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Apr 11, 2019 21:08:16   #
Have any of you gone on Viking's "Romantic Danube River Cruise and found any yarn shops along the way that you'd recommend? We'll be going in two weeks and thought it'd be a great way to commemorate our trip to purchase yarn in each port! Ports we'll be stopping in are:
Budapest, Hungary
Vienna, Austria
Krems, Austria
Passau, Germany
Regensburg, Germany
Nuremberg, Germany
Feb 28, 2018 22:02:41   #
AHA! So someone on this site is sending all those disgusting SPAM emails to me?!? I was wondering why I was receiving so many! (At least 30/day!)
Oct 11, 2017 15:59:49   #
Thanks to all-you have made me feel very special!
Oct 10, 2017 18:14:54   #
Such a surprise! I won a second place ribbon at the Topsfield Fair (in Massachusetts - America's oldest agricultural at 199 years old)! The yarn is Malabrigo's Mechita sock yarn , the pattern is "Pincha" by Pinpilan Wangsai, found free on Ravelry:

Jun 21, 2017 16:58:35   #
I have made soap sacks with cotton yarn (like Peaches and Cream) with an eyelet row near the top and a long i-cord drawstring woven through the eyelets. Easy to put in a new bar of soap (I also add my tiny soap scraps to the bag) and to hang dry. Never has gotten moldy. The pattern was a waffle stitch and the texture makes it work well as an exfoliator too.
Apr 24, 2017 16:46:39   #
What do you knit for Ronald NcDonald House? i did not know the take donations of knitted items! I am a supporter of their wonderful outreach/program.
Dec 31, 2016 17:45:16   #
Not doing anything - and good thing - just went downstairs to the basement to find our water heater has died and leaked water over half the basement floor! UGH! Luckily our son-in-law will help his plumber friend put in a new one tomorrow at regular rate (not holiday rate!)
Dec 13, 2016 10:58:43   #
Make them every year - but haven't started any Christmas baking yet - having all of my windows replaced today and tomorrow and I can't even start DECORATING until every other thing is back into its rightful upset - they said they'd be installed right after Thanksgiving! Oh well- our house will be super clean (as we had to move some furniture around that hasn't been moved in a decade or so!) and Christmas will come with all of its GLORY! And the krumkake, Norwegain Almond Bread and Spritz (and maybe a few others) will be on the table for Christmas Eve. We are going to Norway in May.
Dec 13, 2016 08:33:03   #
I, too, knit a YO, K2 tog row when I see that the color will be changing mid-row. Hides the change in a subtle way. I have also found some "loops" (not really knots) in the yarn while knitting my first Caron project : BOOM! by Playing with Fibre. Love the project and the yarn. Quick and easy knit gift for Christmas.
Oct 17, 2016 07:13:44   #
This is lovely - I can see why it received Best in Show! I entered three items - none as intricate as yours, but I was still proud to get two Thirds and an Honorable Mention - will have to start a project for next year's entry a bit earlier, I guess! Congratulations!
Feb 16, 2016 11:15:30   #
I've decided I'm a better "pinner" than I am a knitter- love looking through all these patterns and forums and websites and spend more time saving ideas and walking through aisles of yarn and notions in stores than actually KNITTING! HAHA
Jan 17, 2016 20:15:05   #
dunnville89 wrote:
I wasn't going to read this because I have a very short attention span (adult ADD, I think). I couldn't resist and thoroughly enjoyed the tutorial. It is humorous and oh so true. You have a great sense of humor - thank you for entertaining us.

