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Mar 20, 2019 13:09:21   #
Every Easter from the age of about 6 my Mum would buy me a new outfit with matching hat for Easter Sunday - it then became my Sunday best outfit for Church for as long as it would fit me! No photos unfortunately ...
Mar 20, 2019 04:23:06   #
Have added Charles Frazier, Leif Enger and Lawrence Hill to our linked authors' page.
Kristen Hannah was already there and is commented on on pages 15 and 74 as well as here now!
Thank you everyone
Mar 19, 2019 16:18:23   #
Thank you Linda6885. I have copied all the details over to page 88 of "The latest REcommendations & DIscussions" section as members will not have received email prompts for main page.
Good to hear from you and again, thank you.
Mar 19, 2019 16:17:19   #
Linda6885 has just posted this new topic on main page, and as you will not have had an email prompt, I'm copying it here. Thank you.
This was sometimes a heartbreaking story of post civil war in the old south. It is written by Charles Frazier who most of us know for the riveting novel (and movie) Cold Mountain. I think Cold Mountain is by far his better novel, but I couldn't put this down.
Mar 19, 2019 16:15:57   #
Thank you Chasing Rainbows. I have copied all the details over to "The last Recommendations & Discussions" page as members will not have received an email prompt for main page.
Please go to page 87 and following to see comments from members.
Again, many thanks, sdftrace
Mar 19, 2019 16:14:28   #
ChasingRainbows posted a new topic on main page, so am copying here. Thank you for your recommendations and links:

I just subscribed to this forum. I get newsletters from Early Bird Books and Book Bub sites. Early Bird Books is showing these biographies of women - some famous and some almost unheard of.
Mar 19, 2019 16:07:22   #
This has been quite a trip down memory lane. Loved it.
Mar 19, 2019 13:54:45   #
I enjoyed shorthand also. Pitman's was the order of the day at my college and I still use it today some 50 years on!
Mar 19, 2019 12:05:54   #
Take 5 by Dave Brubeck and jazz is still my first love all these years on ...
Mar 18, 2019 17:09:24   #
Dear little sweetie. Very cute.
Mar 18, 2019 13:26:28   #
martina wrote:
Some of the authors I like that I couldn’t see on the new list are
Peter Robinson
Oliver Tidy
Chris Collett
Donna Leon
Larry Darter

Hi Martina
Thank you for your recommendations, which I have added to our Authors' List which is linked to this page/section.
I've read quite a few of Peter Robinson's books and really enjoyed them.
Thank you again, and I'm sure others will be in touch with their comments and if they have read books by these authors.
kind regards
Mar 18, 2019 12:28:57   #
Hi everyone
Another new topic - which members will not have had an email prompt for, so am copying everything here also:

"Where the crawdads sing" has been recommended by peacegoddess: Relatively new book. First novel by Delia Owens. Set in North Carolina during 50’s and 60’s. Really wonderful characters and writing. Hope someone has read it so we can discuss

I've added this author to our linked page.
A big thank you for this recommendation.
Mar 18, 2019 12:25:12   #
Thank you so much peacegoddess for your recommendation which I am going to copy over to page 87 of "the latest Recommendations & Discussions" page as members will not have had an email prompt to this here. I am sure you will hear from other members about this book. Thank you.

Thank you also, to everyone here for their comments. So good to have your recommendations.
Mar 18, 2019 12:22:09   #
Hi Everyone,
Sam2 has just posted the following recommendation which I'm copying here as you would not have had an email prompt. I will add this author to our linked list also.

"I just started reading this book after a friend highly recommended it to me. This book is fascinating. It’s an autobiography — part graphic novel, scrapbook, photo album. An easy read about a very difficult subject — Nora grew up in a small town in Germany long after WWII but the war still affects her life."

Here’s a preview:

Here’s some info about the book:
Mar 18, 2019 12:20:30   #
Thank you so much Sam2 and for your recommendations.
I am going to copy everything over to our page entitled "The latest Recommendations & Discussions" section so it will be seen by everyone, as they will not have had an email prompt to this page.
I will also add the author to the linked Authors' List. Thank you again. I'm sure members will be pleased to have your comments so please see page 87 on "the latest ... " section.
kind regards
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