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Sep 21, 2019 14:08:06   #
"Knitters are angels in disguise" so my t-shirt says.
Sep 18, 2019 11:42:03   #
Don't do what I did and crochet all the hexagons and then try to put them together. Make about 6 and see if they will go together; you like what you've done and want to continue.
Sep 18, 2019 01:44:44   #
If she has long hair, a nice stretchy hairband is a fast project for either of you to make.
Sep 16, 2019 02:02:17   #
Definitely for the young people.
Sep 16, 2019 01:58:54   #
It made me smile to remember taking a class from Michele at TKGA. I hope you had a perfect day and you enjoyed being with her as much as I did.
Sep 12, 2019 23:24:20   #
It happened in St. Petersburg, FL in 2015. She was a beautiful little 5 year old girl. He's in jail.
Sep 7, 2019 12:46:32   #
I just cast on and realize I put about 1/4" of yarn between each cast-on stitch. Then you have enough slack to stretch the stitches around a 16" needle. Also I don't join the stitches on the first round but knit ribbing for one row before joining so the right side is showing when the brim is turned up.
Aug 30, 2019 08:39:33   #
I usually find it on the CREATE channel of my public TV station.
Aug 26, 2019 00:19:06   #
I mentioned my trigger fingers, both ring and little fingers in a circle in the morning, to my Osteopathic Doctor. He said I was forming a fist when I sleep. He told me to go to sleep with both hands either flat on the sheet or in prayer position, usually under my cheek and do it any time I got awake during the night. It went away except for one ring finger every once in a while.
Aug 24, 2019 14:23:43   #
rainie wrote:
I read it as mindless modifying shawl, not woman, meaning its a good project while watching tv or as passenger in the car.

or while attending a knitting meeting.
Aug 24, 2019 12:38:12   #
Amen to the next to last one.
Aug 24, 2019 12:24:25   #
I'm seeing two mistakes. One is the bar (the length of yarn) that didn't go through the last stitch on your left hand needle and there seem to be a clump of stitches on the right hand needle. Maybe a different explanation may help you.
First off, I would turn your work around to the other side to see where you have columns of loops of stitches. The bar length of yarn needs to become a loop to be brought through the loop of the last stitch. Stick your crochet hook (or other knitting needle) through the loop, catch the bar of yarn behind the stitch, bring it through the loop and put it on your knitting needle. That stitch is fixed.
Next problem: To me it looks like you have multiple stitches together on what should be the first stitch on the right hand needle. Again, probably some loop of yarn didn't get pulled through but was left on the needle. Gently pull off that one glob of stitches, hold them with your fingers at the base of the stitches and see where they line up in columns. They may have crossed over one another and be all right. Straighten them out so you have 3 stitches to put back on your needle.
To help you in the future when you tink: Take a deep breath, have good light and relax. It is only yarn and no body gets hurt. These are only columns of loops.
Think of your stitches as having a right and left leg. There is a right side of the stitch and a left side of the stitch. You want the right side of the stitch to be closest to you when you put the stitch on your needle. Then your stitches won't get twisted. I wish someone had explained this to me as a beginning knitter a long time ago.
To tink, urn your work around to the back side so you can see your stitches better and you are working with your right hand to tink. Put your needle into the stitch from back to front where the yarn is to be removed so the right side of the stitch will be on the needle toward you and then gently pull the yarn out of the stitch. If the needle is already there holding the stitch before you pull the yarn out, you won't drop a stitch.
Fix a stitch on the "Knit" side where the columns of loops go through one another on the front instead of the "purl" or bumpy side where you have to pull the yarn through from the back. It doesn't matter on which side the stitch is fixed. Make it easier on yourself.
Remember, it doesn't matter whether you are going forward or backward, knitting or tinking, you are still knitting! Enjoy!
Aug 15, 2019 07:32:35   #
And how many of us put our name and phone number as ID on our knitting bags when we take them out of the house? Just in cast we put them down and forget where....
Aug 14, 2019 12:27:09   #
Few of us are going to judge your living room. It looks PERFECT in comparison to mine. Even the dog knows his place! I have a shirt that says, God wouldn't have made me a knitter if he had meant me to cook and clean!
Aug 13, 2019 21:37:48   #
It looks like it would be perfect for a chemo patient. It's wonderful that it is adjustable.
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