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Posts for: Luv to knit
Jun 14, 2016 17:58:50   #
What are your favored acrylic yarn brands, in terms of quality, durability, and softness?
I am making scarves, afghans, hats for charity, as well as gifts. I have been using
Vanna's Choice, which seems good, but would like to try other brands also. I am
hesitant to do that without some recommendations.
Thanks very much
Mar 3, 2016 04:49:11   #
Romper, reliever,retriever, revolver, raconteur, refurbisher
Mar 2, 2016 21:57:20   #
Whoops! I meant renter
Mar 2, 2016 21:56:26   #
Mar 2, 2016 21:55:31   #
Mar 2, 2016 21:54:54   #
Dec 13, 2015 00:29:02   #
Could you explain where you would knot the new yarn? What space would it be in? Thanks.
Dec 12, 2015 23:39:06   #
I want to knit a stashbuster horizontal knitted scarf where you start each
row with a different yarn. To make the self fringe, you leave a long tail
at the beginning of each row and another one at the end of the long row. Then you cut the yarn. What I can't figure out is: how do you start knitting the next row after you leave the long tail in the beginning of each row? I have searched extensively on the web, but can't find any instruction on that. Please help!
Sep 4, 2015 02:24:55   #
I used to make resolutions that I would knit up some Christmas gifts during the summer in order to finish in time for the holidays. I would purchase the necessary materials, but never ended up doing it! I think I didn't like the
time restraints and I felt pressured, so knitting under those circumstances
no longer seemed an enjoyable knitting experience. Maybe some day, but
I've resisted the temptation the last couple of years, and it's been a relief!
Instead, I think I will periodically knit up a few gifty type items and throw
them in the gift drawer to pull out for random gift giving (thank you gifts, etc)
Hence, no pressure.
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