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Jun 2, 2019 15:22:29   #
Knitting in the Rockys wrote:
No I find your site a joke, all that behind the scenes monkeying around with accounts...which showed up on the admin logs before you realized you needed to erase those logs. Lots of integrity there. Are you sure that screenshots were not taken of those admin logs? What pouting and crying? Surely you'd be able to provide proof of that wouldn't you?

If a man lists his status as single/unmarried, he must have a reason to. Who said anything about social media? I sure didn't. Making assumptions is never wise.
No I find your site a joke, all that behind the sc... (show quote)

You find my site a joke? LOL well you loved it there when you were still a member and are obviously bitter about being banned.

As for trying to drag my husband into your sordid online games, this is an age old tactic of yours. Throw some random nonsense out there to see what sticks. Same applies to whatever your are droning on about logs etc. I observed your behavior for 3 years, I know exactly who I am dealing with so have at it. See how far you get.
Jun 2, 2019 14:47:01   #
Knitting in the Rockys wrote:
If you think turning a laptop off and back on is such a big deal, knock yourself out. As for your "site", not worth discussing.

Oh there you go twisting words. Typical behavior. You brought up my site so you must be bitter and twisted about something.
Jun 2, 2019 14:43:30   #
Knitting in the Rockys wrote:
Why would a man list his status as unmarried/single if he wasn't? Anyone you don't agree with is thrown off your tiny site and there's a long list of people who you have done that to and a list of those who simply quit posting there due to your Nazi like control. You've sited people breaking rules that don't even exist and for conversations that were carried out in private messages. What you did to accounts was seen in the admin logs, so people knew what you were up to. What you don't know is if screenshots were taken. Such a lovely site administrator who changes account settings, that speaks volumes about your integrity. You aren't even permitted to link your site here on KP.
Why would a man list his status as unmarried/singl... (show quote)

If you are inferring that my husband lists his status as unmarried or single on some social network site then all I can do is carry on laughing at you. It’s so obvious that you are clutching at straws because my husband has NEVER subscribed to a social networking site in his life and prides himself on that fact. However this is a typical attempt of yours to deal out a low blow and exactly what you did to get banned from my site. You were never welcome and barely tolerated.

As for the other tripe you posted:
1. You were instrumental in getting people kicked off with your *cough,cough* undercover Facebook and Twitter sleuthing. I still have every single database record.
2. Whatever went on behind the scenes on my site: My money, my site, my decision, like it or lump it. You clung on to that membership for dear life and polluted the air with your constant long winded nonsense. I urged you to leave numerous times but you pouted and cried so I let you linger. My choice and not the best one I ever made.
Calling me Nazi just reflects what a distasteful trollup you are but it doesn’t phase me in the least coming from the likes of you.
3. Not linking to my site from here is entirely my decision and my choice so your information once again is as usual completely incorrect.
Jun 2, 2019 14:07:59   #
Knitting in the Rockys wrote:
Yes, turning the device off and back on is pretty simple as opposed to going through the start menu to control panel, etc., etc.. You don't like my advice, you aren't forced to read it or follow it. No your approval is not required under ANY circumstances. Playing Nazi on your own site is fine, you don't own THIS site. Perhaps you can push around some people, like your former spouse, I'm not one of them.

You are indeed clueless about anything computer related and passing off ridiculous information that doesn’t resolve the original question. You could just simply thank me for teaching you something you obviously didn’t know. There is an easier and quicker method to launch control panel but I will leave that to your capable googling skills.

My former spouse? Is that supposed to be a cheap shot? LMAO. It only works if it’s true however once again you are just plain clueless. You were banned from my site because you are a self indulged mean spirited woman. You insulted numerous women on that site so I kicked you out. I relished in doing it too because I tolerated you for 3 years against my will and it was a huge relief to lock the door to you. I could reveal a lot more about you and your activities on this public forum but I respect my own integrity a lot more than you do yours.
Jun 2, 2019 13:47:51   #
Knitting in the Rockys wrote:
I was trying to give her the simplest way without sending her into control panel. So sorry that doesn't meet with your approval. Your approval is not required.

