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Jan 18, 2019 08:02:36   #
Hi. I know many of the replies are right on.... But... Before circulars, everyone used straight needles. So why can't you? You can do what ever you want.
Jan 16, 2019 09:06:29   #
Hello from Lynn, Massachusetts. Lovely sweater
Jan 16, 2019 09:04:54   #
sunny0398 wrote:
I'm 53 years old and began crocheting about 4 years ago. My grandmother had passed away leaving an unfinished afghan. I brought it home with the intention of finishing it one day. Then my mother passed of cancer the year before I began lessons. She had a hard time finding hats to fit once she lost her hair. She would stuff tissue paper to take up the extra room in the hats. I now had a new mission. While I have crocheted baby blankets and scarfs, my mission is crocheting hats for cancer patients. I belong to a local group called Knit Happens that meets weekly. All hats that we knit & crochet are donated to the cancer center.
I'm 53 years old and began crocheting about 4 year... (show quote)

Hi and welcome from Lynn, Massachusetts. You are doing a wonderful thing! The patients will be very grateful to you for making these hats.
Jan 16, 2019 08:51:42   #
fergablu2 wrote:
Hey, at least you’re not stuck with gym membership you won’t use.

Jan 9, 2019 11:53:09   #
crjc wrote:
Has anyone ordered the knitting/crochet lamp and have you had any.problems receiving your order? You wear it around your neck and it is operated by batteries. I ordered one on December 4th and to this day I have not received it. I emailed them concerning it as the tracking no. they provided was not recognized by the website provided. I received an answer stating the usual apology for the inconvenience and that it seems that my order was lost in transit. I waited another week and emailed them again and got the same reply. This time I told them that telling me that my order is lost in transit is not a satisfactory answer and that does help me. What I want to know is what are they going to do about it? Are they going to replace it or refund me my money ? I am still awaiting an answer. I would like to report them, but I don't know where to start.
Has anyone ordered the knitting/crochet lamp and h... (show quote)

I would call. You might get better results!
Jan 7, 2019 10:05:18   #
KnittingBrit wrote:
Just curious - does the book have an option for English instructions. I would absolutely love to make this stool if possible.

I bought the pattern on Etsy.... Minky Amis. .... It was $10.00. It's in english
Jan 7, 2019 09:52:13   #
germaine1922 wrote:
Love the stool!!! I went to her there any way to change the pattern to english!!!!!??

I have the pattern. I will put the link as soon as I find it.
Jan 7, 2019 09:51:00   #
He is so cute! I bought the pattern before even though I don't know how to crochet! Guess I will have to learn.
Jan 6, 2019 16:16:57   #
vlsg56 wrote:
If you think that you love Jamie on the show, you would really fall for him in the books-I was hooked @ the beginning of book 1 and you get really involved in Claire's travels (surprise). If you don't read they may have these books on tape (CD). Worth checking out!


Thanks for letting me know that. I do read. I will look in to the books
Jan 6, 2019 08:50:47   #
OMG!!!!!! Give him some medication fast!
Jan 6, 2019 08:40:07   #
vlsg56 wrote:
Speaking of Outlander, I am hooked! I wasn't aware of the series when it was originally published, so I am just now reading the novels; I'm on Book 6 and am trying to stay a book ahead of the t.v. series. My husband knows not to try to get my attention on Sunday nights.


I am a late comer too. I found it during the summer on starz TV. I have not read the books. I watched season 1 and 2 in about 3 days! I love, love it. All the actors are so good. I didn't think I could get all Tingley looking at a man when I am 70 years old, but when I see and hear Jamie speak I just melt.
Jan 6, 2019 08:33:14   #
Hello and welcome from Massachusetts
Jan 6, 2019 08:31:23   #
Welcome from Massachusetts!
Jan 6, 2019 08:30:03   #
So very nice
Jan 6, 2019 08:28:41   #
Beautiful sweater. Lovely model. She looks so happy!
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