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Smokey Yarn dilema!

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Dear KP Friends,
I have a mess on my hands and a delima. I had a fire in my. Home and is the time for. Clean out and clean up. I found a stash of various yarns thay. Wwere in a clopset. The yarn is in great shape but the delima, it smells of smoke. How do I get the smell out?
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I didn't have a lot of this yarn, but I did have some that smelled like cigarette smoke. I quit smoking six months ago and boy, I can tell the smell now. It's very strong and unpleasant when you smell it on others that smoke. I decided to do a yarn cleaning out last week and put it in the trash. I feel better about it. I just felt that it wasn't worth my time trying to wash and dry it and deal with it. Besides, this gives me an excuse to go to the yarn store now.
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