The simplest way? Toggling keyboard keys et al? This does not sound simple at all. Control panel isn’t simple? Where on earth do you get these ideas?
If my approval is not required then I suggest you avoid passing on your convoluted computer advice on a public forum as most of it is just bizarre.
Jun 2, 2019 13:05:46   #
Knitting in the Rockys wrote:
It's likely that your operating system needs to be updated, if an update is available. Though if you are using an unsupported operating system such as Windows 98 or Windows Vista, that will not be possible.

Given the make and approximate year of your laptop it's more than likely you are using one of the Windows operating systems.

If you are in front of the computer, you can usually determine what operating system is being run on the computer by rebooting the computer. As the computer boots, it will indicate the operating system as it starts.

If the screen is loading too fast, you can press the Pause key on the keyboard to pause the screen as it is loading.
It's likely that your operating system needs to be... (show quote)

Why such a convoluted way to determine the version of operating system? This is one of the dumbest methods I have heard of.

You can simply right click on my computer and choose preferences or at command prompt type ‘systeminfo’ Or in control panel, choose the system utility. No need to reboot at all.
Apr 30, 2018 19:51:13   #
jmf6406 wrote:
In some cases, gossip is useful information. I made it a point not to gossip, but I wasn't above listening to others if it was regarding the business--I really didn't care about any sordid details of anyone's personal lives.

I’d rather not know business gossip either. All I care about is getting my job done and getting paid, the rest I feel is not my business. We have an annual general meeting where our balance sheets and performance matrix is available. I’ll check those out but will keep my opinions to myself. We’re a high tech company so employee performance is tracked hourly. I make sure I reach my delta and then some more. Why? Money talks, we get performance based bonuses. Gossip can really get out of hand imo, I just don’t participate.
Apr 30, 2018 17:58:46   #
ouijian wrote:
I grew up the middle of five. Somehow I developed the ability to tune people out. Sometimes it’s not the best trait, especially in a marriage, but it’s pretty useful in situations where people just won’t shut up.

I learned to tune out noise from working in a data center. If I don't want to talk to people, I get up and indicate that I have something to do. Many times when people just want to shoot breeze/gossip/office politics, that is my tactic. People tend to find me aloof because of it but eh who wants the added drama?!
Apr 30, 2018 16:29:40   #
ouijian wrote:
“Entertain me” is the money quote.

That it is!

They’re bored: Trolls lack stimulation “IRL” (in real life), for good or ill, so they seek it online where it’s readily available and easily acquired. A troll’s behavior reflects a deep insecurity so having someone respond to their words gives life meaning, regardless of how pathetic that may sound. I raided that wedding because I wanted to be noticed and talked about. Random people cursing me out through private messages or the general chatroom invigorated me. I was so bored with my real life, and even my virtual character’s life, that I learned to find joy in harming others. If a troll had something better to do, like work or a hobby, they wouldn’t have time to troll. The next time you find yourself posting a negative comment think about why you’re doing it.
They want attention: All a troll wants is you to turn the spotlight onto them. They want you to repost their comment to your followers. They want you to write a blog post or status about them. They will use anything and everything to get it. They will criticize you, post inflammatory comments, or write remarks just to make you wonder how someone could be so dumb. The problem is that you will feel compelled to respond to “set things right.” Even if you respond in a cheerful or positive way, you’re still feeding the troll.
Apr 30, 2018 14:38:22   #
ouijian wrote:
But a research of the websites reveals they are not worth a lot of money. To have to spend money to defend them against lawyers looking for a fight is probably not economically prudent. If whoever owns them has that much money, then sure, I suppose so. On the other hand, if the owner has a lot of money, why risk it defending trolls whose sole purpose is ruining you? Doesn’t make a lot of sense. The better thing to do would be to make an effort to police them. Who wants to own a forum where private information is revealed? I certainly don’t. That’s not much of a money maker.
But a research of the websites reveals they are no... (show quote)

