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Aug 14, 2019 17:32:10   #
Thank you!
Aug 13, 2019 20:35:40   #
Is there a pattern for the Wilderness Sweater in English?
Oct 12, 2015 08:56:34   #

What slipper pattern have you been using?
Jun 10, 2015 09:24:02   #
I just wanted to show off my slippers. I figured out the pattern, thanks to several people and can't wait to make the "Owl" pair next!


Jun 10, 2015 09:19:02   #
I bought a pair of the leather slipper bottoms years ago but have not used them yet. The slippers I just finished are so tight fit to the feet, the leather bottoms would be too big for them. It think it takes the right pattern to use them. Maybe someone has a pattern designed to use the leather bottoms? Not sure if I ask that here so elsewhere on the site.


Jun 9, 2015 13:43:45   #
Jun 9, 2015 12:03:10   #
Thanks for your chart however that looks like a gauge for crocheting unless I am missing something. The pattern uses 2 strands as it is because one is carried throughout for the pattern and color change. So are you suggesting 4 stands? I think that would make me crazy!

Jun 8, 2015 21:54:33   #
I have no idea what that is, can you explain please? Thanks.
Jun 8, 2015 21:50:19   #
What is a good wool worsted weight yarn to use for slippers? I Just finished a pair of slippers that I would love to make again but they came in a kit that included the yarn which can not be purchased separately! This sounds very odd, I know!

Thanks for any suggestions,
May 26, 2015 13:52:37   #
Did you start each sock at the same part in the skein with the color patterns repeating? Shouldn't they come out the same if the skein repetitions are the same?
May 18, 2015 11:57:41   #
Well I am making progress. Just wanted to show I have the pattern figured out. In fact, I am going to order them today for my daughter in law for her birthday. Thanks everyone for your help!


May 6, 2015 16:38:11   #
Thanks Anne, I think I've got the idea now. I just need to get the energy back in me to get them going again!
May 6, 2015 09:32:58   #
Hi Amy,

I talked to Rebecca at Patternworks and she told me she has made the slippers because they have received so many calls concerning the pattern. She said it basically is made how it reads and that the chart I thought was the "sole", actually is the heel piece and then goes into the sole portion. The chart only shows half of the sole of the slipper as when you join the other stitches for the top of the slipper you continue with the sole portion as well and then decrease for the sole as you for the top piece. I understand how it works now, and hope it helps you if you want to attempt to tackle your project in the future. Thanks for your help! Linda
May 5, 2015 09:05:25   #

Thanks for your post. My pattern does not have a chart for the heel. Only two charts total, one for the sole and one for the top of the slipper. Would you be able to share the heel pattern with me?

Thanks for your help!

May 1, 2015 20:09:28   #
Amy. Did your pattern have a third chart for the heel? Someone mentioned they saw one. Mine only had 2 charts.

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