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Posts for: sand150
Dec 26, 2016 18:43:01   #
The cable is worked over 4 stitches. Have a great night
Nov 19, 2016 22:42:51   #
I believe what you need is a steel crochet hook number 7. They are a separate set of hooks that range from 00 to 14. Usually when you work with bedspread thread these are used. Just a suggestion. It looks very interesting. Keep trying.
Aug 22, 2014 15:16:44   #
If you go to the first few pages of the book it says
decrease or narrow. It has all the stitches written
out for you. Good luck
Apr 7, 2014 17:33:21   #
When I went into the site there is a box under the
bird on the right side that says google translate.
Click the English language and it is now in English.
Jul 25, 2013 20:59:51   #
Just sent you a PM
Apr 12, 2013 09:26:54   #
Cast on 6 stitches and finish with a chain stitch to a round.
•3 Ch crochet (as 1 sticks) and crochet in the ring 14 sticks - the series always with a chain stitch close and begin the new series with 3 stitches (as 1 sticks).
•each M double in the next row (crochet in each St 2 sticks)
•in the next series of double each 2.M
•in the next series of double each 3.M
•and so on, until the desired size is reached.
•Edge: * Skip 1 fixed M, 1 M, 5 chopsticks crochet in next St, skip 1 St, 1 solid mesh *, from * repeat until the series is closed
•For the hanger: At the end of the last row 15 stitches out crochet, contact, in the ring 20 crochet solid M, close with a chain stitch
Mar 9, 2013 18:55:14   #
Hi Was in Joann's today and they are carrying these
magazines. This is basically for the people who could
not find them in Walmart. I haven't found them there
yet either.
Feb 17, 2013 10:57:02   #
Just go to:
Feb 6, 2013 20:35:35   #
I sent a email to them Hope to get reply
Thanks for all your help
Feb 6, 2013 19:39:32   #
Thank you for replying so fast. I have been looking but have not found it for free anywhere. I know the pattern is
for sell on Amazon. It was a one day ekindle special.
Feb 6, 2013 19:10:59   #
Hi, Just wondering if anyone has attempted to make this shawl. This was a free pattern on Amazon. When I brought it over I was unable to get charts. The pattern is
poorly written, lots of mistakes. I was wondering if anyone downloaded this pattern and got the charts? If so could you attach a file or pm me. This is a first time asking. Enjoy the forum greatly.
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