Unfortunately there is no real legal recourse in this instance. However, when reading a blog post : Confessions of an internet troll ( not posting the link because it backlinks to this site and you never know, he may wanna join in) Anyway this is what he says:
When I trolled other gamers with words—harsh words—many times they would ignore me. Because hindsight is 20/20, I remember being bothered by that. “Why won’t they defend themselves? Entertain me!” The ones who ignored me, and even better, put me on their “Ignore List” so that they couldn’t receive my messages, were the ones who understood this principle.
Apr 30, 2018 09:31:38   #
To assume that the resident fishwife has a mental disorder/brain damage or birth defect excuses her from her immature behavior. Personally I won't give her that excuse. She knows exactly what she is doing.
Apr 21, 2018 14:40:41   #
Glengirl wrote:
I knew she was nasty, but EVERY SINGLE POST SHE MAKES is either about me or TO me!

I had no clue until I went back to find a comment on one of her posts a day or two earlier.... I ALMOST want to show someone, my husband... but I don’t want to worry him.

Thanks for letting me know it’s not just ME thinking this is VERY, VERY creepy and disturbing.... the level of anger ALONE is cause for concern. I don’t KNOW her, she doesn’t KNOW me.. nothing I post effects her life at all, yet she is enraged! I don’t know (or WANT to) know a SINGLE THING about this member...nothing! Yet EVERY SINGLE POST IS ABOUT ME!!!

She seems to have been obsessed with AmyKnits as well:
I am concerned, not angry.

Perhaps she will see her anger issues and obsession with an anonymous Internet poster is unhealthy and get help. Seriously.... pages and pages and pages... ONLY discussing ME. Shiver...
I knew she was nasty, but EVERY SINGLE POST SHE MA... (show quote)

Nice try Loser. I have no anger issues at all, not at all enraged , simply mild amusement while watching you make a total arse out of yourself on a public forum. You're the one typing in caps, screaming like a deranged banshee in case you have not noticed.

You should concern yourself with your deranged behavior and not worry about others who couldn't care less what you and your lapbot have to comment.

Why you bother to camp out over here with the sole purpose of disrupting a forum for hours on end should be your major concern. You spend so many hours on this forum trashing and insulting everyone. Does that make you feel superior? Its ridiculous and your behavior is ridiculous. Don't you have enough common sense to stay away from places where people don't like you? There must be some pathological reason why you keep returning just to insult and be insulted. Ask your *cough* husband about that and ask him to help you overcome this addiction.
Apr 21, 2018 08:35:17   #
Glengirl wrote:
Anger issues, much!!! Obsessed stalker! This is the Internet... get a grip!

HINT: If the ONLY subject you care to post about is ME.... you got a problem! Seriously! Get help! You are obviously ill! . I have no interest in talking TO you or ABOUT you! Get help!

HINT #2: Talking ABOUT me on other threads!!!! Sick, twisted obsession.

PS. Intelligent people AVOID people they dont like... no one thought for a second YOU are intelligent... here you are!!!!
Anger issues, much!!! Obsessed stalker! This i... (show quote)

LMAO unlike you moron, I don’t live on KP. You and your lapbot are the lamebrains hanging on to my words. Not even the brain cell the two of you share has made you realize that the creepy stalkers are the two of you! Go get a life, hook up just do something else besides stalk KP members!
Apr 20, 2018 22:39:11   #
ouijian wrote:
That’s exactly what I thought when I saw what Amy posted. Notice how everyone gets the same treatment? A total giveaway that she’s a complete narcissist who treats other people like pawns.

That piece of white trash is completely delusional. She slithers all over the forum spewing her special brand of vomit , dripping slime all over the place with the Ruski-bot bouncing along beside her wagging his tail on cue. What an odd pair they make!
Apr 20, 2018 16:32:55   #
ouijian wrote:
Yeah. Exactly. Like this is someone you’d want saving your life in ER.

That only happens in her own mind. My dog is more of a 'Health Provider' than her. Her only profession is being a bold-faced liar.
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