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Oct 14, 2019 17:22:23   #
rahi wrote:
Wow! So many KPers live in Albuquerque NM. Almost 30!
Well im in your town tonight on my way to Santa Fe tomorrow and then onto San Antonio and then to New Irleans. I bring you all and all my fellow KPers from all around America, warm greetings from us Aussies! Im thrilled to be visiting your great country! I had my first drool when i saw Jo- Ann’s this evening. Didn’t buy anything. Just went for a look see! Im off to Sandisk tomorrow and then to Santa Fe. Im staying at a place on Menaul Boulevard!
Wow! So many KPers live in Albuquerque NM. Almost ... (show quote)

Quarter Stitch in New Orleans. Be sure to visit.

Oct 4, 2019 17:55:05   #
kendy wrote:
Please can anyone help my grand daughter is coming to see me from Australia next week and she has asked me to knit a golly and I just cannot find a pattern anywhere

Thank you for posting this request.
Please ignore all the negative responses.
I am sure you will honour the child’s request.
I grew up during the Robertsons Golly era and married into a family ‘of a different colour’
My aunt in Canada knitted a golly for every child, every grandchild and the greatgrands and is still getting requests.
So I say to each his own, you know your own situation and if the child wants one go ahead and knit one. Still lots of patterns out there, I wonder why if it soooo offensive?
Folk should stop putting their principles onto others.
If you live in a chicken coop and you are surviving, who is anyone else to tell you to move?
Been there, done that.
I will probably get a lot of flack for my response.
Golly on my fridge!
Sep 30, 2019 18:54:01   #
Kansas g-ma wrote:
It happened again. Someone from across the alley backed into my back parking, tearing off my downspout and dragging away the large tomato cage I had put over it to keep them away from the downspout. Can't remember how many times I've had someone smash the downspout so rain can't get out. Also have a back fence that has been hit 3 times now, at least once by trash truck. Can't prove who is doing it. Have strung "crime scene" tape around back fence and put large yellow fake flowers so I hoped they'd see the fence. One bunch of flowers also vanished. Any ideas on how to stop this? The neighbors change regularly as this is a college town.
It happened again. Someone from across the alley ... (show quote)

Stuff was happening in my yard too.
Installed C.C.T.V. Then made no bones about informing the neighbours.
I had seen the children vandalizing plants and fruit trees.
They have now been visited by the parish constable!
No problems since!
Sep 30, 2019 00:52:06   #
tdorminey wrote:
Try EZ's sewn Bind-off. Quick and easy to learn and do, very stretchy, very pretty finish. Doesn't flare or roll. IMHO, it is the best BO for sock cuffs.

Thank you.
Did it and liked it.
Good result, nice stretch.
Not as fast to do as a regular bind off but I will get a bit faster with the next one.
Will post pickies later when I have a pair.
Sep 29, 2019 13:07:27   #
Ann214 wrote:
I like Jenny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bindoff.

I’ve done that one too and did not find it as stretchy as they say!
Sep 29, 2019 12:37:27   #
Suggestions and links needed please.
Done loads of socks, up and down.
Never been happy with the cuff bind off.
Was not happy with the Swedish (Scandinavian) either.
I looked at the tubular bind off too, using a blunt needle, too much like Kitchener!!!
What can you recommend as an easy to remember bind off?
I am at a loss.
Sep 28, 2019 23:39:08   #
As seen on Canadian T.V. this evening!

Sep 23, 2019 13:50:38   #
LakeHouseKnits wrote:
This is my first experience with Short rows and in theory it should have been easy-peasy , but... There is only one W & T per row, but I am having a very difficult time seeing the wrap because this is laceweight yarn and picking it up is a difficulty as well for the same reason. I am wondering if anyone might have any suggestions/tricks for improving my chances of seeing and picking up the yarn. Right now I am questioning my sanity in choosing this pattern.
This is my first experience with Short rows and in... (show quote)

Look for lighted magnifier glasses on the web. Got mine from China. Fabulous, I even use them for seeing to undo knots. bout $12 a pair. The LED lights are in the arm pieces.
Sep 21, 2019 18:24:31   #
mamaloves wrote:
A cardigan pattern I want to make says "MK" and defines it as K1,p1, k1, p1, k1, p1, k1 all into next st, then pass 6th,5th,4th,3rd,2nd and 1st sts. over 7th st. How on Earth do you do this? Thank you!

