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May 18, 2019 08:09:38   #
I live in the state of Michigan in the United States. Michigan birth certificates also include the baby's weight and length (height).

May 7, 2019 07:34:44   #
My Gaeilge is practically non-existent. Could you translate the title, please?

MaryEllen (whose father was born on the Shannon River just outside Leitrim Village)
May 4, 2019 08:01:25   #
We should all have a "password" or verbal "cue" with our families. When one of my grandson's was about 2-1/2, I jokingly called him "Charlie" one day. For months, he wouldn't talk to me unless I called him Charlie and eventually decided he didn't want me to call him Charlie anymore. HIS NAME IN NO WAY RESEMBLES CHARLIE. That became the password if anyone other than immediate relatives was sent to pick him or younger siblings up for an "emergency". He has just finished his freshman year of college and knows that a "Granny, I need help call" even from his cell phone will require that password.

MaryEllen - Interlochen MI
Apr 26, 2019 08:22:33   #
I have made both Colonade and Little Colonade. I used fingering yarn for both and needle size recommended for each pattern. I like the way both turned out. I used fingering yarn for Colonade (1) because I had it and (2) because I'm not a fan of heavy, thick yarn. But I didn't like the way the "lace section was written. If I remember correctly the pattern is written - Row 1 *K2 tog twice, yo twice* Row 2 *k1, p1 in yo's, p2*. After a few rows, I didn't like the appearance of the "columns", so I frogged and did Row 1 as *ssk, k2tog, yo twice* and I liked it better. But, to each their own.

Interlochen MI
Mar 7, 2019 07:30:29   #
Can you go back to Aldi and buy the same sheets? Color & size as the ones missing pillowcases? If they have the pillow cases you need, keep the pillowcases and return the remainder of the sets since they are missing the pillow cases and are therefore not as labeled. You get what you need and can "prove" that some packages do not contain what they claim.

Mar 4, 2019 16:52:55   #
if you're going to attempt to copy or chart this item, the beginning and ending sides are the "sides" of the butterflies. I'm saying that because some to the stitches form x's and they can only be made on horizontal rows.

Mar 4, 2019 13:54:24   #
I grabbed my 8-1/2 x 11 inch hardbound copy of The Complete Book of Crochet by Elizabeth L Mathieson copyright 1946 which has an 11 page chapter on Filet Crochet and an 11 page chapter on Irish Crochet. No luck finding the pattern you're looking for. But most filet patterns are charted. Can you make your own chart from the doily you have? It might be tedious and laborious, but you can do it if you need and want to.

Mar 3, 2019 14:09:09   #
I understand the concept of punitive damages. BUT can punitive damages be excessive? And if a physician is guilty of malpractice multiple times, should the physician still have a license? There are problems in our medical care system that increase our costs. Some of them need to be reviewed and controlled.

Mar 3, 2019 13:45:33   #
One of the ways to control medical costs in the U.S. is tort reform. Much of our medical costs are physicians premiums for malpractice insurance and pharmaceutical companies premiums for liability insurance. Yes, there are instances of malpractice and bad drugs, but are those instances worth the award of tens of millions of dollars? Countries that have national health systems DON'T have malpractice or drug liability issues because you "can't sue the sovereign". I hate to think what our soon to be neurologist daughter will be paying in malpractice premiums. Because she is a resident, her hospital currently covers (carries) her malpractice insurance. I understand that one she finishes her residency and becomes an attending physician in private practice, her malpractice premiums are likely to be twenty per cent (20%) of her pre-tax income. And in the U.S., Employee Business Expenses (Form 2106) are becoming hard to justify and deduct.

Feb 18, 2019 07:50:56   #
I have made a number of christening blankets using Feather & Fan stitch. After the first one, I realized that they needed a REALLY loose bind off. So, this is what works for me - bind off edge stitches normally; in the pattern area, bind off over decreases normally, in the area of yo, k1, put the stitch on your right needle back on your left needle and knit it again. This gives you an "extra" stitch in the lacy area. IF you do a crochet bind off, in the lacy area you ch1 between each stitch. Hope this makes sense and helps.

Feb 12, 2019 09:43:48   #
As I approach 69, I find I don't like managing double points OR short circulars. My LYS carries Addi circulars. I learned to knit in 1958 (age 8) but only started knitting socks in 2017. I find magic loop on 40 inch circulars works for me. And I love TAATTU (two at a time toe up). But, to each their own.

Feb 11, 2019 08:42:18   #
REMEMBER - gauge is the number of stitches/rows per inch to produce the finished product. We all knit differently - even if my knitting style "looks" like yours, my tension on the yarn is different. I have a pattern that called for size 5 needles; I had to use size 2 needles to get stitch gauge. But when I knit socks on size 2 needles called for in patterns - they fit. In this case, changing the yarn MIGHT give fabric with a different drape. The idea of a larger swatch, maybe 8 or 10 inches square is probably a good idea.

Feb 11, 2019 08:16:40   #
There is a product used in electrical work that is a heat-shrink tubing; I don't know the name of it, though. It comes in a variety of diameters. Take your circular needle to a hardware or electrical supply store and see if they can help you out. I would note that this will increase the diameter of the cable a bit. Since your problem is with a size 3 needle it may not work well but could be a good idea with needles that are larger. Small stitches from a size 3 needle may not slide as easily over the "patch" as the larger stitches from a larger needle.

in NW lower MI waiting for the next (continuing?) snow storm
Jan 20, 2019 15:23:42   #
Lots of good ideas in the replies.

I would suggest an iron, 2 pressing cloths (available at Joann in sets of two) and an old terry cloth or dish towel. Set up the ironing board and layer this way - 1) ironing board 2) old terry cloth or dishtowel 3) first pressing cloth 4) embroidered item 5) second pressing cloth. Set iron appropriately for embroidered item. Iron over the wax gently. The wax should melt into the pressing cloths and the terry cloth or dish towel. You may need to reposition if there's lots of wax but I don't see any in the picture you posted.

Jan 8, 2019 07:13:32   #
When a grandson was 22 months old I was Ganny because he had a hard time with "R" sounds. Since he was grandchild #10 and was influenced by older siblings and cousins, he eventually got with the "Granny" program. This summer we were in Ireland on a 3 hour walkabout in the village where my dad was born when some "idjit" knocked my cane out of my hand. The nearly 5 year old picked up my cane and threw it at me (he knows I can catch) saying "Here Ganny". He then took off after the idjit and as only he could let the guy know he was an idjit. But by September I was Granny again. He tells me I'll always be his Ganny but he'll call me Granny since everyone else does. - He was upset because I've had both hips replaced and he realized I could have gone flying just like my cane did. BTW, no apology from the idjit.

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