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Sep 19, 2019 19:07:10   #
BarbaraSD wrote:
wonderful picture but it saddens me I will never get to visit Scotland.

Me neither, Barb! I am Scotch-Irish and have never seen either and at my age, not able to go there. so sad
Sep 19, 2019 18:33:21   #
There are quite a few on, you have to join, but it is free, and lots and lots of patterns. I have made several of their patterns for top down cardigans, and I enjoy so much using this type of knit.
\The Harvest sweater on tincanknits, I just read it and printed it, it looks really a good first top down cardigan.
Sep 19, 2019 11:44:02   #
A good series, as a born in Kentucky gal, I grew up with Renfro barn dance on the radio along with the Grand Old Opry. I always like country music even tho' my mom dismissed it because it was not classical. I love classical as well, as all my piano lessons were on the classical side. Our aunt taught us piano and she was a good pianist, classic only. My younger sis was a very talented pianist and has been a teacher as well as performer, classical music. She can play anything and has accompanied the local symphony. I just love music.
Sep 18, 2019 11:46:08   #
I just put a sweater in the washer, I had knit it myself, was sure it was washable wool, it wasn't. Sweater did not felt but it sure shrank,will donate it, maybe someone can wear that size.
Sep 18, 2019 11:39:34   #
Just frogged a partially knit sweater, rolled into loose balls, and then knit a couple hats and some mitts from the yarn for charity. Looks fine. Will wash before donating.
Sep 18, 2019 11:25:52   #
Thanks, nice hat
Sep 17, 2019 16:29:11   #
Have been up there in Minnesota and Ontario,beautiful area, but lots of mosquitoes, Minnesota's state bird!
Sep 17, 2019 16:24:05   #
Have had that happen, some people just can't park and probably should not be out on the roads!
Sep 17, 2019 10:57:35   #
I have wood square and also metal ones, I love them both, my first choice always.
Sep 16, 2019 11:40:35   #
Really a great sweater, wish I had the skill, but I sure do not! A beautiful knit!
Sep 16, 2019 11:21:53   #
I remember encountering lovebugs in Florida when I visited my mom there, I remember those horrid box elder bugs in MN when we lived just south of Mpls., I remember mosquitoes in MN, I remember the flies in the Northeast when traveling thru there. HEre in WA, insects are not a big issue even tho' right now I am trying to eliminate a few teeny tiny black ants out of my kitchen. I have not seen a mosquito all summer, house flies only a few, spiders do like it here, mainly small ones but every now and then a big one. Youall might not like our rain, but we don't have the influx of lots of insects other climates do. I do kind of miss the lightning bugs.
Sep 15, 2019 12:23:27   #
Love the socks!
Sep 15, 2019 12:22:00   #
DH and I used to ballroom dance and we loved swing, so much fun ! We were not talented like these two, but had fun just the same. We danced at least 3 or 4 times a week, practicing at home many times as well. Our lives revolved around dancing for a lot of years.
Sep 15, 2019 12:04:20   #
beautiful work and it looks great on you, love the pockets
Sep 14, 2019 11:26:56   #
At one time I was a "stewardess", now called a flight attendant. I had experiences with sick people, elderly people, drunks, everything you can think of, and listening to them and seeing they need help and reassurance was what I was there for and was so glad when I could offer help and see that they were taken care of.
It was most kind of this person on the airplane to offer help. It seems now that planes are so full, everyone is tied to their laptops, Ipads, phones, or books, they cannot take time to even notice who is in the row of seats with them or notice if they are frightened or sad or bewildered. So glad this person was kind enough to listen, to help and their reward is the knowledge they had helped. A reminder to all of us to be aware and to be kind to those around us.
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