Just an FYI - I am not the author - it is from a blog "Fidgety Knitter" (
Jan 16, 2016 14:27:28   #
Today Fidgety Knitter presents our first guest post. Fidgety Husband wanted to offer tips for the partners of knitters. But really, these are probably good tips for any crafter’s mate. Enjoy and let me know what you think (or if you have other tips) in the comments!
Many of you knitting partners out there may well remember some part of the beginning, just as I do. Even though I can’t remember where my wife and I were or what we were doing, I very well remember the conversation, even though it didn’t seem like much at the time. Yours, like mine, was probably innocuous—the kind of thing that I might typically just nod and agree to simply because it was coming from my wife. And I didn’t give it much thought at all.
“I think I want to try knitting,” she said. It came and went, just like that. Just seven words.
There are those of us who now know that the simple statement above is akin to hearing an otherwise upstanding youth say “I think I’ll try meth. It seems fun!” Still, when my wife indicated her interest in trying knitting, I responded positively, trying to be supportive. But deep down, maybe I believed that this was another one of those fads that comes and goes through my wife’s mind like changing towel colors in the bathroom, having fondue parties, eating more vegetables or doing Zumba, so I didn’t need to give it much thought.
The real problem is that no one prepares us as partners for when our mates take up the craft and really become hooked. While it would be nice to get some sort of pamphlet to guide us (maybe titled “So Your Partner Is a Knitter Now”) after the first purchase at the yarn store, the reality often feels closer to a dark brochure like “So Your Partner Joined a Really Expensive and All-Consuming Cult! Good luck with that.“ As soon as the first ball of yarn or set of needles are purchased, everything you have come to accept as your normal married life will change.
Alas, now, so many years on, I pass on to my un-knitted brethren the wisdom that I have collected over time. Here, brothers and sisters, is your handbook…What you may come to expect:
Obviously, there will be considerable financial impact. Regardless of the project, your partner will inevitably say that different needles and other contraptions are required in addition to the several hundred miles of yarn that will go into the average 5×5 inch potholder. Ultimately, you must give in, because you will realize that you cannot ever argue against the pattern, since you have no way of translating the information in the pattern because all knitting patterns are written in some obscure code like an enigma cypher. Or Sanskrit. Or French.
1a. It is important to remember that especially when it comes to yarn, there is no unreasonable cost for a length of the stuff. Some projects can call for a cheap man-made fiber that is purely utilitarian. And machine washable. Some projects, though, absolutely forbid the use of anything lower quality than pure silk delivered by angels from God himself. And how do you know the difference? Yes, that’s right: it’s in the code in the pattern.
Henceforth, there will not be any room in your house, apartment, condo, mobile home or yurt that does not have at least one ball, skein or remnant of yarn. This may seem like it’s a problem. And it probably would be, for normal people.
Your partner’s attention will become distracted. Her concentration is now given over entirely to counting stitches and rows and decoding the pattern, so there is no longer room to pay attention to conversations with you, feeding the kids, sleeping, wearing matching shoes, or whether or not she’s kissed you today. The good news is that at the start of many projects, you can probably easily introduce that idea of buying the 60” TV for the family room. But otherwise, anything important must wait for other times when she isn’t knitting: like when she’s in the bathroom, washing dishes, or possibly at the theatre. If your knitter is a big fan of TV shows, then you might as well forget about having any meaningful conversations until laundry day or a power outage. Just remember though, she still loves you, but you’ll never get her back as she once was. Just be glad she isn’t doing drugs. Or bikers. God help you if she starts knitting for a Hell’s Angels gang, though.
3a. And yet, as a smart knitting mate, you must feed the beast or else your knitter will become discontented. Withholding opportunities to buy yarn is valid grounds for divorce in 27 states and several eastern European nations. So go with your partner to yarn stores. Walk through the Craft Building at the State Fair with him. Show him you love him in spite of and his addiction hobby. Purchase something knitting related for every gift-giving occasion. Don’t complain: it’s cheaper than jewelry and probably will be better appreciated. And you’ll probably get socks or a hat out of the deal at some point.
Accept that there will, at any moment, be a minimum of eight projects underway and in various stages of completion or tear down, and these will be scattered around your home with the yarn stash. There are a million reasons for each of them to be in the state they’re in, but it’s a mystery (again, code…pattern, probably).
The Ravelry website is kind of like the secret society inside Scientology. It is the source of patterns (again…code…sigh…) and is an online place where the cult uses its community to further brainwash its followers. From there, groups form to meet and knit in the real world. Which means free time for you and your new 60” TV.
There’s your guide, new knitting partners. Welcome to the cult of knitting and your role as enabler and victim. Enjoy your TV.
Jan 13, 2016 11:15:24   #
I've knit this a few times - have also done a simple cable down the front instead of owls - love the i-cord neckline!

Shape the sleeves if you don't like the boxiness. (Check Ravelry -lots of notes on this cardigan

Nov 17, 2015 16:26:01   #
So glad that you came and joined the Knit-A-Bitters last night! Hope you continue to come!
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