grandmother used to make Kool Aid Pudding when I was growing up. I think it was a war time recipe with all the rations. I never got the recipe from her but have tried to make it doing my own version it turned out fine.

1 package of Kool Aid
1 cup sugar (can be reduced)
4 cups water
cornstarch to make slurry
Cool Whip thawed out

Mix kool Aid, sugar & water in saucepan & heat for sugar to dissolve. Gradually add cornstarch slurry. Let cool down to warm then add the Cool Whip. My favourite is the Orange flavour as Grandma use to make Orange must of the time.
Jan 25, 2018 06:33:55   #
I have osteoarthritis in my knees & back so I have bought a small/narrow recliner that fits me (not my 6'2" DH) with the padding on the inside of the chair. I had a specific location for it to sit. The recliner is tilled back, my legs/feet are raised and have a back support pillow for the small of my back. I can't sit for long with it straight up with my feet on the floor as my knees start aching. The armrests on the chair are nicely padded so I rest my elbows on it and doesn't cause any pressure on by shoulders. I can only sit for about 1/2 hr. at a time as the dog wants out or some other reason so I'm forever getting up.

I also use circular needles. I had to switch to circular years ago as my cat loved straight needles bobbling up & down and trying to pull the needles away from me. I only use dpns when making hats & the top is getting to small.

Nowadays, the dog (he is only 2yrs old) like to come & sit with me. Seeing as the recliner is narrow, he lays his bum down on the armrest and stretches out to the footrest. Its a good that he's not big. He also thinks that its his chair and claiming it when I get up or go out.
Jan 23, 2018 08:30:52   #
I am the opposite. About 3 years ago, I weighed about 190 lbs. and my doctor said that I was obsess then send me to a dietitian. That was it for me.

I am 67 yrs old and 5'3" tall. I have changed my diet some, eat less, and walk when I can as I have osteoarthritis in both my knees and back. I now weigh 160 lbs. which hasn't been this low on about 20 years. This last while I haven't been walking as much as I'm now having a hip problem - it keeps going out of place - and walking aggravates it.

I didn't realize how much my stomach has gone down until Friday when I put on my good jeans that I wear to go out. I've been using a belt as the waist has always been big but they fit me everywhere else. I noticed how big they are on me - baggy everywhere. The belt done to the tightest, and they were falling off so I had to find a shorter belt as I ready to go out. Now, I have to make new holes in all my belts.
Jan 6, 2018 09:25:41   #
Last year, I decided to try to save money as I want to go to Ecuador in 2 years. I am a senior so my pension cheques come in at the end of the month. I look at what is in my account balance before the cheques come in and transfer into my savings account. At the time, I figured that I'd have money set aside the Christmas. This worked very well for saving money.

I had money saved up so in July, I was able to go to Grand Forks with my DD for the day and not feel guilty about spending money. I opened an USD account and have saved over $600. Then, in October, my chest freezer died - I can't complain as it was over 35 years old. With my regular savings, I was able to buy an upright freezer - researched around to find the best deal and was available that day.

I rarely buy clothes. I bought a lot of yarn for my stash before I retired so I rarely need buy any with the exception in Black Monday - Yarnspiritions had an excellent sale (checked the prices before buying) and spend over $100 Cdn. Got colours that is needed to combine with what is in my stash plus a little extra so I wouldn't have to pay for shipping.

Unfortunately, November and December didn't work because of Christmas. Now, I'm starting my saving again at the end of this month.
Jan 1, 2018 06:31:16   #
I have made a list of the most popular abbreviations. Printed it out, took it to Staples and got them to plasticize it so it won't get ruined.

I hope this is a help.

Attached file:
Dec 30, 2017 10:37:27   #
Its -34 with wind chill its -45. Its been extremely cold since Christmas Day - 41 with wind chill. We've had very little snow - only about 6" deep normally about a foot for this time of year.

Our dog is very unhappy as he loves his walks but we aren't taking him right now. He does run in the yard but out only for a few minutes at a time as he wants back in.
Dec 30, 2017 10:13:00   #
I also knit hats for charity and have a very easy pattern. I have made over 150 hats using this pattern, they don't go to the same place so duplication doesn't matter.

Cast on 72 - 80 sts on 4.0 - 5.0 (depending on the yarn) on a 16" circular needle with a 5-6 inch tail to sew up later. Knit 3 rows, then join. watch the next row at the join in case of the stitches twisting on the needle. PM, continue knitting in the round for about 6 - 7 inches. Begin the deceasing, I do every 9 or 10 sts every other row. When I'm down to about 24 sts then switch to dpns and continue decreasing. When down to 8 sts, slip sts onto a darning needle, pull until hole closes, thread yarn into wrong side, tie off and weave in the end.

Go to the rim of the hat, using the tail, sew up the gap and weave in the end again. The rim of the hat has rolled but will unroll when put on.
Dec 30, 2017 09:44:18   #
JTM wrote:
Since most scarves tend to be about 60 inches long... that should take a minimum of 5 times as long to knit. Yes it is fewer stitches, but when knitting a pattern such as waffle stitch... moving back and forth between knits and purls ... takes a bit longer than using all knit stitches. (Its the switching back and forth that takes longer) ...
Keep in mind that your stocking stitch will curl on the edges. (The nature of stockinette is to curl) Using a border of seed stitch or even garter stitch would keep the edges from curling.
Since most scarves tend to be about 60 inches long... (show quote)

I said the wrong stitch on the edges - its the garter stitch.
Dec 30, 2017 06:18:32   #
Can someone explain this -

I knit hats for charity. I can knit a hat in 1 - 1 1/2 days - 72 - 80 sts wide (depending on the yarn) and 9" long from rim to top on a circular needle.

I am knitting myself a scarf which I need. Its 60 sts wide in basket weave stitch with stocking stitch on each side (using the same needle size as the hats) and it is taking me forever to complete.
Dec 29, 2017 07:53:45   #
Don't buy more yarn, my stash it over taking my computer room. Did pretty good this year but still bought yarn that was sale that I needed.
Nov 27, 2017 07:29:19   #
I am looking for a simple adult hat pattern using pompom yarn. I have looked on Ravelry and only found 1 which is for a child in crochet. I have 4 - 75m of this yarn which I want to use up. The pompoms are 1 3/4" apart and are 1" long.

Can someone please help me?
Nov 19, 2017 20:26:24   #
[quote=knit4ES]Link? or, at least, exact pattern name and designer..... so we can see a picture, maybe read the instructions ourselves.[/quotlena'se]

Its Lena's Top-Down Sweater from Episode 807ANV

I solved the problem, ripped it out and did garter stitch for 6 rows. Now, no rolling.
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