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Sep 1, 2019 14:18:32   #
you might also contact the kp member peppered, she wrote a wonderful article in defense of this former member, I too liked her dolls and looked forward to seeing them. Anyway she purchased a doll from her, and she might be able to get you in touch with her.
Aug 9, 2019 20:06:46   #

this is on ravelry, with a link to Etsy for the pattern
Jul 27, 2019 21:14:35   #
has anyone had a store credit at lion brand yarns, and if so, how did you apply it to the cart? I want to purchase some of the shawl in a ball and cannot find how to do this. thanks for any assistance
Jul 27, 2019 18:08:44   #
reb lewry wrote:
It is a pattern by Carol Sunday and available on her web page Sunday Knits pattern is called Milkweed

Thank you for the information. I knew I liked it, but forgot it was on my to do list. It was already in my file folder. You gave me inspiration to move it up on the list. Great job. What yarn did you use?
Jul 27, 2019 10:13:59   #
I love it !!!! Can you share the pattern name (info?)
Jul 21, 2019 02:55:23   #
with 30 stitches in previous row, you cannot do 6 sc and then 2 sc in next stitch and come up with 36 - you only end up with a total of 34 stitches, I tried 5 sc and increase in next stitch, and ended up with 33 stitches, the only way to get 36 is to do sc in 4 stitches, then increase in next stitch, this works out evenly increasing the stitches and you do end up with a total of 36 stitches
Jun 8, 2019 17:30:57   #
Sarmite wrote:
Here are my new Afghan & Shawl

Love them both, but especially the shawl. Could you share the info on it.
Jun 2, 2019 00:51:35   #
charts for the actual shawl pictured can be found at this link
May 21, 2019 16:06:09   #
debg wrote:
As my grandchildren grow, it is difficult to find patterns for their sizes. It is easy to find interesting patterns through size 7, but where do you get them after that? If you can provide some suggestions, I would be grateful. Thank you!

Are you looking for anything specific? Sweaters, dresses, pants ?
May 20, 2019 21:18:27   #
the red heart pattern are for applique balls, and are attached to the blanket, you could use just the balls if the right size.
May 20, 2019 14:25:25   #
if you crochet, go to red heart, LW4224 young athletes blanket and rattles, there are several in the pattern
May 14, 2019 16:49:02   #
JoanRetired wrote:
Hello All,

I was fortunate to find three Bea Ellis Norwegian hat patterns and have been knitting them up ferociously for Christmas gifts. Does anyone out there have copies of any of her patterns. She is not in business anymore so I haven't had any luck so far finding more of them. Email me at Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Much

From what I can tell, they are on archive as kits for sale. Here is the link if you are interested:
May 14, 2019 16:37:20   #
doglady wrote:
I am going to make a lapghan for one of my sister-in-law's husband. First of all, how big is a lapghan? Secondly, looking at the picture do you think it would look better done in half double crochet or a knit stitch (please suggest one). Thanks for you help.

I looked at my blanket size chart and a lapghan/throw is about 52" x 60", but I think the previous suggestion to measure the size for him is the best.
Apr 25, 2019 17:51:47   #
fantastic job on the egg, it is gorgeous.
Apr 23, 2019 01:13:40   #
Swedenme wrote:
Sorry for not replying sooner Liz but Ive been busy over Easter , not sure anyone was interested in the booties , but I'll get you the rest of the pattern sometime today

I'm definitely interested. Thank you, I appreciate all your hard work.
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