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Mar 7, 2019 09:46:25   #
Buy an extra ball to avoid playing yarn chicken. I save my swatches and keep w/ the pattern. Generally I make a one swatch which will have sections using different needle sizes. Think one section using US 6, another using US 7 and a 3rd using US8. I then have a reference for when I want to use the same yarn on another project.
Mar 5, 2019 07:23:35   #
Made this back in '11 and it does turn out very nice. Rows 11 through 23 have 16 stitches per shield pattern, all others rows have 15 per pattern repeat. If you can't find your mistake, that is if you actually made one, fudge and k2tog if you only have 1 extra stitch. Good luck.
Mar 5, 2019 07:09:07   #
It has been a while since I used Brava. I don't recall it being splitty, but what I do recall and was very disappointed with, was how badly it pilled after washing and drying in a machine -- on gentle. I felt like I spent more time de-pilling the scarf than I did knitting it and it was a gift! I have heard, but don't know if true, that some colors pill more than others. The scarf I knit was white. For an acrylic yarn that doesn't pill, try Premier Everyday -- soft, does NOT pill or split, and great colors. JoAnn's carries it Michael's does not in stores. You can also find it on-line.
Mar 4, 2019 09:05:48   #
Read this recently about changing gauge to make picking up stitches come out great:
Mar 4, 2019 09:00:06   #
Another yarn suggestion is Bernat Pipsqueak. It is super light, yet warm acrylic bulky yarn. I have made many baby blankets using it and it has become the child's favorite in all cases. Super cuddly very squishy and easy for a child to carry/drag around. I normally would use 250g/300 yards which would make a 45 x 40 inch blanket. In each blanket I used garter stitch as it is difficult to see your stitches as the yarn has "hairs" which is what makes it so very fluffy. Another thought, even though merino and alpaca wools are lovely and soft, if the child gets sick on it, it would be a mess to clean. With acrylic it could be back in action as a blanket after a quick wash & dry and still looking and feeling brand new.
My heart goes out to you and her family.
Jan 25, 2019 21:55:53   #
I'm in OC, are you close by? If we were to show up wearing the same shawl, we can always claim it's Twin Day like we did in school.

If your grandsons don't want to read your memoirs, I'd love to. As you are from London, were you shuffled off to the country during the war for safety? Either way being in the country away from family or staying in London with all the bombing would be quite the story to tell.
Jan 25, 2019 20:19:28   #
Thank you all. I discovered my mistake, it's spelling! I was searching for Nother Nickle not Nickel hum... I had this problem in school too.
I have been going through my yarn stash and came across the Unforgettable yarn and when I saw it, I knew exactly why I purchased it. I
was so impressed with your shawl and the way it shimmered, I just loved it. Now that I see it again, I'm still in love and the project has
been moved way up on the list of to-do's. I think I'll follow the Crystal Palace pattern someone posted back in 2014 which appeared to be a
bit simpler.
Again, thanks everyone for helping me on my quest. You guys are the best.
Jan 25, 2019 19:36:55   #
You guys are great! How did you find the links?? I did a user search using her name Nother Nickle and nothing popped up. I then did a regular search for cappuccino shawl and got some recent items, but only 5 or 6 things listed in total, certainly nothing from Aug. 2014. When I opened the link that jmcret05 added, I discovered that she is alive and well (yay) and online as we speak. Ugh, I'll never learn how to use this site to find anything, and must depend on you very talented kind folks.
Thanks again.
Jan 25, 2019 19:17:56   #
I am trying to find a KPer's project which I believe she called her Cappuccino shawl. Her user name was "nother nickle" and she posted a picture of her shawl on Aug. 19, 2014. Yes, I know it's been a while! The pattern she used was Aranami shawl which is found on Ravelry and she used Red Heart's Unforgettable yarn in the cappuccino colorway. I'm trying to locate the picture.

However, saying that, I am surprised that nothing she posted over those years are discovered during a search. I was under the impression that whatever we post lasts forever! Is Nother Nickle still posting? I don't read KP as nearly as often as I used to.

Jan 19, 2019 08:58:24   #
This is a very nice and easy 3 triangle shawl that is knit. It is from Cascade Yarn. I have just finished making it and it turned out lovely. Sorry, haven't taken pictures yet.

Good luck
Dec 15, 2018 11:12:39   #
Sorry double post.
Dec 15, 2018 11:12:39   #
Great idea, thanks. Not only newbies will use it I'm sure!
Nov 14, 2018 08:19:34   #
Sorry, double post. Just curious, why would you want to keep a beer warm???
Nov 14, 2018 08:19:34   #
Just curious, why would you want to keep a beer warm???
Nov 14, 2018 08:13:39   #
I too used to have a knitting club after school, but made my own needles for the kids out of the free chop sticks you get with Chinese take out. Sharpen the end with a pencil sharpner, sand them nice and smooth, oil them (we used teak oil), paint the tops so you know which pairs belong together. My husband did most of the sanding (he always needs a project). We made over twenty pairs of needles and all were used. Those who took to knitting ended up purchasing their own. If the needles weren't returned, only a bit of effort in the making of them was lost. Chop stick needles are between a US 10 and 11 which works out well for kids hands. My students were ages 12 - 14. To help them along, provide them with YouTube links for knits & purls so they can practice between your meetings. Good luck.
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