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Aug 27, 2019 08:51:17   #
God forbid!!!!!!
Aug 3, 2019 12:01:24   #
And after you finish crocheting the borders you need to follow the blue stamping on the item and embroider it
all in colored embroidery thread. Actually, it is the other way 'round...embroidery first, crocheted edging second.
Aug 2, 2019 12:21:51   #
This whole presidency is just that....a bad dream, that we can't wake up from.
I'm exhausted from it all.
Jul 23, 2019 15:02:10   #
She's a "screamer." I don't like screamers.......they aren't singing, they just stick a microphone in their mouth and scream into it.
Sorry......not my cup of tea.
Jul 23, 2019 14:56:04   #
As a senior in high school, I was also the secretary to the senior adviser. She was also the American History teacher. She had me type out the final exam
for our last test before graduating. I just decided to slip in a piece of carbon paper and an extra piece of paper and make a copy of the exam for myself
to take home and study all the questions. Of course I got a terrific grade........which didnt matter after all. This was the last exam I ever had to take, since
I wasn't going to college, because we couldn't afford it. It didn't matter, that I graduated 7th in a class of 350. I landed up doing secretarial work until
I married a couple of years later and had three children.

Mistakes.......we all make them. Mine was wanting too much for my children. Expecting too much. That has been my major disappointment, since
they have abandoned me, both physically and mentally for these last couple of decades. I am reaching the end of my life, and find no solace in
expecting too much and not receiving anything back in return. Sad....that's for sure.
Jul 20, 2019 13:09:16   #
My late husband died in September of 1984. A week afterwards I received, in the mail, a parking ticket for his car
from the City of Chicago. This for a car that hadn't left our suburb for two weeks before he died until I sold it
a month afterwards. When I telephoned about it to the authorities, they argued about it, and I told them,
"take it up with him......he's at ________Memorial Park."

Then there was the County of Cook in Illinois who had him as a Registered Democrat
and still eligible for voting. When I moved to Arizona, in 1996, I asked the local Democratic Precinct Captain if
he could GET HIM OFF THE VOTING ROLES. He finally got him off. What was really funny was that my husband
was a Republican and every election we would cancel each other out in voting. I still get mail addressed to him,
some of it as "Occupant." I'd love to see that one. It's now 34 years.....but somewhere they still believe he is here.
Wanna bet!!!!!!
Jul 10, 2019 02:31:24   #
Thank you. Not bad for an old broad......
Jul 8, 2019 19:27:35   #
I thoroughly agree. You said it better than me. My late husband and I were from opposite party beliefs. We continually argued about that, and on Election Day would cancel each other out. He died in 1984 and I could vote my way for many years afterwards. In 1996 I met Marty. Thank you....we are both believers in the same party. We have lively political discussions almost on a daily basis. Makes for a nice conversation. I once made a comment about something in The Attic, and I got accused of being a Communist. Made me laugh. I replied to her.....” not me.....that was my Father.” Never heard from her again. Funny..... that was the truth.....
Jul 8, 2019 15:12:54   #
I don't "compartmentize." I get my information from lots of places......and my brain doesn't want to turn off, just because I'm on a knitting and crocheting website.
I have found some very interesting connections to information here from a lot of real intelligent people.......who also don't comparmentize their brains.

My brain works all over the place......all the's a real "sponge" when it comes to thinking for myself....and coming up with
probable solutions. Hopefully in 2020.
Jul 8, 2019 13:52:27   #
Knitting and crocheting is wonderful. But we all live in a World that is more than just sitting and knitting and crocheting.
It really wouldbe very boring if it was.

I have a brain. There are others here that also have a brain. We live in a World that effects the way things are done and how others behave.
I don't think that knitters and crocheters only think about their crafts. They also feel when things are going wrong....whether
it is with our country, our city, our planet. Politics, and how countries react to each other, etc. Being a "rounded person" I want to hear other
opinions on how and why things are going on, and to discuss how to make things better for all of us.

I never post these things other than in the pertinent section, whether it is "General Chit-Chat" or "The Attic". I wouldn't be
caught dead in "The Solarium", because I know better. There are only "haters" there. The only salvation for us all is to be an informed electorate and to make
wise decisions known on the appropriate election days. Putting our heads in the sand and only wanting to see knitting and crocheting patterns
is being stupid.

As for "prayers" I wish that they were "elsewhere" but I can't have that. My religion (remember lots of religions in this country).... doesn't do the "thoughts and prayers"
thing. I don't like reading it, but I understand others I shut up and don't tell others to "cut it out." I personally grit my teeth with
each "prayer," but understand that others actually believe in the power..... a lot of others don't.

So let us be wise and informed and tolerant about what we see and hear and read. It makes us a much more intelligent and wise set of
knitters and crocheters, and even elected officials who know how to use our brains for a lot of things, including knitting and crocheting, etc.
Wouldn't it be nice if one ofus actually ran for office and won.....and showed the country what a knitter or crocheter could accomplish.
Jul 8, 2019 13:29:55   #
Tons of years ago I had gall bladder problems, right after my third son was born....50+ years ago. In those days they opened you up completely to do the removal.
With that surgery you couldn't turn yourself afterwards. It was major surgery. Ten days in th hospital.

Nowadays they have this lovely "keyhole surgery" where they do it with four tiny
incisions. Then they go in with a lighted instrument and through another snip they clip the gall bladder and then slide it out through another opening. You are up
and around by the following day and able to go home usually on that seond day. Much better for recovery. Best will be back before you know it.
Jul 5, 2019 13:35:42   #
Neither did I. But we got him anyway...
Jul 5, 2019 12:55:22   #
That's what we get for deciding that we want a TV host (that knows how to viciously say "YOUR FIRED") AS PRESIDENT. No qualifications, no brains, no hearts.
Jul 4, 2019 15:32:10   #
My mother lived in this country 20 years after her legal immigration here, before I shamed her into going for her citizenship.
The English language and especially it's odd spelling was not easy for her. She struggled her way through it, became an American
citizen and voted IN ONE ELECTION.

On the advent of the second election, I asked her why she didn't vote. Her reply......."....what's the difference, if I vote
for one crook or another." I was dumbfounded and had no answer. In all my voting years I have never missed an
election. In my senior years, I find that I am blessed with a mail-in ballot that arrives at my house...which allows me to
sit at my kitchen table and make a serious decision on who I think would make the better official.......and thank our Constitution
which allows me to make those kinds of decisions.
Jul 1, 2019 14:17:00   #
She was driving at 98? Amazing. I'm 88 and gave up driving 5 years ago when I had an eyestroke. I don't trust myself behind the wheel.
Won't it be nice when self-driving cars will come along and take us seniors wherever we need to go. I hope that all goes better for her......
Thanks to all the wonderful medical people who have showed their learning and expertise in her care. Aren't they wonderful......
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