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Jun 15, 2019 08:46:11   #
I want to thank all those who responded to my question on circular needles. I have some serious shopping to do. You have come to my aid a few times before. I thank you all again. Bonnie
Jun 14, 2019 23:17:14   #
Thanks for the informationn
Jun 13, 2019 22:20:27   #
That’s what I’m looking for, definitely will be placing an order. Thanks
Jun 13, 2019 21:01:58   #
Thanks everybody for your help and suggestions
Jun 13, 2019 20:50:19   #
This is my first time using circular needles. The cable is curling they are plastic and fixed. My next question is probably dumb but is there cables that have swivel joins. Maybe this will be my last time using them. So frustrating.
Jun 13, 2019 20:25:58   #
I’m using fixed circular needles, never tried interchangeable. I’m going to check out the interchangeable needles. Thanks for the information.
Jun 13, 2019 20:14:09   #
Mine started out fine but curled as I worked more rows. I’m working on the second leg of a romper, the cord is curled really bad.
Jun 13, 2019 20:04:26   #
Is there any circular needles that don’t curl. I bought Kollage square circular needles, the salesgirl told me they don’t curl but they do. There must be circular needles that don’t curl. Thanks. Bonnie
Jun 8, 2019 08:12:11   #
Happy Birthday Anne. 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🥳🥳🥳🥳
May 23, 2019 08:27:11   #
Thanks everybody
May 22, 2019 23:25:26   #
Thank you Crispie for that quick reply. I saw the video, looks pretty easy, Going to try it for sure. Thanks again
May 22, 2019 23:11:59   #
Can I change from knitting on 3 double pointed needle to a circular needle. My circular needle is too long to begin to knit a cuff on the leg of a onesie. Could I change to circular once I start to increase the leg. Thank you Bonnie
May 15, 2019 17:14:48   #
Your right 1800 gr of yarn would be a lot for a baby romper. I think this will show the pattern. http: //crazy Or google Baby Bear Knit Romper Pattern. Hope this helps. Thanks again Wendy
May 15, 2019 16:44:44   #
I hope I’m in the right area. I want to knit Baby Bear Knit Romper which is knitted in 3 colours but I want to knit it in solid white. It calls for 6 - 100 grams balls of purple, violet and white colours. How many balls of yarn would I need to knit this in solid white. I know there is somebody in KP that can help me. Thanks. Bonnie
May 8, 2019 08:20:45   #
My first experience with Wool Warehouse was great. I ordered 12 Balls of Bambino double Knitting yarn ( beautiful yarn) for the sweetheart baby blanket I’m knitting for my granddaughter. Placed the order April 19 arrived April 29. It traveled from the UK to Toronto, Ontario. I will be ordering my yarn from them from now on. Excellent customer service.
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