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Apr 25, 2019 14:50:25   #
An interesting look at why 2019 is going to be a really bad year for flooding in the Midwest.
Apr 25, 2019 14:45:52   #
See some criminal masterminds that steel an ATM using an excavator to rip it from the building.
Apr 23, 2019 14:30:06   #
knit-knit wrote:
First thing I did almost 20 years ago when I moved into this house, was plant trees. Now they are big enough to provide some much needed shade, as it has become noticeably warmer here in the last couple of years. Now, in California, the big thing is to keep them from burning.

I live about 15-20 miles from where the "Camp" fire burned, and people nearby have told me that their insurance companies have "dropped" them. In order to get new insurance, they had to cut down some of their trees. It is a dilemma. Plant more trees for the hotter summers, or take down trees for fire safety.
First thing I did almost 20 years ago when I moved... (show quote)

Thank you for your nice comment about my post ! I'm sorry for your 'dilemma' with trees and fires around there !.. Are you able to move north,- in Tennessee ,- here we have good trees and a pleasure to relax in their shadow !.. I really love this place to live and be happy !..
Apr 23, 2019 10:05:31   #
If you want to do your part to help the Earth to be a better place, then it is as simple, as planting a tree or two.
Apr 20, 2019 11:52:35   #
Thank you very much for looking and commenting about eagles !.. I've never seen anything as this before also !.. To "nitnana",- only two little ones in the nest and only one of them wants to eat !
Apr 20, 2019 11:17:00   #
Thank you for important reminder,- 'scottishlass' !.. Sadly,-no matter how good our intentions and plans are,- bad things happened to very nice people !.. And we need to learn, how to deal with it !..
Apr 20, 2019 10:36:58   #
The Raptor Resource Project bring you the Decorah Eagles webcam from atop their tree near Decorah, Iowa.
Apr 19, 2019 09:17:37   #
See the largest bird sculpture in the world, which is an impressive work of art.
Apr 15, 2019 22:05:32   #
Thank you for posting 'funnies' here !.. My favorite are the first at the top and the last at the bottom ! All of them are god !..
Apr 15, 2019 09:58:06   #
That is why some of us prefer to live by ourselves rather to hope, than the husband will be changed someday !.. Thank you for this interesting post here !..
Apr 14, 2019 16:35:49   #
hilltopper wrote:
Found this response unnecessarily rude. People should be allowed to give their opinion without being attacked in this way.

You need to read your response again,- you are attacking yourself here !.. Are you happy now ?..
Apr 14, 2019 09:23:52   #
Many of us are going to suffer from Dementia as we age. If you have a loved one suffer from Dementia, remember that they need compassion.
Apr 13, 2019 22:48:56   #
owlet wrote:
Clever, yes. Funny, no. And what’s it got to do with women?

The point is about the wonderful music and good hearing to enjoy listening amazing musicians !.. I don't know you and your past life,- you might be abused by some men... Well,- try to find a good doctor to help you with whatever problems you may have !.. Good luck to you !
Apr 13, 2019 10:12:36   #
Well,- we are very different in our preferences,- aren't we ?!. Beautiful lace knitting helps me to 'forget' some difficulties in life, which I can't control !.. I wish you the best !..
Apr 13, 2019 09:58:08   #
The MozART Group is composed of well educated instrumentalists who graduated from prestigious Academies of Music in Poland, who decided to play classical music in a humorous way.
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