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Sep 20, 2019 09:45:57   #
Try chili’s
Sep 20, 2019 06:10:56   #
Lurker 2 wrote:
Thanks Joyce! I hope to get the eggs I need on my way home fMt Albert, tomorrow.
I have just made a meal that has no name- ever so many vegetables, it will do quite a number of days.
Nearly ten pm I have been up for ever, need to sleep!
Beethoven's ninth symphony on the radio. Building up to choral part at the end.
Nearly falling asleep- the phone almost landed on the
Have a great Friday most of you!

Pleasant dreams!
Sep 20, 2019 05:13:16   #
Mary Cardiff wrote:
We have two large Oak trees,in the area,
I have been picking up the acorns that fall onto the road,dont want to find a squirrel,that been hit by a car while picking up acorns,
I throw them under the tree,the acorns not a squirrel,
But the are so many acorns lying on the grass,where are the squirrel,Maybe eating from bird table,acorns off the menu,

They want a certain ‘vintage’ of acorn. Without your vehicle crushing the contents and enabling the aging process...OR just chalk it up to lazy squirrels!

After all, they are mooching at the expense of feeding birds...birds have to put more effort into flying.
Sep 20, 2019 05:06:31   #
Part of MY grief was repeated 25 times for the most recent completed blanket. When you finally get joined/border finished...I think I now have experienced a form of giving birth!

Photo below so that all of you do no€™t think I am mocking you that HAVE went through childbirth.

Each square has been made to 7 inches.
36-37 inches of crocheted perfection

Sep 20, 2019 04:42:31   #
Nanamel14 wrote:
Nice colours... please show us a pic when finished ☺

I am voting for this one to eat up my spare yarn...& free up my ‘spindles’!

It should be interesting to see how the colors shift.
Sep 19, 2019 14:49:42   #
sunshine1225 wrote:
Question here, are there latex related fibers? I saw your reference to epi pen use with eucalyptus , I have respiratory anaphylactic reactions to latex, which is a whole lot of problems there.

Hey neighbor! I lay claim to Mississippi myself, Gulfport birth!

My understanding is most of the chemical fiber yarn/thread could be what is setting your allergy symptoms off. Acrylic/polyester & the like. You should not be reacting to pure cotton yarn/thread...but make sure you buy the scent less detergent for your laundry.

I don’t know about potential colorant in laundry- your reaction to it. One item that you might be watching for...Mississippi is one state that has American Indian. Buy nitrate free sausages, and pay attention to ANY mention of corn syrup in the ingredients of your food!

Corn syrup is not digested well by American Indians. You can cook off the alcohol in the soup or other long cooking dish, but not recommended to drink unheated and the alcohol evaporated.

I just remembered too - avocado is not a recommended food choice for latex reacting people.
Sep 19, 2019 14:29:05   #
susieM wrote:
I havent done much with dpns but I can see where they are necessary. I bought a big set online, really cheap. I mean really cheap in price but they are really nice. Wood, smooth and in every size. 4 each. The problem is they are 7 in long and they really get in the way of each other. What lenghth is best for hat decreasing?

2-3 9-inch circulars! Look it up on Ravelry for hexagon knit projects...the pattern I am talking about starts at the outside and you keep decreasing until the center-most instructed step.
Sep 19, 2019 14:25:04   #
JoRae wrote:
Just a note to the OP. I find the ergonomic crochet hooks make my hands hurt worse this the regular hooks. Must be how I hold the hook.

That extra ‘puffy’ doesn’t help when you have trained your hands to deal with a certain size needle/hook. I share your dislike of ergonomic crochet hooks.
Sep 19, 2019 14:19:42   #
sue3340 wrote:
I have a sweater pattern I really like but want to knit with smaller needles than the pattern calls for as I like a tighter weave. Id like to use size 10 or 11 and the pattern calls for size 16. Is there a formula that will help me adapt the pattern to smaller needles?

With my stitch habits...adding 5 or 6 to the recommended number for your size should help adjust for gauge.

I hope you are not going down in yarn size too as you then have to add 1 for every size down you go.

I get 7-9 stitches to inch, left to right, US 4 worsted Red Heart yarn, chaiogoo Red Lace 3mm (US 2.5). So, if I wanted to use #10 crochet weight—0 weight thread/yarn (add 4 to needed #). Then I have to drop the needle size to a 2mm — add another 4 because I am working with chaiogoo.

So I would be dealing with 15 - 17 stitches per inch. I would hope to have a fun, multiple color thread/yarn to break up the monotony if I didn’t have an Aran eyelet pattern for variety.
Sep 19, 2019 14:00:09   #
I won’t show the other boxes I have...enough to say that, except for stiffening chemicals, fiberfill, and a few other items... I am ready to start production on needle tatting/crochet/knitting for the coming end-of-year potential sales.

I have to wait until the check for a doily arrives, but I am not about to not pay her back for shipping!
My package!

Sep 19, 2019 06:08:14   #
This will work great with the white/off white Pima cotton yarn I just got this week!
Sep 19, 2019 05:47:11   #
Now that I have a supply in my room...anywhere from 12-48 inches across?

I am already aware of needing 60-72 inches long. I will be dealing with local Indiana people...not taking over your sale. I am a 10-15 year knitter in hand craft experience...30+ in crochet.

Just basically trying to get an idea what will sell. Narrower for male customers?
Sep 19, 2019 03:15:23   #
Try some of the possible items on THIS webpage:

Sep 19, 2019 03:08:52   #
JoyceinNC wrote:
Can't remember if I tossed the Turmeric or not, way too spicy hot for me. Hubby gave me some herbs and blends from Penzey's for Christmas, I can actually stand to use their curry spice blend!

I usually keep a record of my experiments, right now it's a matter of getting past a couple of "must do/finish" projects before I can play around with this. Right now, it's the middle of the night, I woke up and can't seem to back to sleep. If I bang around in the kitchen, likely to wake hubby...he'll go ahead and get up and start his work day. Phooey.
Can't remember if I tossed the Turmeric or not, wa... (show quote)

This other restart folds better with 8 instead of 5 inches. I am happy to live with that!

Now that I have rethought my cast on...Turkish cast on gets too weird for the holding strand of yarn.

Going back to provisional cast on...only 14 (16 for additional crochet chains) this time for holding strand of yarn. Provisional is LESS strange on holder...only add stitch for invisible join with supply yarn.
I added 3 more inches...someone PM a question and said they put 8 inches on the handle portion of this donut doll.

Sep 19, 2019 01:40:00   #
JoyceinNC wrote:
A quick look at the fabric dyes I have...none of them recommend their products for 100% polyester. Including the grocery store dye (Rit brand). I'll have to do some experimenting with the 100% polyester, but surely the acrylic paint would work on it. As for the cotton, I can use just about any dye it seems, including Kool Aid (drink powder). Found a crochet pattern for flowers and leaves that look amazingly like Battenberg lace motifs. It would be easy to make a few to test different dyes and colors. If any experiments turned out useful, it would be fun to applique them onto a plain t-shirt.
A quick look at the fabric dyes I have...none of t... (show quote)

With the natural fiber...check out the leaves, seeds, etc that produce color. Turmeric produces a orange/yellow.

If nothing else I want a chart of your observations.
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