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Posts for: slowyarn
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Sep 12, 2019 12:25:13   #
Great colors, cute guys and gals
Sep 12, 2019 10:39:44   #
Beautiful sweater. Like the roll on the collar.
Sep 8, 2019 23:59:50   #
Dapper little fellow!
Sep 8, 2019 21:57:33   #
Very cute and could be used for lots of occasions
Sep 3, 2019 23:17:59   #
He is quite the character! Very well done.
Sep 3, 2019 11:04:19   #
Today I was the morning chauffeur, took husband for bloodwork, get broken glasses fixed, return library book, post office to mail letter, bank for shuffling money! Later will help son with yard work and take hubby to doctor appt. Right now doing computer stuff and checking my list twice.
Wish I had your skills with machinery and gardening.
Sep 1, 2019 10:21:54   #
Great gift and so nice in the variety of prints
Aug 13, 2019 21:41:18   #
When I ordered the Shawl in a Ball was the first time I saw the "Orchard Thread" reference. My understanding is that Lion Brand is a family owned and run business so I was surprised, but haven't had time to follow up and find the connection.
Aug 1, 2019 21:02:52   #
A lovely set and thank you for sharing your worksheet.
Aug 1, 2019 08:49:28   #
Think you will enjoy working with the Puzzle yarn. I made a "feather and fan " prayer shawl with it and it was one of my favorites. The yarn reminds me of James Brett Marble Chunky. Did you knit the diamond pattern swatch? If so does it have a pattern or directions you might share. In my misspent youth I remember knitting a yellow baby blanket with a diamond pattern that I believe came from one of the old Red Heart books and for years I have looked for that little book but it is still buried in that safe place.
Jul 28, 2019 12:49:51   #
Beautiful work and perfect colors.
Jul 28, 2019 12:37:46   #
I selected my yarn, applied the discount (all caps) set up to pay with PayPal and it never dropped the price to the sale amount. Was afraid to click on purchase button for fear of getting charged full price. At what point do they apply the discount?
Jul 28, 2019 12:01:47   #
Beautiful cards and pictures. I don't have the patience for small needle work anymore.
Jul 15, 2019 21:24:54   #
Will try this at work tomorrow maybe it will be a better day!
Jul 12, 2019 23:35:28   #
Just in time for the fall holidays! He is a keeper and sure to make everyone smile.
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