Try using a smaller size crochet hook to pull the stitches over.
Sep 9, 2019 23:37:52   #
Susan from NJ wrote:
I still have and use that mixer!

Me too, bought in late 70 got all the different attachments too.
Sep 6, 2019 20:47:08   #
raedean wrote:
hello.its been so long since i was kept getting in the way.
we moved out of the woods and we are townies now.
i had a hernia attack in the nite in the woods and hubby had to drive me like crazy fast
to get me help. i could not stop puking. seems my bowel was stuck in my hernia
or visa versa.
of course the road crew was on the highway in the nite working and tons of cars stopped
on one side. the pilot car was just ready to lead all the line up of cars on the other
side thru. my hubby told the road crew fella i was he radioed the pilot
car to tell them we had to get to the e.r.
the road crew people were wonderful.we got thru and i had my hernia operation.
they put mesh in.
we are selling our land to our son.
we are renting in town and looking for a little forever house.
just wanted all to know i am doing good.
i lost over 100 pounds but now with a regular kitchen i am cooking and baking all the
time. i got to a size 4.
i was too wrinkled. i needed an iron. all i had was a body with no butt cheeks. i had to sit
on my side cause my tail bone hurt if i sit regular.then i had minus triple a boobs.
so then i went to putting on some weight. now i guess i am ok but a little pudgy again.
the battle of weight loss and keeping it off is a tuff one.
just wanted u to know we are good.
hubbys making bird houses and i am spinning.
hugs and thank u so much.
hello.its been so long since i was kept ... (show quote)

You are too funny in spite of all your troubles. Missed reading about your adventures in the woods. At least with the land still in the family you can go and visit.
Glad to have you back.
Sep 3, 2019 09:25:27   #
bokemom wrote:
Every time I have to sew buttons on I get confused! Looking at this the way it is now, do I put the buttons on the left or right? I don't know why this just won't stick in my head. Both sides have button holes because I didn't want to worry about it while I was knitting. Thanks for your help.

Right over left (Ladies) Buttonholes on the right.
Left over right (Men) Buttonholes on the left.
Always helps me to remember.
Sep 3, 2019 09:23:54   #
nanad wrote:
I know there are worse things to worry about but my hair has been falling out so fast there are bald spots all over. No I do not have cancer and I have been to doctors but they know nothing, I have had blood work and pills to help growth no help. I don't even want to leave my house anymore my hairdresser does not know what to do anymore. So what I was wondering if anyone has a pattern for a scarf to wear on your head or a beanie something I could wear going out that does not look bad. Like I said I do know there are so many people that have really bad problems but I am now getting depressed which is really not like me. Please help if you can? Thank you nanad
I know there are worse things to worry about but m... (show quote)

There was a similar topic on this quite a while ago. Someone asking for suggestions for the hair (not a pattern for a hat to cover up)
One suggestion that came up was to start using Nizoral shampoo. others said the same thing, that it eventually started to help increase hair growth.
May be worth a try.
Sep 3, 2019 09:12:13   #
Aisles wrote:
My letter arrived from college I past my end of year exams etc just in time to start my next acedemic year in 14days time. Without my results I wouldn't have been able to continue. It's a real relief on my mind.

Congratulations, I know how that feels. Thinking back to 1970, passing all my nursing exams. Informed by mail.
Sep 2, 2019 11:42:16   #
bundyanne07 wrote:
I have, a little while ago, watched the TV news as I was having breakfast and they had a segment about Hurricane Dorian and it was sad watching that news.
To all of you who unfortunately may be in it's path, I hope you and your families all stay safe and that not too much damage is done.
I have yet to be in a cyclone, as we call them here, and hope I never will be but have weathered the storms from the tail end of some of them that have hit the coast further up from Bundaberg.
I will be thinking of you all and I presume all other KP members will also be doing so as well.
I have, a little while ago, watched the TV news as... (show quote)

Thank you Ann.
I was supposed to leave the island on Thursday for my Canadian vacation. It would have been a bumpy airplane ride up to JFK. Even IF the plane got here first.
Did not want to take a chance on missing my tour starting in Calgary, so I managed (at great expense) to change my ticket to Wednesday.
I will have a full day in Calgary now.
What to do in Calgary, my cousin say B----r all! She was stationed there ages ago. I said I would look for a yarn shop. My aunt will disown me if I buy another ball (or two) of yarn!!!!!!!!!
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